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I hate when that happens

Yesterday I opened my Google reader to find out who blogged so I could go visit. Well, stupid me I accidently hit mark all as read so they all were removed from the reading list. Now I have no idea and can’t remember who blogged darn it. I hate when I do dumb things like that. Duh , just had brainstorm. They all would be on my profile page wouldn’t they lol. I hate when I do stupid things like that and then realize all wasn’t lost.Thanksgiving is next week, are you ready?  How did that get here so fast? I’m so not ready for the Holidays yet. Christmas will be fun this year though with Brody. He’s at that perfect age where they get so excited and happy.  I hope he leaves the Christmas tree alone. He was really good last year and didn’t bother it at all. This year though he’s into things more and I’m constantly getting after him. Keep your fingers crossed for me.I have an insurance man coming today to talk about a supplemental policy. I’ll be 65 in Feb.  and will be on medicare. I have …