Growing up in Burrwood

Monday, October 31, 2011

I couldn’t find him

A few days ago I was reading a book while Brody was playing in the dining room with his toys. I heard him playing with his noisy truck that he turns on just to drive me crazy I think lol. Then I thought I heard someone taking the gate down that blocks off the back room to keep him out and away from the back door. I thought it was Bill coming in so I didn’t pay much attention to it. After a minute or so and that Bill hadn’t said anything to me, I got up to see what he brought home from the store. Much to my horror I realized that Bill wasn’t home and I didn’t see Brody. I ran all through the house looking for him. I looked under tables, in closets, behind chairs but I couldn’t find him anywhere. I headed for the back door thinking that he’d gone outside. I ran out calling his name and looked around the yard, I ran out to the street and looked up and down and still didn’t see him. My neighbors boy came out to go to work and I asked him to look in their backyard to see if Brody had gone over there. In the mean time I went to check the garage and my car because he can open the car door and has gotten inside before. He was nowhere in sight and he wasn’t in the neighbors yard either. My heart just sank! I’m yelling and calling his name but he never answered me.

I ran back around the house and was coming in to call for help. I was frantic and on the verge of tears, and a nervous breakdown. Much to my relief, just as  I turned the corner of the house, there he was holding the back door open looking at me like I’d lost my mind. I said “Brody where were you?” He looks up at me with that innocent little face and says “Bwody hide’n”. For the life of me I don’t know where he was hiding and still don’t. The only thing I can think of is he must have hidden in the bathroom closet as that’s the only place I don’t remember looking.

It took me a good hour to settle down. My heart was racing a million miles a second, I could feel it pounding in my chest and I can’t tell you how scared I was. The gate we have blocking the back room worked when he was smaller but now he’s figured out how to get it open. Needless to say that now whenever I hear the gate being moved I look to make sure I know where Brody is. I think we need to get a taller one now where he can’t reach over and un-hook it. I know one thing…my heart can’t take another scare like that, or my nerves.

Are you ready for all the little witches, ghosts and goblins tonight? Brody’s going to be Woody from Toy Story. The kids are really looking forward to it. Brody will have more fun this year now that he’s older I think. On the other hand, the other kids scary costumes might scare him. As it is now he’s always telling me that “Bwody’s so scared”. What  he’s scared of I don’t know but he says it all the time. I don’t think he knows what scared means lol. I hope he doesn’t find out tonight.

Hope you have a great Halloween!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

It was on a dark and lonely country road

When it happened. We were heading home after having a nice  dinner at one of our favorite places about 15 miles from home.  I was just sitting there content and full from our meal, staring out the window watching the clouds when all of a sudden Bill said “Holy Sh*t, there’s smoke pouring out of the back of the van.” I looked through the rearview mirror on my side and sure enough, there was tons of dark smoke billowing out.  I said “ I wonder if we’re on fire?” Neither one of us could smell anything like something was burning though. The Van started jerking and slowing down drastically. Bill started pulling off of the road onto the shoulder when all of a sudden the van just wouldn’t go anymore.  The road was a narrow two lane road and the shoulder was very very narrow, we were on a curve and still part way on the road so he turned on the hazard lights. I don’t know who’s brilliant idea it was to install those lights on cars but I hope he got a raise.   I told Bill that I bet we blew the transmission. The van’s motor was running smoothly and nothing appeared to be wrong with that so I figured what else could it be.

Another great invention from some brilliant thinker is the cell phone.  I got mine out and called home so someone could look up the number of a towing company for me. While I was doing that Bill was on his phone calling the Sherriff's department so they could send someone out to sit with their lights going so no one would hit us. Even with the hazard lights on people couldn’t really tell that we were part way on the road until they got right up to us so we really needed a cop there.  The police dept. would have called a tow for us but I’d already called. It took the cop about 10 minutes to get there and the tow truck showed up about 20 minutes after that. I was never so glad to see a cop or a tow truck in my life lol.

As he was towing us home he told us of a good transmission man that he recommended. He said he’s the best in town so come Monday morning Bill called him right away. Over the weekend he was talking to my brother-in-law and another friend and they wondered if maybe it wasn’t just a hose that blew so when he talked to the mechanic he asked him about that. The mechanic said  he’d check that out first before he did anything else. Low and behold that’s just what it turned out to be. He replaced the hose, filled the transmission with fluid and took it for a drive and said it was working perfectly. We got it back yesterday and Bill said it ran like a top. Thank God! It was an $88.00 fix minus towing charges instead of $1500.00 which the mechanic said it would cost to rebuild the transmission. To say we are very grateful is an understatement I tell ya.

So what’s up in your world?

Monday, October 24, 2011

Slide Show

For some reason this slide show wouldn't go into the blog below. Maybe it was too long already? Who knows!

Potpourri of colors

We had such a good time when we went up north a couple of weeks ago. We went back to Wildcat mountain to see the changes of the leaves. It wasn’t quite a peak yet but pretty none-the-less. Here’s before and after pictures.
 color ride 10 6 2011 032
It really is gorgeous country up there. The ride up was pretty too. I took lots of pics but I’ll put them in a slide show so as not to take up so much space in here.
My favorite part of the trip though was when we went to a Veterans Memorial. It isn’t a war memorial, it’s a memorial to Veterans from every branch of the service and tells about what and where they served in all the wars they have been in. Bill is a Navy Veteran and was wearing his Navy hat that day. I can’t tell you how proud of him I was that day when people would come up to him, shake his hand and thank him for serving. It actually brought tears to my eyes.
My favorite and most heart breaking place at the memorial was the statues of the fountain of tears. It Reminds us of the "cost of war". A GI, holding his buddy's dog tags in one hand while his other hand is resting on the helmet that is placed on an impaled M-16 rifle of his fallen comrade, is the genesis for the tears that flow through five teardrops into a stream bed and under a bridge into a pond. Seated at the edge of the pond are the wife and child of the deceased Hero. This tribute is interactive, allowing visitors to touch the sculptures and "feel the pain" endured by those who are left behind. See what I mean.
color ride 2 024
The fountains are in the tear shape as it flows down to the wife and child waiting for her husband. I didn’t know Bill when he was in the Navy, I met him right after he got out and I must say, I’m grateful for that.
They also had a replica of the Liberty Bell there that you could actually ring, so of course I had to ring it. When I did everyone there stopped what they were doing and turned to look lol. Since I couldn’t get a good video of me ringing the bell I had Bill do again hehe. 

It has a nice ring to it wouldn’t you say?

Monday, October 10, 2011

Sick pc

My laptop is sick so I'm taking her to see the doc. She stops responding and freezes up and is getting very temperamental. When I get her back I'll post pics of the trip we took over the weekend. Hope it doesn't take too long. Take and will see ya soon!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Day trip

We haven’t been anywhere all summer so a couple of weeks ago and since Sis is on vacation we decided to take a day trip somewhere. The problem with that was we didn’t know where to go. Rhonda tried suggesting a few places but we’d already been to those that she mentioned. Others mentioned some places as well but we’d been to those too. Bill was looking through a mag we have and found a place we hadn’t been to yet. It was called Wildcat Mountain State Park. It was a gorgeous ride on the way up and would be really beautiful if the colors were in full bloom but it was too early for that yet. Once we got to the park there was an overlook there and I was surprised at how high we were. I don’t think of Wisconsin as having too many high elevations but we do to a certain degree. Nothing like the Rocky’s of course but pretty none the less. Here’s a picture from the overlook.
Road trip 014
Of course it doesn’t look as pretty from a picture as it does in person but take my word for it, it was very pretty.
After that we went where Bill wanted to go and that was to the Casino. We got a room, went to get something to eat then headed for the gaming rooms. I’m not big at feeding a dumb machine my money so I only stayed for a short while then I went to the room and just relaxed. It  was just what I needed too. The next morning we checked out, went for breakfast and decided to gamble a little more. This time I’m happy we did. We won enough to pay for our drive, the room and ended up being a free get-a-way. That doesn’t happen often. 
Well it turns out that she is on vacation again next week so we are planning another get-away for a couple days. This time though the colors should be at their peak  and the weather is suppose to be wonderful.  I’m hoping to get some good pictures and looking forward to a little time away.  Wisconsin is so pretty this time of the year!
You’ll never guess what Brody did a few days ago. Well, if you saw it on facebook you already know but if you didn’t here it is. He got a hold of a permanent marker and scribbled all over my WHITE kitchen table, my ALMOND colored refrigerator and one of my cupboard doors. I about died. It came off the table ok but I had a devil of a time getting if off my fridge. In fact, I couldn’t get it all. It still has a few spots where it wouldn’t come off. I tried everything from magic eraser to nail polish remover to goo gone  and anything else I could think off but the only thing that seemed to work was scouring powder. That took some elbow grease but I was able to get most of it off but not all. One spot seemed to bleed and spread the more I scrubbed. Now why would that do that in one spot and not the whole door? I don’t get it. I tell ya, the minute he’s out of sight and quiet you better go see what he’s doing because chances are he’s up to no good lol. Gotta love him though. All he has to do is give you that big smile of his and all is forgiven. Besides, it’s just a refrigerator and it will always remind me what a wonderful little stinker he is lol.