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That’s how old my babies are today. When they were born my oldest was 5 and our second son was 2 1/2. They were the first twins born in our immediate family and what a ruckus they caused. I still remember the day we found out we were having twins just like it was yesterday. I came home and said to Bill..”Well, you really did it this time” The first thing out of his mouth was “Think of the groceries”  I thought that was funny. Mom and Dad were the next ones I called to tell them we where having twins and she dropped the phone and started yelling at Terry to tell her about it. There I am hanging on the phone and mom’s yelling out the door and telling the whole neighborhood about it. My grandpa was especially excited. He’d call almost everyday to see how I was feeling and after they were born they were almost the first ones there to see us. Our daughter weighed 4’ 14” and our son weighed 6’12”, big for twins I know. But even at that she had so stay in the hospital until she weighed 5 poun…

A day at the playground.

It was such a gorgeous day today, too nice to be inside, so I took Brody to the playground in the park near here. He loved it and had to try everything that was there. The climbing, the swinging the sliding, he loved it all…and so did I! It was so fun watching him and that smile of his makes it all worth while. They grow up so fast so I need to savor every little morsel. I don’t know why one of the pictures in the slide show says it was deleted, it certainly wasn’t inappropriate so who knows. I went back and looked and tried to fix it but it didn’t work. Oh well, don’t sweat the small stuff huh. The weather sure is a changing around here. It’s already getting down in the lower 40’s at night. I hope this doesn’t mean winter will come fast and furious. At my age fast and furious is a bad thing. At my age we want and need things to slow down and kind of meander a bit don’t you think lol. All I know is I am NOT ready for winter. Fall on the other hand is welcome to get here and stay as lon…

Thumbs Up

School has started and that’s a big thumbs up lol. It’s been pretty hectic around here during the summer. The kids are really enjoying having friends around to play with instead of being stuck out in the country with no neighbors around like it was when they lived in the boondocks. They sure don’t let the grass grow under their feet I can tell you that. They are either riding their bikes around the neighborhood or at a friends house. They aren’t ones to watch TV or spend much time on the computer and that’s a good thing.  Brody keeps busy too…to my dismay lol. Yesterday he poured syrup all over the kitchen floor. Someone (me) left it out on the counter within his reach lol. He’s grown so fast and I forget he can reach things better now. He’s at the age now where he wants to do everything by himself and that sometimes leads to messes. Well, except using the potty chair that is. He’ll sit there no problem but getting him to tell me when he has to go has been a problem. Fingers crossed h…