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Beth and I were talking the other day about what nice backgrounds and layouts that Scrappin'Blogs website has and how pretty they are. While looking through all the choice and categories there we saw that they had sports and football layouts BUT they didn't have the important ones. How can you have a football category and not have a Packers one or Beth's favorite teams right? Well, Beth emailed them and asked them if they could make me a Packer's one and a Wisconsin Badger's one and her Atlanta Braves layout and by golly they did. Wasn't that nice of them! It was just a few days ago that we were talking about and she emailed them asking if they could make those for us and were we ever surprised that they did it so fast. I love it, don't you? I thought that was so nice of them to make them so fast and so nice of Beth to ask them for both of us. Thanks Beth :)

Do you watch American  Idol? I love that show and to be honest I was a bit worried about it now that Randy is the only original judge on there now, but I think Steve Tyler and Jennifer are going to be just fine. I will miss Simon though. They really do need someone to be downright honest with them. Maybe not as brutal as Simon could be but they have to hear the truth, good and bad. I liked Paula better then Kara and missed her last year. I don't dislike Kara, I just like Paula better. I do think Jennifer Lopez will be the nice soft one of the group kind of like Paula was so it's all good. So far though none of them have been as brutal as Simon  and that is OK as long as they let them know how good or bad they really are and I'm sure they will.

Well it's late and my computer is getting tired and wants to go to sleep so I better tuck it in for the night. Hope all of you are having sugar plum dreams with flowers and unicorns all around. See ya in the morning!
Good night


  1. I pretty much just watch college football but sometimes, when our Peyton's Colts are playing, I watch.

    Haven't seen Idol yet. One of these days I will have to get an hour in watching it. :-)

  2. Great background. Beth is super eh? I cannot wait for the Packer/Bears this weekend. It's gonna be Great!
    I didn't watch idol, but next week I will. I am sortof liking Off The Map, an offshoot of Greys. Keep warm today. I'm making chili as Beth came up with that and it sounds good on ah cold day like today.

  3. i love the backgrounds and you are right, they are fantastic people and so nice to do this for us. You page looks great, hope it brings your team some luck.

  4. Very nice sunny look background and it was kind of them to do it. I watch too and I do miss Simon and Paula.
    I haven't been getting your updates so I need to see if I'm following you.

  5. Ask and you shall receive! Cool that they did this for you guys and so quickly too. I watched Idol last week and think the judges will be just fine. I don't think Steve will be as brutal as Simon, but give him time. I like J Lo and Randy is always good. I don't miss Paula, Ellen or Kara. There were a couple really good auditions and can't wait until they get to Hollywood.

    GO PACK GO !

  6. I watch tennis on the TV for last two weeks and tomorrow is final day for the womens which my favorite player is on.

    I can tell you it not easir thing to keeps watching them because mostly time is at night 7-30PM
    to after midnight and specially if my favorites one has lost of the games:-) after awhile I just can't get sleep LOL!
    Iam glad it over....
    Thank you for visit.


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