Growing up in Burrwood

Monday, December 26, 2011

I am SO sorry

I had every intention to get on here to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas but time just got away from me. I hope you all had a Marvelous Christmas with your loved ones and that your wishes all came true! Just in case I don’t get back, Happy New Year! I hope the new year brings nothing but many blessings your way.

We had a wonderful Christmas. Every year I make everyone gather around the Christmas tree for a family picture. Here’s this years…

I love my family

Bill loves his new chair. Here he is taking it for a test ride. Christmas 2011 006

The look on his face was priceless when the boys carried it in.

Our oldest son has been in New York looking for work. His girlfriend lives there so he’s hoping he can find something there and hopefully be able to move. They drove home for Christmas and it was so nice to see her again.

The kids really spoiled us this year. Besides helping me with the chair for Bill. They bought us gift cards for our favorite restaurants and you’ll never guess what they got for me!

Kathy and Bill brought this for me from N.Y.

Christmas 2011 065

Yes, it’s a real life genuine Coach Bag! I was shocked when I opened it and just couldn’t believe it. That is something I would never buy for myself so for them to get this for me was a real shocker.  I’ve always admired  designer bags, but I never thought I would own one so when I opened this I was a happy and surprised girl.

Then imagine my surprise when I opened my gift from the other 3 kids who went together and got this for me…

Christmas 2011 067

Bill bought the cover for it.

Once again I was at a loss for words and pleasantly surprised. Just about everyone we know has a Kindle so I guess they thought that I should have one too. They out did themselves this year. They shouldn’t have but I know there’s no use telling them that.

The little ones were happy with their gifts. Devan is turning into a fashionista and loving new styles. Bri is in love with Justin Beiber so that hat was perfect for her, William got a skull head from his dad and money from the rest of us, which he was happy with. Josh loves to draw so we got him a artist draw and sketch kit. Brody loves his new toys and couldn’t decide what to play with first. We got Eric a WWW wrestling ring he wanted. 

We always give the older kids money and a small gift so they were happy too.

So, needless to say our Christmas was wonderful! The best part of course is having them all home with us and being together. My sister’s Rhonda and Jodi and Jodi’s son, girlfriend and their kids came over for awhile and partied with us. Terry and her family got a late start so they weren’t able to come. We missed them but completely understand!

Speaking of Jodi, here’s a family photo we took of them while they were here.

Christmas 2011 058

I love doing that every year. If the rest of my sister’s families were here I would have made them do it too lol. The kids moan and groan and say Mom’s at it again but I know deep down they love it and will appreciate it in the long run. It will be fun looking at them over the years and see the changes from one year to the next.

Ok, I’ve rambled on long enough so I’ll say goodnight.

Once again though before I go…

I do hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! I will be around to see for myself. Until then….

Take care and God bless!


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The stockings are hung

Brody 12.13.11 017

Not by the chimney but definitely with care!  We don’t have a fireplace so that’s where I hang them.  I don’t think Santa cares, do you?

Would you believe that I just started shopping last Saturday?  Weekends and nights is the only time I have to do it and I don’t like going out at night anymore so that leaves the weekends for me.  I could go during the week but then I’d have to take Brody with me and I certainly don’t want to do that.

Isn’t it amazing how all these insurance company’s know when you’re turning 65? I am so sick of all of them calling here. The more I talk to them the more confused I get. Thank you Carole, for the advice you’ve given me!  I sure appreciate it!  There are so many different plans with several price ranges that it makes it hard to figure out what the best one is for you. Why can’t they just have one that works for everyone? It would be so much simpler.  There are plans that will cost you zero dollars a month all the way up to outer space lol. The zero dollars plans sounds good but they don’t cover as much. The higher priced ones cover more but costs you more each month.  I have until Feb. and right now I don’t have time to go over them like I want so, I’m going to wait until after Christmas to study them.

The kids and I decided to go in together and buy Bill a new recliner for Christmas. The one he has now has a broken spring and he has a cushion in it he sits on. I kept telling him we should go shop for a new one but old cheapskate says that one is just fine.  I had one picked out and the best part is, it was a $600.00 chair that went on sale for $249.00. Did I get lucky or what?  My son Jesse met me at the store and took it home with him so he’ll bring it on Christmas Eve. 

We find out Friday if Brody will be accepted into the early childhood class at school.  I sure hope (and think) he’ll be accepted.  Every day he asks me if he’s going to school so he’ll be really excited if he can start going every day. I love his expressions when I tell him something he likes compared to something that makes him sad or mad. Here’s a sample.

Brody’s happy face…

Brody 12.13.11 018

Brody’s sad face…

Brody 12.13.11 019

Brody’s mad face…

Brody 12.13.11 020

The last two kind of look the same don’t they lol.

Well, I best get cracking around here. Besides, I haven’t eaten breakfast yet and I’m hungry.  I do hope you all have a great Tuesday! See ya soon!


Thursday, December 1, 2011

It’s about time

That I let you all know that I’m still alive and kicking.  Brody keeps me pretty busy.  I bet I’m up and down a million times a day at least. Did I ever tell you about the day he got a hold of a sharpie and drew on my table, the refrigerator and cupboards? I about died. I was able to get it off the table and cupboard and most of the refrigerator but I could get it all off the fridge. I don’t know why. Some of it came off but in other spots it looked like it bled right into the fridge.  I thought I had the sharpie where he couldn’t reach it but wouldn’t you know, a few days later he found it again and drew a real pretty picture on my bathroom wall. I couldn’t decide if I wanted to paint over it or frame it lol. I think I’ll paint over it.

I have to take Brody to school in the morning to be tested for early childhood. I’m sure they’ll accept him as his speech isn’t the greatest. I can understand most of what he says but those who don’t know him has a hard time.  I don’t know how long after they test him that he will start going but I hope it’s soon. It will be good for both him and me when he starts. Good for him because he’ll learn so much and will have other children to interact with, and good for me to give me a break during the day hehe.

I’m still looking for a supplement insurance for when I go on Medicare. I’ve talked to a couple of agents last week but I still want to check out more company’s. One agent who came told me about a plan that sounded really good. You know the saying, if it’s too go to be true? Well, come to find out, he is a agent for Ill. and the plan he showed me isn’t available here in Wi.  At least that’s what the second agent told me. Who do you believe? I sure don’t want to get scammed. 

Would you believe that I haven’t even started my Christmas shopping yet! I just got the list for Jesse’s kids the other day. I’m waiting for Josh and Devan to tell me what they want. They’re at that age between being a child and a teen so they really don’t know what they want. Brody will be easy. William’s hard too and would probably rather have money anyway. At any rate I better get busy.  We don’t have our tree up yet either but I plan to put that up this weekend. Brody was real good around it last year but for some reason I have a feeling this year will be different lol. He’s into everything I tell ya. That’s why I’m up and down a million times a day. He wears me out some but I love him! He keeps me “young?”

One thing we sure didn’t need right now happened. The fuel pump needs replacing in Bill’s van and we all know those don’t come cheap.  He just had one put in two years ago but it must have been a faulty one as it crapped out on us.  Our mechanic did talk the place where he gets them from to take $100.00 off the price so that will help. They are only guaranteed for a year so we are lucky to get that off. It’s always something isn’t it?

I guess I’ve bored you long enough for now so I’ll say Aloha for now. Take care now ya hear!


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I hate when that happens

Yesterday I opened my Google reader to find out who blogged so I could go visit. Well, stupid me I accidently hit mark all as read so they all were removed from the reading list. Now I have no idea and can’t remember who blogged darn it. I hate when I do dumb things like that. Duh Light bulb, just had brainstorm. They all would be on my profile page wouldn’t they lol. I hate when I do stupid things like that and then realize all wasn’t lost.

Thanksgiving is next week, are you ready?  How did that get here so fast? I’m so not ready for the Holidays yet. Christmas will be fun this year though with Brody. He’s at that perfect age where they get so excited and happy.  I hope he leaves the Christmas tree alone. He was really good last year and didn’t bother it at all. This year though he’s into things more and I’m constantly getting after him. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

I have an insurance man coming today to talk about a supplemental policy. I’ll be 65 in Feb.  and will be on medicare. I have only until Dec. 7th to enroll and find one. For those of you who don’t know there’s only a certain time period that they have open enrollment. During that time, if I understand it right, you can’t be denied and you don’t have to have a check-up. I guess if you wait too long and miss the open enrollment it could cost you more. I hate dealing with insurance. There’s another one coming on Monday too. Actually I’d like to do it over the phone then have them come to the house but what ya gonna do?

Well I suppose I better jump in the shower and start my day.  Wishing all of you a great Tuesday  Go out and do something fun today.

Monday, October 31, 2011

I couldn’t find him

A few days ago I was reading a book while Brody was playing in the dining room with his toys. I heard him playing with his noisy truck that he turns on just to drive me crazy I think lol. Then I thought I heard someone taking the gate down that blocks off the back room to keep him out and away from the back door. I thought it was Bill coming in so I didn’t pay much attention to it. After a minute or so and that Bill hadn’t said anything to me, I got up to see what he brought home from the store. Much to my horror I realized that Bill wasn’t home and I didn’t see Brody. I ran all through the house looking for him. I looked under tables, in closets, behind chairs but I couldn’t find him anywhere. I headed for the back door thinking that he’d gone outside. I ran out calling his name and looked around the yard, I ran out to the street and looked up and down and still didn’t see him. My neighbors boy came out to go to work and I asked him to look in their backyard to see if Brody had gone over there. In the mean time I went to check the garage and my car because he can open the car door and has gotten inside before. He was nowhere in sight and he wasn’t in the neighbors yard either. My heart just sank! I’m yelling and calling his name but he never answered me.

I ran back around the house and was coming in to call for help. I was frantic and on the verge of tears, and a nervous breakdown. Much to my relief, just as  I turned the corner of the house, there he was holding the back door open looking at me like I’d lost my mind. I said “Brody where were you?” He looks up at me with that innocent little face and says “Bwody hide’n”. For the life of me I don’t know where he was hiding and still don’t. The only thing I can think of is he must have hidden in the bathroom closet as that’s the only place I don’t remember looking.

It took me a good hour to settle down. My heart was racing a million miles a second, I could feel it pounding in my chest and I can’t tell you how scared I was. The gate we have blocking the back room worked when he was smaller but now he’s figured out how to get it open. Needless to say that now whenever I hear the gate being moved I look to make sure I know where Brody is. I think we need to get a taller one now where he can’t reach over and un-hook it. I know one thing…my heart can’t take another scare like that, or my nerves.

Are you ready for all the little witches, ghosts and goblins tonight? Brody’s going to be Woody from Toy Story. The kids are really looking forward to it. Brody will have more fun this year now that he’s older I think. On the other hand, the other kids scary costumes might scare him. As it is now he’s always telling me that “Bwody’s so scared”. What  he’s scared of I don’t know but he says it all the time. I don’t think he knows what scared means lol. I hope he doesn’t find out tonight.

Hope you have a great Halloween!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

It was on a dark and lonely country road

When it happened. We were heading home after having a nice  dinner at one of our favorite places about 15 miles from home.  I was just sitting there content and full from our meal, staring out the window watching the clouds when all of a sudden Bill said “Holy Sh*t, there’s smoke pouring out of the back of the van.” I looked through the rearview mirror on my side and sure enough, there was tons of dark smoke billowing out.  I said “ I wonder if we’re on fire?” Neither one of us could smell anything like something was burning though. The Van started jerking and slowing down drastically. Bill started pulling off of the road onto the shoulder when all of a sudden the van just wouldn’t go anymore.  The road was a narrow two lane road and the shoulder was very very narrow, we were on a curve and still part way on the road so he turned on the hazard lights. I don’t know who’s brilliant idea it was to install those lights on cars but I hope he got a raise.   I told Bill that I bet we blew the transmission. The van’s motor was running smoothly and nothing appeared to be wrong with that so I figured what else could it be.

Another great invention from some brilliant thinker is the cell phone.  I got mine out and called home so someone could look up the number of a towing company for me. While I was doing that Bill was on his phone calling the Sherriff's department so they could send someone out to sit with their lights going so no one would hit us. Even with the hazard lights on people couldn’t really tell that we were part way on the road until they got right up to us so we really needed a cop there.  The police dept. would have called a tow for us but I’d already called. It took the cop about 10 minutes to get there and the tow truck showed up about 20 minutes after that. I was never so glad to see a cop or a tow truck in my life lol.

As he was towing us home he told us of a good transmission man that he recommended. He said he’s the best in town so come Monday morning Bill called him right away. Over the weekend he was talking to my brother-in-law and another friend and they wondered if maybe it wasn’t just a hose that blew so when he talked to the mechanic he asked him about that. The mechanic said  he’d check that out first before he did anything else. Low and behold that’s just what it turned out to be. He replaced the hose, filled the transmission with fluid and took it for a drive and said it was working perfectly. We got it back yesterday and Bill said it ran like a top. Thank God! It was an $88.00 fix minus towing charges instead of $1500.00 which the mechanic said it would cost to rebuild the transmission. To say we are very grateful is an understatement I tell ya.

So what’s up in your world?

Monday, October 24, 2011

Slide Show

For some reason this slide show wouldn't go into the blog below. Maybe it was too long already? Who knows!

Potpourri of colors

We had such a good time when we went up north a couple of weeks ago. We went back to Wildcat mountain to see the changes of the leaves. It wasn’t quite a peak yet but pretty none-the-less. Here’s before and after pictures.
 color ride 10 6 2011 032
It really is gorgeous country up there. The ride up was pretty too. I took lots of pics but I’ll put them in a slide show so as not to take up so much space in here.
My favorite part of the trip though was when we went to a Veterans Memorial. It isn’t a war memorial, it’s a memorial to Veterans from every branch of the service and tells about what and where they served in all the wars they have been in. Bill is a Navy Veteran and was wearing his Navy hat that day. I can’t tell you how proud of him I was that day when people would come up to him, shake his hand and thank him for serving. It actually brought tears to my eyes.
My favorite and most heart breaking place at the memorial was the statues of the fountain of tears. It Reminds us of the "cost of war". A GI, holding his buddy's dog tags in one hand while his other hand is resting on the helmet that is placed on an impaled M-16 rifle of his fallen comrade, is the genesis for the tears that flow through five teardrops into a stream bed and under a bridge into a pond. Seated at the edge of the pond are the wife and child of the deceased Hero. This tribute is interactive, allowing visitors to touch the sculptures and "feel the pain" endured by those who are left behind. See what I mean.
color ride 2 024
The fountains are in the tear shape as it flows down to the wife and child waiting for her husband. I didn’t know Bill when he was in the Navy, I met him right after he got out and I must say, I’m grateful for that.
They also had a replica of the Liberty Bell there that you could actually ring, so of course I had to ring it. When I did everyone there stopped what they were doing and turned to look lol. Since I couldn’t get a good video of me ringing the bell I had Bill do again hehe. 

It has a nice ring to it wouldn’t you say?

Monday, October 10, 2011

Sick pc

My laptop is sick so I'm taking her to see the doc. She stops responding and freezes up and is getting very temperamental. When I get her back I'll post pics of the trip we took over the weekend. Hope it doesn't take too long. Take and will see ya soon!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Day trip

We haven’t been anywhere all summer so a couple of weeks ago and since Sis is on vacation we decided to take a day trip somewhere. The problem with that was we didn’t know where to go. Rhonda tried suggesting a few places but we’d already been to those that she mentioned. Others mentioned some places as well but we’d been to those too. Bill was looking through a mag we have and found a place we hadn’t been to yet. It was called Wildcat Mountain State Park. It was a gorgeous ride on the way up and would be really beautiful if the colors were in full bloom but it was too early for that yet. Once we got to the park there was an overlook there and I was surprised at how high we were. I don’t think of Wisconsin as having too many high elevations but we do to a certain degree. Nothing like the Rocky’s of course but pretty none the less. Here’s a picture from the overlook.
Road trip 014
Of course it doesn’t look as pretty from a picture as it does in person but take my word for it, it was very pretty.
After that we went where Bill wanted to go and that was to the Casino. We got a room, went to get something to eat then headed for the gaming rooms. I’m not big at feeding a dumb machine my money so I only stayed for a short while then I went to the room and just relaxed. It  was just what I needed too. The next morning we checked out, went for breakfast and decided to gamble a little more. This time I’m happy we did. We won enough to pay for our drive, the room and ended up being a free get-a-way. That doesn’t happen often. 
Well it turns out that she is on vacation again next week so we are planning another get-away for a couple days. This time though the colors should be at their peak  and the weather is suppose to be wonderful.  I’m hoping to get some good pictures and looking forward to a little time away.  Wisconsin is so pretty this time of the year!
You’ll never guess what Brody did a few days ago. Well, if you saw it on facebook you already know but if you didn’t here it is. He got a hold of a permanent marker and scribbled all over my WHITE kitchen table, my ALMOND colored refrigerator and one of my cupboard doors. I about died. It came off the table ok but I had a devil of a time getting if off my fridge. In fact, I couldn’t get it all. It still has a few spots where it wouldn’t come off. I tried everything from magic eraser to nail polish remover to goo gone  and anything else I could think off but the only thing that seemed to work was scouring powder. That took some elbow grease but I was able to get most of it off but not all. One spot seemed to bleed and spread the more I scrubbed. Now why would that do that in one spot and not the whole door? I don’t get it. I tell ya, the minute he’s out of sight and quiet you better go see what he’s doing because chances are he’s up to no good lol. Gotta love him though. All he has to do is give you that big smile of his and all is forgiven. Besides, it’s just a refrigerator and it will always remind me what a wonderful little stinker he is lol.

Monday, September 12, 2011


That’s how old my babies are today. When they were born my oldest was 5 and our second son was 2 1/2. They were the first twins born in our immediate family and what a ruckus they caused. I still remember the day we found out we were having twins just like it was yesterday. I came home and said to Bill..”Well, you really did it this time” The first thing out of his mouth was “Think of the groceries”  I thought that was funny. Mom and Dad were the next ones I called to tell them we where having twins and she dropped the phone and started yelling at Terry to tell her about it. There I am hanging on the phone and mom’s yelling out the door and telling the whole neighborhood about it. My grandpa was especially excited. He’d call almost everyday to see how I was feeling and after they were born they were almost the first ones there to see us.
Our daughter weighed 4’ 14” and our son weighed 6’12”, big for twins I know. But even at that she had so stay in the hospital until she weighed 5 pounds. My dad was so cute. He hadn’t had a chance to hold her yet so when I finally was able to bring her home he would stop everyday after work but she was always sleeping. It finally dawned on me that he wanted to hold her but didn’t want to wake her up. So one day when he stopped I just picked her up and handed her to him. That made him happy and he was happily giving her butterfly kisses.
So anyway, they are 39 years old today and I couldn’t be more proud of them
Happy Birthday Dana & Deanna, We love you 


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A day at the playground.

It was such a gorgeous day today, too nice to be inside, so I took Brody to the playground in the park near here. He loved it and had to try everything that was there. The climbing, the swinging the sliding, he loved it all…and so did I! It was so fun watching him and that smile of his makes it all worth while. They grow up so fast so I need to savor every little morsel. I don’t know why one of the pictures in the slide show says it was deleted, it certainly wasn’t inappropriate so who knows. I went back and looked and tried to fix it but it didn’t work. Oh well, don’t sweat the small stuff huh.
The weather sure is a changing around here. It’s already getting down in the lower 40’s at night. I hope this doesn’t mean winter will come fast and furious. At my age fast and furious is a bad thing. At my age we want and need things to slow down and kind of meander a bit don’t you think lol. All I know is I am NOT ready for winter. Fall on the other hand is welcome to get here and stay as long as it wants.
Know what I would love to do? I’d love to go sky diving. My kids think I’m nuts but I would love to do that just once in my life. It has to be the most exhilarating feeling to float through the air and just fly. They all told me I couldn’t of course. Our son Jesse has already done that. Well, not sky diving, he went parachuting but that’ s kind of close right? His didn’t turn out so well though. He landed wrong and sprained his ankle really bad and ended up missing a week of work. Turned out to be costly but he’ll always have that experience and memory. Of course I didn’t want him doing that either so I guess turn about is fair play. I posted about this on facebook and everyone there thought I was nuts too lol. I will probably never ever do it, it’s a lot of money for something so silly….maybe. lol If I ever do it you all will be the first to know Smile

Friday, September 2, 2011

Thumbs Up

ipod pics 021
School has started and that’s a big thumbs up lol. It’s been pretty hectic around here during the summer. The kids are really enjoying having friends around to play with instead of being stuck out in the country with no neighbors around like it was when they lived in the boondocks. They sure don’t let the grass grow under their feet I can tell you that. They are either riding their bikes around the neighborhood or at a friends house. They aren’t ones to watch TV or spend much time on the computer and that’s a good thing.  Brody keeps busy too…to my dismay lol. Yesterday he poured syrup all over the kitchen floor. Someone (me) left it out on the counter within his reach lol. He’s grown so fast and I forget he can reach things better now. He’s at the age now where he wants to do everything by himself and that sometimes leads to messes. Well, except using the potty chair that is. He’ll sit there no problem but getting him to tell me when he has to go has been a problem. Fingers crossed he gets it soon. It’s been 36 years since I’ve had to potty train anyone and I think I forgot how lol. We’ll get it sooner or later.
The kids were both nervous and excited about going to a new school. They did go to first 3  grades with these same kids before they moved out of the district a couple years ago, so I hope that makes it easier for them now that they’re back. Yesterday was the first day and they said it went pretty smooth. Devan had a problem with her locker, it wouldn’t open. Three teachers couldn’t open it either so I guess they are changing the lock today. Wouldn’t it just figure she’d be the one with a broken locker?! Anyway, I’m sure they’ll adjust just fine and will have a great time.
My future dil hasn’t had her surgery yet to remove the aneurysm from her brain. They are still testing to see if she has MS as well as that might make a difference on the anesthesia they use during the surgery. She goes back next week I believe. I wish they’d hurry up and get it over with. I hate the thought of that being there with the possibility of bursting.
My daughter is on vacation next week so I think I might suggest to Bill that we should go away for a few days. I think I need the vacation more then she does. It would be nice to get away for awhile. I don’t know where yet but I’ll come up with something. I know he’ll want to go up to where his friend lives and visit them but I’m not crazy about that. Right now I don’t want to be around anyone. I’d just like to go somewhere where it’s nice and quiet and just hang around and do what we want when we want. Heck, I think I’d be willing to pitch a tent by a lake somewhere and just enjoy the sounds of nature. As long as the sound isn’t a growl that is lol.
Oh, I forgot to tell you. Josh found a snake the other day and guess where it is! It’s sitting in a box out on the deck. You don’t think for one minute I’d let him bring that in do you lol. It’s just a little one but I don’t want it in here that’s for dang sure!
Well, Brody just woke up and he’s hungry so I better feed the little guy. Wishing you all a Happy Labor Day weekend. Go out and have some fun!!!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Good news, bad news, funny news

I’ll start with the bad news first and get that out of the way.

Toni, my sons girlfriend has been having problems with her legs. She has a LOT of pain and has days where she can hardly stand on them let alone walk. Because she doesn’t have any insurance she put off going to see a doctor for awhile but she finally went a couple of weeks ago. We along with the doctors was worried that she might have MS but all the tests they ran they determined that she doesn’t have that but they don’t know what is causing it. She even drags her foot when she walks which is a symptom of MS but they say it isn’t that. A good and bad thing that showed up on the MRI and CT scan though showed she has a brain aneurism. It’s good that they found it and they said that it’s small but it’s scary that she even has one. She now has to go to Madison and see the doctors there and find out how to treat that and find out what is causing everything. Maybe it’s that that is messing up her legs. I don’t know, I just hope and pray they can help her.

Now for some good news…

Remember Jimmy, our cousin’s husband who needed a bone marrow transplant? Well he had it and he’s doing wonderful! The donor cells are working and his body is now producing his own platelets. That’s great news because he hasn’t for several months. He had a few rough days after the transplant but the doctors assured them that everything he is going through is normal for transplant patients. He’s out of the hospital and can now stay at the guest quarters with his wife and just go back to the hospital each day for blood tests and things. We couldn’t be more happier or thankful and grateful for them. Thank you again for keeping them in your prayers.

Ready for some funny news?

Sis and I were outside with the kids the other day. Brody was barefoot. He was running up the driveway when he stubbed his toe a little. It wasn’t enough to make him cry but it was enough to make him realize that he should have shoes on. He turns around, and with his back to us and walking away he sticks his finger up in the air and said soos (shoes). I said “Where ya going Brody?” and again he says soos and kept walking toward the house. Well in he goes and pretty soon we could hear this clomp clomp clomp coming across the floor. Did we ever laugh when he stepped out on the deck in Williams shoes lol. Here, take a look.

 Big foot

Now for the most exciting news of all!!!

Our son proposed to Toni and she said YES!!!

I’m so happy! I really like her and I love how considerate they are with each other. They have mutual respect and are perfect together. She’s the sweetest thing you could ever meet and she makes my son happy. Needless to say, that in itself means the world to me. They are planning the wedding for next summer, probably around July so it’s going to be a busy time around her. I’m beyond excited though. Of course you are all invited, we’ll dance and sing until our feet fall off and our voices are gone lol.


Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Rebel Without a Cause

Rebel Without a Cause 009

Brody thought he was pretty cool when Devan put those tattoos on him. Indeed, he does seem like a rebel sometimes. He loves it outside but he is a fast little bugger, too bad grandma isn’t. I don’t dare take him for a walk and not use the stroller. I tried that once and it was a pretty dumb idea. He started running ahead of me when we got down by the river. He took off like a shot toward the river back because he wanted to throw rocks in the river. I took off as fast as I can and got to him before he got too close but it scared the bejeezer’s out of me. So I learned my lesson. No more walks without the stroller. He might not like that idea but he will just have to deal with it unless his brother and sister are with us or his mom takes him.
ipod pics 006
Bill finally bought himself a new toy. I don’t know why he didn’t buy one years ago as we have a pretty big yard to mow. The first time he mowed this year with the push mower took a lot out of him. I don’t think he’s totally back to normal after getting the pacemaker so it really tired him out. It made me nervous too so I kept looking out to make sure he was ok. We hated to spend the money for what these cost but in the end it’s worth if it makes it easier for him. All I can say is thank God for that 30 day even heart monitor for without it I really think the worse would have happened. I jokingly said that I was going to drive it up to the bar on granny’s night out. Wouldn’t that be a hoot? Now Bill gets mad that the grass doesn’t grow fast enough lol. You know what they say about men and boys and the price of their toys!
Rebel Without a Cause 005
Josh is such a monkey. That kid will climb anything and there isn’t much that scares him. This was taken out of my dining room window. Not only that,  he’s very creative. Would you believe that he made a billfold out of duck tape? It even had slots for cards and DL license in it. I wish I had a picture of it because it was the neatest thing. I guess it’s true that you can use duct tape for just about anything lol. He takes old cereal boxes and cardboard and make ramps for his finger sized skate boards. I’m amazed at his imagination.
It’s time for me to get cracking around here. Hope you all are well and good. Well, maybe not good hehe. See ya soon!

Monday, May 23, 2011

So much to do, so little time.

It’s been a busy time around here but before I get into that I want to say how bad I feel for all who lost loved ones in the recent tornados that hit yesterday. It’s been a wild spring so far and I pray it settles down soon.

Now this is what I’ve been up too…

Take care of Brody of course (My most important job right now). He’s a lot of work but he’s a lot of fun at the same time. He says his name now and if you ask him he’ll tell you his name is Bwody Smile He knows and will tell you the name of the shapes heart, circle and star. He knows the colors purple and red and blue so far but we’re working on more. Spongbob is his favorite cartoon to watch but between you and me, I’m getting a bit tired of it lol.

Last week was a busy one. First we had Devans spring concert which was great. I was amazed at how good those kids sounded together. I didn’t hear one bad note during the entire program. Well, part of the program I was able to see that is, I had to take Brody out because he wanted to get down and run around and wasn’t happy that he couldn’t.

We also had several of Brianna’s events to attend. First was her school play where she played an nerdy cheerleader and her best friend played a nerdy football player Nerdy Bri Nerdy Bri and friend

That play was so cute and funny and it had everyone in stitches. I really appreciated the amount of work, time and effort that the teacher went too to put that together. It was great! The next thing was grandparents day at Bri’s school which was fun as well. The teachers had the kids interview us so they could find out things they never knew about us. Bri was surprised to learn that I was 8 years old when we got our first television and that grandpa grew up on a farm. Then Saturday was her dance recital. This is her 6th year taking dance and she really loves it. Once again though I could stay for the whole thing. The benefit for Jimmy was Saturday too and there was still some things I needed to get done so I left early for that too. They have so many performances that her last one was near the end and it was already getting late so I had to go.

The benefit was a huge success. So many people showed up and I really think we could have made it longer then just 3 hours as people just kept coming. I feel better knowing that what we raised will help take a little pressure and worry off their minds while they are going through this. Three months is a long time to be away from home so any little bit will help. Thank you for the prayers you sent, they appreciate each and everyone. His bone marrow transplant is scheduled for Friday so keep your fingers crossed and your prayers coming.

On Sunday we had Devans birthday party here so all the kids were here for that too. It’s always a good day when all the kids are home. It was a great day weather wise until later. Not long after the kids left the storms rolled in with high winds and a torrential downpour. Nothing like they had in Joplin though. Her birthday was the 8th but now that they are separated and with so much that was going on we had to wait to have it. She didn’t mind though. I took her shopping on the day of her birthday like I always do and let her pick out what she wanted. She’s easy to shop with and doesn’t ask for a lot. She’s such a good girl!

Well I’ve gone on long enough for now. I have more too talk about but this is long enough as it is and I don’t want to bore you too bad. So I’ll just say…To be continued Smile

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ho Hum

Another rainy and disappointing day. Is it too much to ask to have 2 or 3 or so days of sunshine and decent temps in a row? I really am not complaining though as that would take a lot of nerve when you think about what has been going on in other states. So many storms and tornados this year and we’ve already broken the record for the month of April. Needless to say Spring has be a huge bust for the whole country from the sounds of it. It has to get better…doesn’t it?

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter! Ours was delightful! All of the kids and grandkids were home and nothing is better then that. Brody was a happy little boy. The Easter Bunny brought him a Trike! He jumped right on it and put his feet on the peddles right away but hasn’t figured out you have to push to get it going. If the weather ever turns decent we’ll get him outside and show him how to do it. When and if that happens I’ll be sure to post pictures.

I bought myself a gift for Easter. Well, not just for myself I guess but for the family. Our microwave wasn’t  heating like it should so when I was shopping the other day they had a good sale on them so I gave up the fight and bought a new one. I hate it when appliances give out! I use to like it because that meant I could get a new one but now I hate it. Who wants to spend money on something that is used just for housework or cooking? Bill decided the other day that we should go to the casino as we haven’t been there in ages and I got a little lucky and won a few hundred (shhh, don’t tell Uncle Sam) so now was as good a time as any to buy and new micro. This one even grills! Neat huh Smile

Well, Brody  just brought me a diaper so he must be trying to tell me something lol. I think it’s time to break out the potty chair. Have a great day now ya hear and don’t forget to…

Live, Love, Laugh & Be Happy!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

You haven't forgotten me have you?

I haven't forgotten any of you. It's just that when I sit down to write a blog Brody will get into something and I have to get up to see what he's doing. I swear, I'm up and down a million times a day. I will say one thing, he is learning that no means no. Sometimes you have to be more stubborn then he is but sooner or later he realizes that I'm bigger and stronger then he is lol. He'll be 3 soon so he knows when he's being naughty but like most 2 year olds, they keep trying. His favorite thing is getting into the refrigerator and that drives me bananas. I do try to come around and read your posts. Thank god for Google reader as it lists them all and I can keep up with the news. I don't always leave a comment but I do catch up sooner or later.  Right now I have over 80 to read so please be patient, I'll read them all but will probably only comment on a couple.

Speaking of Brody. He does make me laugh. The other day he crawled up in the computer chair and was typing away on the keyboard. Now he knows he's not suppose to be up there and when he saw me coming after him he right away he asks me for a hug. He knew he was in trouble and I guess he thought that giving me a hug will get him out of trouble. It "almost" worked. It's things like that that brings a smile to your face. Kids are the only people in the world who can do something wrong and still make you smile and laugh at them.

I'm sure Terry's told you about the spaghetti dinner benefit we are putting on for our cousins husband Jimmy. He will be getting a bone marrow transplant in June and they have to stay at the Cancer Treatment of America hospital for 3 months after the transplant and I'm sure that won't be cheap so we are hoping for a big turn out. Jodi orderd bracelets kind of like the ones Lance Armstrong created that says "Live Strong" on them to sell only ours says "You Don't Fight Alone". She sent us a text yesterday that a women she works with gave her $50.00 dollars for one of the bracelets.  We are only asking $2.00 for them so that was wonderful of her to do that. There really are some super duper people in this world isn't there?  Jimmy is a remarkable man. You never hear him complain or ask "why me". He says God will decide what will happen to him and you just have to have faith that what ever that is it's what God wants and he's accepted that. Well, between you and me I hope and pray that God has decided that Jimmy's job isn't done yet and that he has more for him to do.

There must be something wrong with my live writer. I actually did write a blog yesterday with it but it wouldn't post. It just keep saying that it was sending it but it never did and  eventually I gave up and closed it down. I was hoping it would save it as a draft but nope, it vanished and is floating around out there in cyber land somewhere. I might have to uninstall it and download it again. There's always something to fix on these machines isn't there?

Well It's time to get supper going around here so I better trot off to the kitchen. I will be around later, I promise. I have to make sure that you don't forget me you know.

Until then...Live, Love, Laugh and Be Happy!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

On,off, on off

That’s what our neighbors light over her garage was doing the other night. Bill looked out the window and told me Marilyn’s light is flashing on and off. Since I was still dressed and he was in his pj’s I said I would go over and check on her. We wondered of course if she was okay so I put my shoes on and went over there. I knocked on her door and started to open it when she came to the door and I asked her if she was alright. She had been crying but she was okay. It turns out that she had been watching a movie on television and she said she always cries at movies. I told her we wondered if everything was okay because her light on the garage kept flashing but it turns out that something was wrong with the light. She was thankful for me coming over to check on her but felt silly because I caught her crying lol. I told her I was just glad she was okay and that nothing was wrong. I do wonder if the light might have shorted out eventually though and maybe cause some problems there. It’s fixed now and all is good Smile

It seems things are getting worse in Japan if that’s possible. The nuclear reactors are presenting a huge danger and I hope and pray they can get them contained so no more radiation is leaked. I feel so bad for them. I can’t even begin to imagine what they are going through.  So many have lost loved ones not to mention everything they owned. They have a long road ahead of them to rebuild and how do you even begin to do that? My heart goes out to them.

Well Brody just woke up so I guess my day has started. Please have a good day. Go out and do something fun. I think I might take Brody outside and go for a walk today. It’s suppose to get all the way up to 59 and that’s going to feel great!!!

Don’t forget to…

Live, Laugh & Be Happy!

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Thank God for Heart Monitors

For without it we might never have found out that Bill needed a pacemaker. I know Terry told you that he had one implanted last Monday and I thank you all for the prayers you sent. He started having fainting episodes and even though I took him to the ER each time and he even spent time in the VA hospital nothing ever showed up on all the tests they took. The second time it happened and I took him to the ER the doctor there thought that his heart was slowing or missing beats I guess you could say and he’s the one who ordered the 30 day event monitor. After he got that he still spent a few days in the VA hospital but nothing showed. They sent him home and told him to keep wearing the monitor and thank God he did. A week ago Friday he had another spell and pushed the button on the monitor. The next day the doctor called and told him that he needs to get to the hospital asap and that he needed a pacemaker. He told the doctor that he had an appointment the next Friday in Madison at the VA but the doctor here told him he shouldn’t wait that long. She said to come up to the hospital here and get a copy of the results from the monitor and to take them with us but to go the next day to Madison and show them what’s going on. She showed them to me and explained that his heart was stopping for 3 1/2 seconds then beats and stops again for a few more seconds. When it stops for 5 or 6 seconds or more is when he passes out. Then when it starts beating again is when he comes to. Eventually she said that it was very possible that one of those times it might not have started beating again. He then decided not to wait and went ahead and had the surgery here in our local hospital instead of going to the VA.

Each episode he had was almost a month apart for each one and the last one he had happened just two days before we were suppose to send the monitor back in. All I can say is, as funny as it sounds, I’m so glad and grateful that he had another one while he was still wearing the monitor, otherwise we would have never known and I hate to think what might have happened. So anyway, he had the pacemaker implanted on Monday and he’s back home and recuperating nicely. He’s still a little weak and he can’t drive for a couple of weeks or lift anything over 10 pounds. He also can’t raise his arm over his head. I guess he could pull the leads out of his heart until they get imbedded securely and we sure don’t want that to happen do we? I tell ya, it’s scary how fast things can happen. You just never know do ya? That’s why it’s so important to let those you love know just how much they mean to you and that you love them each and every day.

On a happier note my grandson Josh turned 13 on the 10th. I don’t know if I’m ready to go through the teen years again. It was hard enough with my own kids. I  have a feeling it will be worse with my grandkids, I’ll worry just as much if not more, I just know it! Anyway, I took him birthday shopping today. He wanted a skate board so off we went to the store where he picked out a pretty red one. I guess they come in different sizes depending on how big you are. That makes sense when you think about it. So he’s one happy skater right now and I’m a happy grandma. I enjoy taking them shopping on their birthdays. It is our special time, just the two of us. I love it!

Isn’t it awful about the earthquake in Japan? I can’t imagine what that is like and the devastation and loss of life is beyond comprehension. I feel so bad for them. It will be several years before they recover from this if they ever do. I pray the nuclear plants doesn’t leak radiation and cause more grief then they are already going through. May God bless and be with them all!

That’s what’s been going on in my little world. What’s been going on in yours? Hoping all is well.

Don’t forget to…Live, Laugh, Love & Be Happy!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Deanna & Brody with their new toys

Isn’t this cute? My daughter bought herself a new laptop and Brody kept wanting to play with it so she bought him his own. She’s slowly buying things for her new place when she moves out. She also bought a set of Racheal Ray pots and pans, a set of Chicago Cutlery and a set of dishes so she’s well on her way to getting things she’ll need to set up housekeeping again.  She hopes to be out by spring. I must say having a 2 year old around the house again is both fun and frustrating. He can be pretty stubborn at times and I have to be more stubborn then he is. But on the other hand he makes the day fun for the most part and makes me smile. Having toys laying around and the mess that comes with kids was hard getting use to again though.  But it won’t be long and they’ll be gone and I will miss them for sure and the mess….for awhile!

I’m very happy to report that both Bill and William are doing great. Bill did have a little dizzy spell the other day but he thinks it was because he bent over to pick something up and came up too fast. They did reduce his bp meds so we are hoping that does the trick. Seems like it’s working so far. He’s still wearing the event monitor and did push it when he got dizzy and sent it in but we haven’t heard anything so I assume it showed that it was nothing. William hasn’t had any issues since his surgery thank God! I can breathe a little easier now.

I am so far behind on what is going on with all of you and I’m sorry about that. I just don’t have the time I use too but do check in now and then. Google reader keeps all of your blogs together for me so I can read and come visit from there when I have the time. I do miss all of you terribly and am determined to do better then I have. I even went to the library to get a couple of books I’ve been wanting to read and haven’t even been able to do that yet. I even had to renew them once and that’s unusual for me. 

Would like to do a little plugging here if you don’t mind. My son wrote another short story and he would be tickled pink for you to read it. You can find it here.

Well that’s all for today. I’m sure as long as I’ve been away that there must be a lot more I could talk about but my minds a blank right now. Besides, you don’t want to sit here all day and read about my boring life now do you lol. So until next time…

Live, Love, Laugh & Be Happy!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Thank you

For your prayers for Bill and William. Thank God both are home and feeling well. Williams procedure was quite long, 5 hours and very nerve wracking. They were successful in doing what was needed when they were finally able to get to it. They tried to go through his thigh but because of him having so many surgeries and heart caths the veins there were narrowed with scar tissue and they couldn’t get through. Instead they went in through his shoulder and neck area. Since they were in there they decided to take the opportunity and check his other surgery sites to see how they are holding up and I’m happy to report that they said they all look great! I can’t tell you how happy I am to hear that. I hope and pray he never has to go through anything else as long as I’m still alive. We have been told that he may have to have another open heart when he’s older as the valve they repaired when he was 4 might need replacing someday. I pray it won’t be for many many years from now.

Bill’s problem is a mystery. He’s passed out twice with the last one being a week ago. It scared me to death. He collapsed on the couch and he wouldn’t respond to anything I did. I ran to the phone and dialed 911 then ran to the kitchen to get some sugar or honey to put in his mouth in case it was a diabetic reaction but before I could do that he came too. When the ambulance got here they took his sugar and it was fine, 103 but the ekg was a bit erratic. At the ER they did more tests and found nothing other then the ekg being a bit different but they said he didn’t have a heart attack or a stroke so they didn’t really know what’s wrong. They ordered an even monitor to wear for a month and he’s to push a button when he feels something is going on so it can be recorded. On Monday he called his doc at the VA Clinic and they had us fax the reports from the ER down here. On Tuesday they called and said for him to get up there to the ER as soon as he can. So, we jump in the Van and head to Madison. Did I ever tell you how much I hate driving that Van lol? Ok, we get up to the ER there and they admit him to the hospital. There again after taking all the tests again nothing shows up. He was there from Tuesday to Friday without passing out but does get lightheaded. Bill has lost weight and was on 4 BP meds so they took 3 of them away thinking that he might have been over medicated. I hope that’s what it is and it will be the end of his fainting spells. He’s suppose to take his BP here at  home and keep track of it for his next appointment. They said he can resume his normal activities but not to drive for awhile. They said they are not telling him to never drive but not to until we see how he does.

The best part (if that’s possible) of Bill and William both being in Madison was that I could go from one hospital to the other to see them. The VA hospital, the UW hospital and the Children’s hospital are all connected with walk ways and hallways. Even though it’s quite a walk I could go visit without ever stepping outside. I came home the first night as I didn’t have time to pack anything but I stayed in a hotel the next night. I decided to take my car back and I’m glad I did. I feel so much better driving I90 in my car then I do that big ole van.

It was so cold this week and when I left the hospital to go to the hotel my drivers door was froze shut. I thought “Oh boy, what am I going to do if both are froze” The hotel was just down the street but still quite a walk in that sub zero temps. Luckily though the passenger door opened and I crawled over and left. The next morning it opened. Go figure right lol.

So I’m happy to say that he didn’t have an heart attack or stroke or anything serious like that but we just don’t know what it was. I hope reducing his meds does the trick.

Thank you again for all your prayers. Bill, William and I and my entire family appreciates each and every one!

Monday, February 7, 2011

A bet is a bet

My youngest son is a Steelers fan and he made a bet with a co-worker who is a Packer fan that if the Pack won the Super Bowl that he would shave his head. Well, we know how that turned out don’t we? My son, being a man of character, isn’t one who welches on a bet. They were all at our other son’s house for a Super Bowl Party so after the game was over they broke out the clippers and proceeded to shave his head. I think he looks pretty cute bald. What do you think?

Bucks haircut

His girlfriend who is a die hard Packer fan was really enjoying this. He’s such a good sport and loves having fun so I’m sure he was laughing right along with the rest of them.

Not only that. Because he was the only Steelers fan in the house they even gave him a special place to sit and watch the game.


Wasn’t that nice of them? Smile He also made a bet with his girlfriend and has to take her to the Red Lobster for dinner. Darn, I wish I’d made a bet with him.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Checking in

William is scheduled to have the catheter ablation on the 9th, 2 days after his 19th birthday. They are going to do another sonogram on his legs first to make sure there is no scar tissue on the veins that they need to use, if there is they have to find another way to do it. I’m going to go with them of course. I just couldn’t stay home and wonder all day what’s going on. If all goes well (and it will) he’ll go in in the morning and go home late afternoon. He seems to be fine with it and says he’s not nervous but the day of he might be. I know I would be and he doesn’t remember anything from his other surgeries. Last week he had an echo-cardiogram and other tests done to see how his heart is doing from his past surgeries etc. and they said that all looks really good. I’m sure grateful for that. Even though I know he’ll be fine I’m still nervous and anxious and will be happy when it’s all over and he’s back home.
Brody has been keeping me busy. He sure is a curious tyke. He likes to get in my book shelf even though he knows he’s not suppose too. The other day he was standing by it looking and you If I do'd it I'll get a whipping
can tell that he thinking to himself that he’s not suppose to touch them. He was drumming his fingers and contemplating the options lol Then he looks up at me and I do'd it anywayyou guessed it. He reached up to pull one out looking at me the whole time. It’s just like he’s saying to himself. “If I do’d it I’ll get a whipping but I’ll do’d it anyway lol. Another thing he likes to do is as you can tell from the background is to take all of his toys out and spread them all around. The other day though he was so cute. He emptied the drawer and…hawk and Brody 005
He thought that was so funny. That pic was taken before he got his haircut if you didn’t notice lol.
Tomorrow we are suppose to go out for breakfast with the gang again but if that blizzard hits us like they are predicting we’ll most likely stay home. I hope this is the last big punch winter hits us with this year!
If you’re in the path of the storm please stay safe and out of harms way. Keeping my fingers crossed that the power stays on. It’s 11:00 a.m. here right now and so far it’s just a real light snow falling. Could they be wrong…AGAIN!

Friday, January 21, 2011

How do you like this background?

Beth and I were talking the other day about what nice backgrounds and layouts that Scrappin'Blogs website has and how pretty they are. While looking through all the choice and categories there we saw that they had sports and football layouts BUT they didn't have the important ones. How can you have a football category and not have a Packers one or Beth's favorite teams right? Well, Beth emailed them and asked them if they could make me a Packer's one and a Wisconsin Badger's one and her Atlanta Braves layout and by golly they did. Wasn't that nice of them! It was just a few days ago that we were talking about and she emailed them asking if they could make those for us and were we ever surprised that they did it so fast. I love it, don't you? I thought that was so nice of them to make them so fast and so nice of Beth to ask them for both of us. Thanks Beth :)

Do you watch American  Idol? I love that show and to be honest I was a bit worried about it now that Randy is the only original judge on there now, but I think Steve Tyler and Jennifer are going to be just fine. I will miss Simon though. They really do need someone to be downright honest with them. Maybe not as brutal as Simon could be but they have to hear the truth, good and bad. I liked Paula better then Kara and missed her last year. I don't dislike Kara, I just like Paula better. I do think Jennifer Lopez will be the nice soft one of the group kind of like Paula was so it's all good. So far though none of them have been as brutal as Simon  and that is OK as long as they let them know how good or bad they really are and I'm sure they will.

Well it's late and my computer is getting tired and wants to go to sleep so I better tuck it in for the night. Hope all of you are having sugar plum dreams with flowers and unicorns all around. See ya in the morning!
Good night

Sunday, January 16, 2011

They tried to scam me.

Way back several years ago when we got our first cell phones we got them through the union where Bill worked. It was and is a great deal as we only pay $8.00 a month per phone and only 9 cents a minute. We don’t use our phones a lot so I’ve never seen any reason to change to a different plan. The people at the phone store tells us we have a great plan every time we got to get new phones so I’m sticking with it. Our monthly bill is seldom more then $25.00 for both phones so you can see what I won’t change. If we used our phones a lot then I would probably change to plans that have unlimited minutes, texting and things like that but we don’t and those plans are usually about double for one phone then what we pay for two.

Anyway… Bill wanted a new phone so about a month ago we went to the store so he could pick it out . He had internet and texting put on it as do I but it’s on a pay per use method as we don’t do that much either. The reason he wanted internet was because he wanted to download reveille for a ring tone. Ok, I got on the internet and downloaded it for him and all was good.  The phone he got is a touch screen and he sometimes hits the internet app by accident and when he does that and it connects we get charged so he decided he didn’t want internet anymore. So, the other day I called our carrier and told them to take texting and internet off of Bills phone. Because we got the phone through the union the name of the union is always on our bill so it’s classified as a business plan. When I gave the representative all the info she told me that I’d have to get permission from the union before she could take those off his phone. I told her that we didn’t have to get permission to put it on there so why should we need it to take it off. She said there was nothing she could do about it as that’s out of her hands. I told her that doesn’t make any sense and to me that’s nothing more then a scam. If you don’t need permission to put it on you shouldn’t need it to take it off right?  Well I wasn’t about to accept that so I told her that I wanted to talk to a supervisor where she promptly told me that the super would tell me the same thing. I told her that I’ll find that out for myself and to please put me through. After a few minutes the super came on the line, asked me what I wanted then proceeded to do what I asked with no argument. Now does that make sense to you?

It’s obvious they just tell their reps to tell people that to try to keep them from removing things off of their plan but it makes it so much harder for every one involved. It’s a scam pure and simple and I’m sure some people will just take their word for it and leave it as is. Why do they do that? I was nice during the call but the more the rep tried to tell me I couldn’t the more frustrated I was getting and that’s when I asked to speak to a super. Then to only have the super do what I wanted with no argument seems so ridiculous to me. They shouldn’t put their reps through that in my opinion.

On a happier note…HOW BOUT THEM PACKERS Smile