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I’m so pissed

Excuse my language but I can’t help it. As you all know my daughter left her husband and will be getting a divorce.  The kids have been going to their dad’s on the weekends and every weekend Josh comes home sad and upset.Last Sunday night as Josh was getting ready for bed he told me that he doesn’t want to go to his dads anymore. I asked him why and he told me the things Jon says to them. He makes them fold his laundry. Ok, that’s all well and good as it doesn’t hurt kids to have chores. The problem is, if they don’t do it the way he likes it done he hollers at them and calls them retards.  They have to bring wood in for the wood burner and if they bring the wrong kind in he does the same thing. Josh said they don’t do anything while they’re there and that he spends pretty much of the time in his room.  He said if they get rowdy like they do here he yells and says mean things to them.  He says that they can’t do anything right no matter how hard they try and they don’t know what’s rig…

Can YOU see it?

I have pictures on one of my blogs from photobucket and for some reason one of them has reached the bandwidth limit or something. Because of that  I now have an exceeded bandwidth image on my blog. The problem is though that it’s on all of my blogs and  not just in place of the picture. It is on the blog itself and it scrolls down over the words as you scroll down to read. Do you see it too? I don’t get it or know what to do about it. I just hope that at the first of the month when the bandwidth resets  that the  floating image goes away.
UPDATE: Thanks to Beth who told me what  was causing the problem it is now fixed! Thank you Beth xoxo
Yesterday I picked up my sister to take her to the car dealership too pick up her new Chevy Cruz. Oh that’s a nice car and wouldn’t mind having one myself. If it wasn’t for the payments and higher insurance rates I’d run right out and get one too. It sure is nice though! 
When  I got home from taking Jodi my daughter and I went to do a little shopping …

They’re Moving

Sis and the kids are moving out the 1st of Feburary.  She finally found a place that she can afford on her own and is so relieved. They will be living in an apartment not far from here. The best part is, it’s a security apartment. You have to buzz to get into the lobby or have a key. I LOVE that part of it! She does too!  It’s roomy and clean and very modern so I think they’ll be happy there and her and I both feel great knowing no one can get in without them knowing who it is.
We looked at a couple places the other day before she decided on the apartment and let me tell you, some of these places are beyond believable.  We looked at a duplex that was a dump and they wanted $775.00 a month for it, $100.00 + more then they want for the apartment.  When we got there the landlord was there “cleaning” it up. He was using the shop vac  so he didn’t hear us knocking on the door right away.  Before we even got inside the first thing I noticed as I was knocking on the door was that it was a HAL…

It’s nasty out there!

The roads are covered with ice and snow and very slippery. When I took Brody to school this morning a car in front of me started fish tailing and I thought he was going to lose it. On top of that, the temps are going to continue to drop during the day. It’s 30 right now and not bad out but it’s going down to 0 by tonight. Temps like that will just make things freeze on top of what’s already frozen. Of course, the wind is wicked too so that makes it feel colder. Gotta take it slow and easy guys. It’s just our luck too that the snow blower broke down. I guess the recoil won’t recoil so it’s in for repair. You know what that means don’t you? That means shoveling….YUCK!Brody was sick last week and missed the entire week of school.  He got sick Saturday when he was at his Dad’s and it made Jon nervous so he brought him back here.  He threw up and got real feverish and kept crying. He was still not feeling well on Sunday but come Monday he acted like himself until evening. Tuesday was the s…