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It’s a Family Tradition

I’m sure Terry has told you all about our family reunion. You know, facebook makes it so easy to plan something that big when most everyone has joined facebook.  All I had to do was make an events page and invite them all to it and lo and behold you have a party in the making lol.  It turned out great, in fact, it turned out better then I thought it would.
When our family gets together, no matter how many are there and no matter if it’s a reunion a wedding or just a plain ole gathering we always play the song We Are Family by Sister Sledge and we all get into a circle and dance to it. Needless to say that if we are at a wedding reception where other people don’t really know us they look at us like we are nuts. But only for a little while. When the song is played again they join us lol. It’s all about having fun right!? So here we are dancing to that song…We were tickled pink when our brother Leroy and his wife Cher decided that they would come too. It has been a long time since w…