I hate when that happens

Yesterday I opened my Google reader to find out who blogged so I could go visit. Well, stupid me I accidently hit mark all as read so they all were removed from the reading list. Now I have no idea and can’t remember who blogged darn it. I hate when I do dumb things like that. Duh Light bulb, just had brainstorm. They all would be on my profile page wouldn’t they lol. I hate when I do stupid things like that and then realize all wasn’t lost.

Thanksgiving is next week, are you ready?  How did that get here so fast? I’m so not ready for the Holidays yet. Christmas will be fun this year though with Brody. He’s at that perfect age where they get so excited and happy.  I hope he leaves the Christmas tree alone. He was really good last year and didn’t bother it at all. This year though he’s into things more and I’m constantly getting after him. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

I have an insurance man coming today to talk about a supplemental policy. I’ll be 65 in Feb.  and will be on medicare. I have only until Dec. 7th to enroll and find one. For those of you who don’t know there’s only a certain time period that they have open enrollment. During that time, if I understand it right, you can’t be denied and you don’t have to have a check-up. I guess if you wait too long and miss the open enrollment it could cost you more. I hate dealing with insurance. There’s another one coming on Monday too. Actually I’d like to do it over the phone then have them come to the house but what ya gonna do?

Well I suppose I better jump in the shower and start my day.  Wishing all of you a great Tuesday  Go out and do something fun today.


  1. I hate worrying about insurance although it is a necessary thing. I hope you get a good one.

    I think I am through Christmas shopping but then I keep thinking of something else.

  2. I am amazed at how quickly the end of the year is approaching as well, it seems almost mystical how it seems one moment you're looking at the beginning of the month and the next you're looking at the end of the year coming up. I understand the insurance issues though I'm not yet hitting 65...25 more years until that happens. Just the same whenever it has to be dealt with whether it be car or health it's a pain. I have a daughter who will be getting her driver's license soon so that leaves me having to deal with that...ugh.

  3. NEXT WEEK!? Are you SERIOUS??? My gosh where have I had my head? No, don't answer that!!!

  4. You did boobo on your sits..
    I has for ten days ago that I thought why I have in my URL two Michiko-Michiko...So I has change to only Michiko there nobody know when I have new post because not shows on there Dashboard.
    I can add new post...
    Hope you will get a good insurance
    that make you easy time for you:-)

  5. Christmas will be interesting won't it. Still fun, though.

    I still don't get updates for you on my reading list. Have to click on your heading a check to see if you posted. It always says they can't find your feed and to check and see if the url is right. They put up a url and I then click on that and your site comes up. I don't get it. Took you off and reset you and still the same. Guess I'm not suppose to see what you say. Hey, you didn't do that did you, lol.

  6. If Humana is accepted in your area..it's probably the better of many.


  7. Hope your turkey day was fun! : )
    Have a great holiday weekend!!


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