A day at the playground.

It was such a gorgeous day today, too nice to be inside, so I took Brody to the playground in the park near here. He loved it and had to try everything that was there. The climbing, the swinging the sliding, he loved it all…and so did I! It was so fun watching him and that smile of his makes it all worth while. They grow up so fast so I need to savor every little morsel. I don’t know why one of the pictures in the slide show says it was deleted, it certainly wasn’t inappropriate so who knows. I went back and looked and tried to fix it but it didn’t work. Oh well, don’t sweat the small stuff huh.
The weather sure is a changing around here. It’s already getting down in the lower 40’s at night. I hope this doesn’t mean winter will come fast and furious. At my age fast and furious is a bad thing. At my age we want and need things to slow down and kind of meander a bit don’t you think lol. All I know is I am NOT ready for winter. Fall on the other hand is welcome to get here and stay as long as it wants.
Know what I would love to do? I’d love to go sky diving. My kids think I’m nuts but I would love to do that just once in my life. It has to be the most exhilarating feeling to float through the air and just fly. They all told me I couldn’t of course. Our son Jesse has already done that. Well, not sky diving, he went parachuting but that’ s kind of close right? His didn’t turn out so well though. He landed wrong and sprained his ankle really bad and ended up missing a week of work. Turned out to be costly but he’ll always have that experience and memory. Of course I didn’t want him doing that either so I guess turn about is fair play. I posted about this on facebook and everyone there thought I was nuts too lol. I will probably never ever do it, it’s a lot of money for something so silly….maybe. lol If I ever do it you all will be the first to know Smile


  1. Brody is adorable!!! I love the slide show.

    No thoughts in my mind of wanting to sky dive. Just the thought frightens me. Please listen to your son on this.

  2. I would love to go sky diving with you. I wanted to do that since 14. You do what you want and don't listen to others. That's my say. You have to live your way.
    Brody is so dang cute and that smile! It sure is wonderful weather right now and sleeping is sound when it's cool. Have a great week and enjoy!

  3. I share you feelings about a furious winter...I totally am not wanting that. I had a friend that was into parachuting who actually died tragically when a chute failed...that is not a way I'd like to go. I think I'd rather spend some time at the park!

  4. I think your nuts too, lol. But then you know that. I don't even like airplanes, as you know, and jumping out of a perfectly good one in crazy.

  5. About sky diving: If you are fit enough with healthy heart though it should be fun for you?
    But few our blogging friends are not happy about that idea?
    This a totally your decision:-)
    Brody is just lovely age a while a small enjoyed with him and big Hugs from me too.


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