They tried to scam me.

Way back several years ago when we got our first cell phones we got them through the union where Bill worked. It was and is a great deal as we only pay $8.00 a month per phone and only 9 cents a minute. We don’t use our phones a lot so I’ve never seen any reason to change to a different plan. The people at the phone store tells us we have a great plan every time we got to get new phones so I’m sticking with it. Our monthly bill is seldom more then $25.00 for both phones so you can see what I won’t change. If we used our phones a lot then I would probably change to plans that have unlimited minutes, texting and things like that but we don’t and those plans are usually about double for one phone then what we pay for two.

Anyway… Bill wanted a new phone so about a month ago we went to the store so he could pick it out . He had internet and texting put on it as do I but it’s on a pay per use method as we don’t do that much either. The reason he wanted internet was because he wanted to download reveille for a ring tone. Ok, I got on the internet and downloaded it for him and all was good.  The phone he got is a touch screen and he sometimes hits the internet app by accident and when he does that and it connects we get charged so he decided he didn’t want internet anymore. So, the other day I called our carrier and told them to take texting and internet off of Bills phone. Because we got the phone through the union the name of the union is always on our bill so it’s classified as a business plan. When I gave the representative all the info she told me that I’d have to get permission from the union before she could take those off his phone. I told her that we didn’t have to get permission to put it on there so why should we need it to take it off. She said there was nothing she could do about it as that’s out of her hands. I told her that doesn’t make any sense and to me that’s nothing more then a scam. If you don’t need permission to put it on you shouldn’t need it to take it off right?  Well I wasn’t about to accept that so I told her that I wanted to talk to a supervisor where she promptly told me that the super would tell me the same thing. I told her that I’ll find that out for myself and to please put me through. After a few minutes the super came on the line, asked me what I wanted then proceeded to do what I asked with no argument. Now does that make sense to you?

It’s obvious they just tell their reps to tell people that to try to keep them from removing things off of their plan but it makes it so much harder for every one involved. It’s a scam pure and simple and I’m sure some people will just take their word for it and leave it as is. Why do they do that? I was nice during the call but the more the rep tried to tell me I couldn’t the more frustrated I was getting and that’s when I asked to speak to a super. Then to only have the super do what I wanted with no argument seems so ridiculous to me. They shouldn’t put their reps through that in my opinion.

On a happier note…HOW BOUT THEM PACKERS Smile


  1. That was horrible. I hate it when I have to go thru an argument with a stranger over something that is and should be, my right as a paying customer! I'm so glad it turned out alright but what a way to have to go, girl friend.

  2. You gotta wonder if the reps get some sort of commission on calls like this. You know the way they always say this call may be monitored? That or the rep was just being lazy and didn't want to go through the effort of changing your bill. This reminds me of you and your call to Dish Network. Soon these companies will learn...Don't mess with Sherry!

  3. All company rules are so harsh and ones you have sign in the phones company you were on their hand..
    They don't wanted to changing your bill.
    If you add something more is difference story.
    We need to becareful with those people all the time Sherry :-)

  4. It seems to me that the reps have no problem lying. On the other hand they may be forced to lie to keep their jobs. I'm glad you went to the top.


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