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How do you like this background?

Beth and I were talking the other day about what nice backgrounds and layouts that Scrappin'Blogs website has and how pretty they are. While looking through all the choice and categories there we saw that they had sports and football layouts BUT they didn't have the important ones. How can you have a football category and not have a Packers one or Beth's favorite teams right? Well, Beth emailed them and asked them if they could make me a Packer's one and a Wisconsin Badger's one and her Atlanta Braves layout and by golly they did. Wasn't that nice of them! It was just a few days ago that we were talking about and she emailed them asking if they could make those for us and were we ever surprised that they did it so fast. I love it, don't you? I thought that was so nice of them to make them so fast and so nice of Beth to ask them for both of us. Thanks Beth :)

Do you watch American  Idol? I love that show and to be honest I was a bit worried about it now that…

They tried to scam me.

Way back several years ago when we got our first cell phones we got them through the union where Bill worked. It was and is a great deal as we only pay $8.00 a month per phone and only 9 cents a minute. We don’t use our phones a lot so I’ve never seen any reason to change to a different plan. The people at the phone store tells us we have a great plan every time we got to get new phones so I’m sticking with it. Our monthly bill is seldom more then $25.00 for both phones so you can see what I won’t change. If we used our phones a lot then I would probably change to plans that have unlimited minutes, texting and things like that but we don’t and those plans are usually about double for one phone then what we pay for two.Anyway… Bill wanted a new phone so about a month ago we went to the store so he could pick it out . He had internet and texting put on it as do I but it’s on a pay per use method as we don’t do that much either. The reason he wanted internet was because he wanted to down…

Now that I have a minute

I thought I would surprise you all and write a blog.We had a little scare yesterday. This time it was Bill instead of William. He was outside and Devan happen to  look out the window, turned around and yelled, “Grandpa fell down, he’s laying on the ground!” Deanna and I ran out side just as he was getting up and she helped him back inside. He said all of a sudden he felt dizzy and light headed and the next thing he knew he woke up on the ground. We took his blood sugar but that was fine, 120. I took him to the ER and they ran all kinds of tests. You know the usual, ekg, cat scan, blood and urine etc. but found nothing wrong. He hasn’t been sick or anything either so we have no idea why he did that. At one time in the hospital his blood pressure when up to 180/77 but then it went back to where it should be. I don’t know if it dropped all of a sudden when he was outside that caused that or what but it’s a mystery. He did cut his head when he fell and got a couple of staples put in but n…