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I couldn’t find him

A few days ago I was reading a book while Brody was playing in the dining room with his toys. I heard him playing with his noisy truck that he turns on just to drive me crazy I think lol. Then I thought I heard someone taking the gate down that blocks off the back room to keep him out and away from the back door. I thought it was Bill coming in so I didn’t pay much attention to it. After a minute or so and that Bill hadn’t said anything to me, I got up to see what he brought home from the store. Much to my horror I realized that Bill wasn’t home and I didn’t see Brody. I ran all through the house looking for him. I looked under tables, in closets, behind chairs but I couldn’t find him anywhere. I headed for the back door thinking that he’d gone outside. I ran out calling his name and looked around the yard, I ran out to the street and looked up and down and still didn’t see him. My neighbors boy came out to go to work and I asked him to look in their backyard to see if Brody had gone …

It was on a dark and lonely country road

When it happened. We were heading home after having a nice  dinner at one of our favorite places about 15 miles from home.  I was just sitting there content and full from our meal, staring out the window watching the clouds when all of a sudden Bill said “Holy Sh*t, there’s smoke pouring out of the back of the van.” I looked through the rearview mirror on my side and sure enough, there was tons of dark smoke billowing out.  I said “ I wonder if we’re on fire?” Neither one of us could smell anything like something was burning though. The Van started jerking and slowing down drastically. Bill started pulling off of the road onto the shoulder when all of a sudden the van just wouldn’t go anymore.  The road was a narrow two lane road and the shoulder was very very narrow, we were on a curve and still part way on the road so he turned on the hazard lights. I don’t know who’s brilliant idea it was to install those lights on cars but I hope he got a raise.   I told Bill that I bet we blew th…

Slide Show

For some reason this slide show wouldn't go into the blog below. Maybe it was too long already? Who knows!

Potpourri of colors

We had such a good time when we went up north a couple of weeks ago. We went back to Wildcat mountain to see the changes of the leaves. It wasn’t quite a peak yet but pretty none-the-less. Here’s before and after pictures.

It really is gorgeous country up there. The ride up was pretty too. I took lots of pics but I’ll put them in a slide show so as not to take up so much space in here.
My favorite part of the trip though was when we went to a Veterans Memorial. It isn’t a war memorial, it’s a memorial to Veterans from every branch of the service and tells about what and where they served in all the wars they have been in. Bill is a Navy Veteran and was wearing his Navy hat that day. I can’t tell you how proud of him I was that day when people would come up to him, shake his hand and thank him for serving. It actually brought tears to my eyes.
My favorite and most heart breaking place at the memorial was the statues of the fountain of tears. It Reminds us of the "cost of war". A…

Sick pc

My laptop is sick so I'm taking her to see the doc. She stops responding and freezes up and is getting very temperamental. When I get her back I'll post pics of the trip we took over the weekend. Hope it doesn't take too long. Take and will see ya soon!

Day trip

We haven’t been anywhere all summer so a couple of weeks ago and since Sis is on vacation we decided to take a day trip somewhere. The problem with that was we didn’t know where to go. Rhonda tried suggesting a few places but we’d already been to those that she mentioned. Others mentioned some places as well but we’d been to those too. Bill was looking through a mag we have and found a place we hadn’t been to yet. It was called Wildcat Mountain State Park. It was a gorgeous ride on the way up and would be really beautiful if the colors were in full bloom but it was too early for that yet. Once we got to the park there was an overlook there and I was surprised at how high we were. I don’t think of Wisconsin as having too many high elevations but we do to a certain degree. Nothing like the Rocky’s of course but pretty none the less. Here’s a picture from the overlook. Of course it doesn’t look as pretty from a picture as it does in person but take my word for it, it was very pretty. Afte…