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Another rainy and disappointing day. Is it too much to ask to have 2 or 3 or so days of sunshine and decent temps in a row? I really am not complaining though as that would take a lot of nerve when you think about what has been going on in other states. So many storms and tornados this year and we’ve already broken the record for the month of April. Needless to say Spring has be a huge bust for the whole country from the sounds of it. It has to get better…doesn’t it?

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter! Ours was delightful! All of the kids and grandkids were home and nothing is better then that. Brody was a happy little boy. The Easter Bunny brought him a Trike! He jumped right on it and put his feet on the peddles right away but hasn’t figured out you have to push to get it going. If the weather ever turns decent we’ll get him outside and show him how to do it. When and if that happens I’ll be sure to post pictures.

I bought myself a gift for Easter. Well, not just for myself I guess but for the family. Our microwave wasn’t  heating like it should so when I was shopping the other day they had a good sale on them so I gave up the fight and bought a new one. I hate it when appliances give out! I use to like it because that meant I could get a new one but now I hate it. Who wants to spend money on something that is used just for housework or cooking? Bill decided the other day that we should go to the casino as we haven’t been there in ages and I got a little lucky and won a few hundred (shhh, don’t tell Uncle Sam) so now was as good a time as any to buy and new micro. This one even grills! Neat huh Smile

Well, Brody  just brought me a diaper so he must be trying to tell me something lol. I think it’s time to break out the potty chair. Have a great day now ya hear and don’t forget to…

Live, Love, Laugh & Be Happy!


  1. The weather is miserable here today. It just seems to want to rain every day and be miserable. I am sure it will get hot one of these days and I will be longing for cooler weather.
    Easter was wonderful here too!

  2. the weather has been aweful everywhere. Just when i get the back yard work started here comes the bad storms again and i have to start over.
    So glad you all had a nice Easter, we did as well and the weather was actually very very nice so that was a bonus.Cant wait to see the pics of that lil man on his new trike, that will be fun for you both.
    I need a new microwave also, what kind did you get, i have been putting it off forever and the people around here are mad they cant even pop popcorn without it burning, it just doesnt work well at all and the turn table , well it doesnt turn at all and makes a aweful noise lol. i really need to go to that casino you went to so i can buy a new one too lol.

  3. It's horrible here too. Tornado after tornado and if not that, high winds and rain. :-( BUT I still have everything and shame on me for complaining!


  4. ... nice to see that you have finally come up for air.

  5. It really sad to know that so many people are suffering today. Problems with land and people being swallowed up or washed away. Lots going on out there...You think there is something we should know, that they are not telling us? I wish them a very speedy recovery. Our hearts go out to those who were affected.
    I will not be complaining about our cloudy day here... *Big Sigh*

  6. Yes, by the sounds of things, you all had a Hoppy Easter and that makes me happy too. Kids certainly do add to the enjoyment and the excite of holidays no doubt! And by all means you deserve to have purchased yourself an Easter Gift. I couldn't live without my microwave or crockpot. I would have to resort to something sill if I ever lost those two appliances... resort to getting me a wife to do my cooking. I know, scary thought eh?

  7. There's no better time than the present to stop by and wish you a wonderful weekend. Make the most of it, Monday comes fast.
    For You ---> http://i55.tinypic.com/m7q4if.jpg

  8. I want to say "Happy Mother's Day" to a woman who knows her role and plays it very well. All my best, may you have a most special day and many to follow.

  9. Sunday is the one day of the week, that we should try and dump the work/household chores that we have for a while... and relax. Today being Mother's Day, makes it just that much more special. Special wishes go out to all women who have played the role of 'MOTHER', small or big...

  10. You do realize that if we were playing the game 'Connect Four' I would have won since I have 4 comments in a row. Now hand me over my prize lady!!!


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