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Are you ready?

For the up coming holidays? I’m not! I’m certainly not ready for winter I can tell you that. If we have a winter like we had last year it won’t be so bad. Last year winter was very mild for us so would it be too much to ask to have another mild winter?  Summer was brutal here so I’m worried that winter is going to follow suit. In the mean time I’m going to enjoy the fall season. I was beginning to wonder if we were even going to have fall. It got pretty cold here for a few days and nights but the forecast is looking pretty nice. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.Now that school  has started it is pretty quiet around the old homestead again. Brody goes to school in the afternoon this year so I still have him in the mornings. I get them up and drop the two older ones off at school then bring Brody home with me until it’s time for him to go. He loves school! Wouldn’t it be nice if the love of school would stay with him throughout? It rarely happens I know but one can hope.William is going t…