It’s about time

That I let you all know that I’m still alive and kicking.  Brody keeps me pretty busy.  I bet I’m up and down a million times a day at least. Did I ever tell you about the day he got a hold of a sharpie and drew on my table, the refrigerator and cupboards? I about died. I was able to get it off the table and cupboard and most of the refrigerator but I could get it all off the fridge. I don’t know why. Some of it came off but in other spots it looked like it bled right into the fridge.  I thought I had the sharpie where he couldn’t reach it but wouldn’t you know, a few days later he found it again and drew a real pretty picture on my bathroom wall. I couldn’t decide if I wanted to paint over it or frame it lol. I think I’ll paint over it.

I have to take Brody to school in the morning to be tested for early childhood. I’m sure they’ll accept him as his speech isn’t the greatest. I can understand most of what he says but those who don’t know him has a hard time.  I don’t know how long after they test him that he will start going but I hope it’s soon. It will be good for both him and me when he starts. Good for him because he’ll learn so much and will have other children to interact with, and good for me to give me a break during the day hehe.

I’m still looking for a supplement insurance for when I go on Medicare. I’ve talked to a couple of agents last week but I still want to check out more company’s. One agent who came told me about a plan that sounded really good. You know the saying, if it’s too go to be true? Well, come to find out, he is a agent for Ill. and the plan he showed me isn’t available here in Wi.  At least that’s what the second agent told me. Who do you believe? I sure don’t want to get scammed. 

Would you believe that I haven’t even started my Christmas shopping yet! I just got the list for Jesse’s kids the other day. I’m waiting for Josh and Devan to tell me what they want. They’re at that age between being a child and a teen so they really don’t know what they want. Brody will be easy. William’s hard too and would probably rather have money anyway. At any rate I better get busy.  We don’t have our tree up yet either but I plan to put that up this weekend. Brody was real good around it last year but for some reason I have a feeling this year will be different lol. He’s into everything I tell ya. That’s why I’m up and down a million times a day. He wears me out some but I love him! He keeps me “young?”

One thing we sure didn’t need right now happened. The fuel pump needs replacing in Bill’s van and we all know those don’t come cheap.  He just had one put in two years ago but it must have been a faulty one as it crapped out on us.  Our mechanic did talk the place where he gets them from to take $100.00 off the price so that will help. They are only guaranteed for a year so we are lucky to get that off. It’s always something isn’t it?

I guess I’ve bored you long enough for now so I’ll say Aloha for now. Take care now ya hear!



  1. Elvis and a beautiful Christmas background. You can't get any better than that.

    My car is at the age where it has one thing after another happening to it.

  2. I think school will be good for him too.

    Could be worse. Deedee's getting a whole new engine.

    Got the picture changed but still not the one I was looking for. Will probably change it again. Yours makes me feel real cold,lol.

  3. Before I forget: Call your Dr. office amd the hospital you uaually use when needed and ask what supplemental insurance they take. Mine takes Humana and Blue Cross Blue Shied for example. That's it. It's very important to know if your usual providers even take the supplemental or, as you found out..if it's even available there.

    Some drug stores, like CVS for example will help you (Pharmacy dept) go thru and decide which is best for YOU. Also..when you make a decision..make sure your drug store is allowed on their list of providers AND your Dr.

  4. It is very confusing for about medicare that all agent will told you only good thing about their company.
    You need to take time to pick up a good for you.

    Please take care,

  5. I well remember the art work that ended up in your kitchen! More amusing for me then you I'm sure! I hope things work out with your insurance...I know that can be a pain. Car trouble at these times is the worst. We've had an issue with our car that isn't a big deal but is annoying and seeming to take forever to get taken care of...yuck! Christmas seems sparse this year for us in the gift department but I refuse to complain about it...the best in life is beyond price.

  6. For the record, you could never bore me. I so enjoy reading about your adventures and daily routines. Your Brody and my youngest ... wow!! They share so much in common, from character traits down to getting into trouble. Boys and trouble, they seem to go hand in hand. Makes me wish I would have been kinder to my mother when growing up now that `what goes around - comes around`seems to be coming back to bite me in the a$$.

    Stay well... hope you have a good week!


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