Sick pc

My laptop is sick so I'm taking her to see the doc. She stops responding and freezes up and is getting very temperamental. When I get her back I'll post pics of the trip we took over the weekend. Hope it doesn't take too long. Take and will see ya soon!


  1. It is very sick isn't it, because hard to read you post...
    Hope fixed it up quickly that make you happier:-)
    My internet was playing up I can't comments on Beth and Kassey(Cats)places It come up to said I need another new Google account Whew!!!
    Have a good rest!

  2. Sorry to hear about the computer trouble, I hope it's quickly resolved.

  3. Gray letters makes reading hard on this old lady. Hope your PC gets all better soon. Miss you. xoxox

  4. Little difficult to read. Hope it's fixed soon.

  5. hoping the computer is fixed. xoxo


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