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For your prayers for Bill and William. Thank God both are home and feeling well. Williams procedure was quite long, 5 hours and very nerve wracking. They were successful in doing what was needed when they were finally able to get to it. They tried to go through his thigh but because of him having so many surgeries and heart caths the veins there were narrowed with scar tissue and they couldn’t get through. Instead they went in through his shoulder and neck area. Since they were in there they decided to take the opportunity and check his other surgery sites to see how they are holding up and I’m happy to report that they said they all look great! I can’t tell you how happy I am to hear that. I hope and pray he never has to go through anything else as long as I’m still alive. We have been told that he may have to have another open heart when he’s older as the valve they repaired when he was 4 might need replacing someday. I pray it won’t be for many many years from now.

Bill’s problem is a mystery. He’s passed out twice with the last one being a week ago. It scared me to death. He collapsed on the couch and he wouldn’t respond to anything I did. I ran to the phone and dialed 911 then ran to the kitchen to get some sugar or honey to put in his mouth in case it was a diabetic reaction but before I could do that he came too. When the ambulance got here they took his sugar and it was fine, 103 but the ekg was a bit erratic. At the ER they did more tests and found nothing other then the ekg being a bit different but they said he didn’t have a heart attack or a stroke so they didn’t really know what’s wrong. They ordered an even monitor to wear for a month and he’s to push a button when he feels something is going on so it can be recorded. On Monday he called his doc at the VA Clinic and they had us fax the reports from the ER down here. On Tuesday they called and said for him to get up there to the ER as soon as he can. So, we jump in the Van and head to Madison. Did I ever tell you how much I hate driving that Van lol? Ok, we get up to the ER there and they admit him to the hospital. There again after taking all the tests again nothing shows up. He was there from Tuesday to Friday without passing out but does get lightheaded. Bill has lost weight and was on 4 BP meds so they took 3 of them away thinking that he might have been over medicated. I hope that’s what it is and it will be the end of his fainting spells. He’s suppose to take his BP here at  home and keep track of it for his next appointment. They said he can resume his normal activities but not to drive for awhile. They said they are not telling him to never drive but not to until we see how he does.

The best part (if that’s possible) of Bill and William both being in Madison was that I could go from one hospital to the other to see them. The VA hospital, the UW hospital and the Children’s hospital are all connected with walk ways and hallways. Even though it’s quite a walk I could go visit without ever stepping outside. I came home the first night as I didn’t have time to pack anything but I stayed in a hotel the next night. I decided to take my car back and I’m glad I did. I feel so much better driving I90 in my car then I do that big ole van.

It was so cold this week and when I left the hospital to go to the hotel my drivers door was froze shut. I thought “Oh boy, what am I going to do if both are froze” The hotel was just down the street but still quite a walk in that sub zero temps. Luckily though the passenger door opened and I crawled over and left. The next morning it opened. Go figure right lol.

So I’m happy to say that he didn’t have an heart attack or stroke or anything serious like that but we just don’t know what it was. I hope reducing his meds does the trick.

Thank you again for all your prayers. Bill, William and I and my entire family appreciates each and every one!


  1. Oh Sherry I am so glad the boys are home. I do hope the meds was your hubby's problem. Golly sakes for them and you it has been something.
    "Happy Birthday!"
    I hope you celebrate today my friend. Big ole hugs to ya.

  2. Thank you Toodie! And I'll take that hug :<)

  3. OOPs, didn't realize I wasn't signed in but my daughter was lol.

  4. This is wonderful news. What a relief for all of you.
    Is it your birthday? I didn't know but Happy Birthday if it is.


  5. So glad you have in peace mind now.
    I can tell you these day even younger people has one too and nothing with
    in their heart.
    "Happy Birthday" to and you have peaceful happy time with your family and with your friend too.

  6. ☆☆ HELLO there Sherry! It’s only me. Hope all is well with you. Just coming by to say ‘Try and have a most excellent day.’ ☆☆

  7. Much love and lots of big hugs to William and to Bill and to you as well.

  8. ☆☆ GOOD NEWS!!! I am very glad to hear this! All that love surrounding them both must have helped no doubt. Sounds like you were quite busy and devoted, lucky men to have you by their sides. Good health is everyone's major source of wealth and here's hoping that both William and Bill will not be making any quick returns to their Doc's anytime soon, except maybe for a check-up. Yup, good news worth celebrating. ☆☆

  9. Greetings… Just wanted to let you know that I am still walking amongst many here on wordpress. You can find me now at … uttering those fameous three words for now… … “I’LL.BE.BACK.”


  10. Just wanted to pop in here and leave my mark. :) I trust that for the most part, things are going well with you? Crossing my eyes, arms, fingers, legs (ok. not the legs) that you and yours are doing well. Enjoying some nicer weather?

  11. Why hello there… guess who this is? You guessed it. Just stopping by to wish you a terrific week, hoping that it goes smooth for you.


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