Growing up in Burrwood

Thursday, March 17, 2011

On,off, on off

That’s what our neighbors light over her garage was doing the other night. Bill looked out the window and told me Marilyn’s light is flashing on and off. Since I was still dressed and he was in his pj’s I said I would go over and check on her. We wondered of course if she was okay so I put my shoes on and went over there. I knocked on her door and started to open it when she came to the door and I asked her if she was alright. She had been crying but she was okay. It turns out that she had been watching a movie on television and she said she always cries at movies. I told her we wondered if everything was okay because her light on the garage kept flashing but it turns out that something was wrong with the light. She was thankful for me coming over to check on her but felt silly because I caught her crying lol. I told her I was just glad she was okay and that nothing was wrong. I do wonder if the light might have shorted out eventually though and maybe cause some problems there. It’s fixed now and all is good Smile

It seems things are getting worse in Japan if that’s possible. The nuclear reactors are presenting a huge danger and I hope and pray they can get them contained so no more radiation is leaked. I feel so bad for them. I can’t even begin to imagine what they are going through.  So many have lost loved ones not to mention everything they owned. They have a long road ahead of them to rebuild and how do you even begin to do that? My heart goes out to them.

Well Brody just woke up so I guess my day has started. Please have a good day. Go out and do something fun. I think I might take Brody outside and go for a walk today. It’s suppose to get all the way up to 59 and that’s going to feel great!!!

Don’t forget to…

Live, Laugh & Be Happy!

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Thank God for Heart Monitors

For without it we might never have found out that Bill needed a pacemaker. I know Terry told you that he had one implanted last Monday and I thank you all for the prayers you sent. He started having fainting episodes and even though I took him to the ER each time and he even spent time in the VA hospital nothing ever showed up on all the tests they took. The second time it happened and I took him to the ER the doctor there thought that his heart was slowing or missing beats I guess you could say and he’s the one who ordered the 30 day event monitor. After he got that he still spent a few days in the VA hospital but nothing showed. They sent him home and told him to keep wearing the monitor and thank God he did. A week ago Friday he had another spell and pushed the button on the monitor. The next day the doctor called and told him that he needs to get to the hospital asap and that he needed a pacemaker. He told the doctor that he had an appointment the next Friday in Madison at the VA but the doctor here told him he shouldn’t wait that long. She said to come up to the hospital here and get a copy of the results from the monitor and to take them with us but to go the next day to Madison and show them what’s going on. She showed them to me and explained that his heart was stopping for 3 1/2 seconds then beats and stops again for a few more seconds. When it stops for 5 or 6 seconds or more is when he passes out. Then when it starts beating again is when he comes to. Eventually she said that it was very possible that one of those times it might not have started beating again. He then decided not to wait and went ahead and had the surgery here in our local hospital instead of going to the VA.

Each episode he had was almost a month apart for each one and the last one he had happened just two days before we were suppose to send the monitor back in. All I can say is, as funny as it sounds, I’m so glad and grateful that he had another one while he was still wearing the monitor, otherwise we would have never known and I hate to think what might have happened. So anyway, he had the pacemaker implanted on Monday and he’s back home and recuperating nicely. He’s still a little weak and he can’t drive for a couple of weeks or lift anything over 10 pounds. He also can’t raise his arm over his head. I guess he could pull the leads out of his heart until they get imbedded securely and we sure don’t want that to happen do we? I tell ya, it’s scary how fast things can happen. You just never know do ya? That’s why it’s so important to let those you love know just how much they mean to you and that you love them each and every day.

On a happier note my grandson Josh turned 13 on the 10th. I don’t know if I’m ready to go through the teen years again. It was hard enough with my own kids. I  have a feeling it will be worse with my grandkids, I’ll worry just as much if not more, I just know it! Anyway, I took him birthday shopping today. He wanted a skate board so off we went to the store where he picked out a pretty red one. I guess they come in different sizes depending on how big you are. That makes sense when you think about it. So he’s one happy skater right now and I’m a happy grandma. I enjoy taking them shopping on their birthdays. It is our special time, just the two of us. I love it!

Isn’t it awful about the earthquake in Japan? I can’t imagine what that is like and the devastation and loss of life is beyond comprehension. I feel so bad for them. It will be several years before they recover from this if they ever do. I pray the nuclear plants doesn’t leak radiation and cause more grief then they are already going through. May God bless and be with them all!

That’s what’s been going on in my little world. What’s been going on in yours? Hoping all is well.

Don’t forget to…Live, Laugh, Love & Be Happy!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Deanna & Brody with their new toys

Isn’t this cute? My daughter bought herself a new laptop and Brody kept wanting to play with it so she bought him his own. She’s slowly buying things for her new place when she moves out. She also bought a set of Racheal Ray pots and pans, a set of Chicago Cutlery and a set of dishes so she’s well on her way to getting things she’ll need to set up housekeeping again.  She hopes to be out by spring. I must say having a 2 year old around the house again is both fun and frustrating. He can be pretty stubborn at times and I have to be more stubborn then he is. But on the other hand he makes the day fun for the most part and makes me smile. Having toys laying around and the mess that comes with kids was hard getting use to again though.  But it won’t be long and they’ll be gone and I will miss them for sure and the mess….for awhile!

I’m very happy to report that both Bill and William are doing great. Bill did have a little dizzy spell the other day but he thinks it was because he bent over to pick something up and came up too fast. They did reduce his bp meds so we are hoping that does the trick. Seems like it’s working so far. He’s still wearing the event monitor and did push it when he got dizzy and sent it in but we haven’t heard anything so I assume it showed that it was nothing. William hasn’t had any issues since his surgery thank God! I can breathe a little easier now.

I am so far behind on what is going on with all of you and I’m sorry about that. I just don’t have the time I use too but do check in now and then. Google reader keeps all of your blogs together for me so I can read and come visit from there when I have the time. I do miss all of you terribly and am determined to do better then I have. I even went to the library to get a couple of books I’ve been wanting to read and haven’t even been able to do that yet. I even had to renew them once and that’s unusual for me. 

Would like to do a little plugging here if you don’t mind. My son wrote another short story and he would be tickled pink for you to read it. You can find it here.

Well that’s all for today. I’m sure as long as I’ve been away that there must be a lot more I could talk about but my minds a blank right now. Besides, you don’t want to sit here all day and read about my boring life now do you lol. So until next time…

Live, Love, Laugh & Be Happy!