On,off, on off

That’s what our neighbors light over her garage was doing the other night. Bill looked out the window and told me Marilyn’s light is flashing on and off. Since I was still dressed and he was in his pj’s I said I would go over and check on her. We wondered of course if she was okay so I put my shoes on and went over there. I knocked on her door and started to open it when she came to the door and I asked her if she was alright. She had been crying but she was okay. It turns out that she had been watching a movie on television and she said she always cries at movies. I told her we wondered if everything was okay because her light on the garage kept flashing but it turns out that something was wrong with the light. She was thankful for me coming over to check on her but felt silly because I caught her crying lol. I told her I was just glad she was okay and that nothing was wrong. I do wonder if the light might have shorted out eventually though and maybe cause some problems there. It’s fixed now and all is good Smile

It seems things are getting worse in Japan if that’s possible. The nuclear reactors are presenting a huge danger and I hope and pray they can get them contained so no more radiation is leaked. I feel so bad for them. I can’t even begin to imagine what they are going through.  So many have lost loved ones not to mention everything they owned. They have a long road ahead of them to rebuild and how do you even begin to do that? My heart goes out to them.

Well Brody just woke up so I guess my day has started. Please have a good day. Go out and do something fun. I think I might take Brody outside and go for a walk today. It’s suppose to get all the way up to 59 and that’s going to feel great!!!

Don’t forget to…

Live, Laugh & Be Happy!

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day


  1. Nice of you to check up on your neighbors. From our kitchen window, we can see the tv in our neighbors house. She's an elderly lady and one night I could see the tv was on, but no lights were on it the rest of the house, so I called her to see if she was ok. Turned out she likes watching tv with the lights off and I never noticed it before.

    Another neighbor has a motion light on their garage. They don't have it set correctly. It's so sensitive that if a bug flies by the light comes on and then it shines right at our house. We don't complain, because it's almost like having a security light on our house but someone else is paying for it.

    Have a Happy St. Patrick's Day Sherry!

  2. Glad she was okay. You never know so it was good to check on her.

  3. That was good of you to check on your neighbor. I cry at anything sad or sentimental in a movie too.
    Prayers still in place for the people in Japan.

  4. That was danged good of you to check and go OVER there. I wish I had neighbors like that!

    YOu da girl! xoxox

  5. Your kinds lady and Bill's too,
    A lots of people talks about but they don't do what they saying...
    I smile when your neighbors came to the door and she was crying there I though was something went wrong with her?:-)
    I hate to see all this pain and suffering,being Japanese, I'm absolutely horrific time I has been
    truly heartbreaking.
    Thank you for your prayers for people in Japan.

  6. A bad neighbor is a misfortune, as much as a good one is a great blessing... and you Sherry, are certainly a good neighbor to have. Two thumbs up to you for showing concern. I live in the country and I am very fortunate to have good neighbors as well, nothing like when I lived in the big city.

  7. A reassessment of nuclear energy is required; one based on facts and reasoning. Anyone who says there is no problem is in denial, deluded, or their words are strategic.

    Nuclear energy is not something to take chances with. Any technology that we choose to use, we have a duty to use it responsibly. A quote springs to mind: (I remember it being by Aldous Huxley, however I cannot find the quote to confirm this)

    The quote is: "...no discovery in itself is either good or bad but depends on man what he does with it..."

    Hopefully, the situation at the Fukushima plant has reached its peak in terms of danger, and the slow process of control and containment can begin.

    The way I see it: what comes out of the Fukushima events: too close for comfort.

  8. Sherry, please let Terry know I am trying to leave a comment today 3/30 but for some reason, it won't let me. :-(

  9. Just making it a point to stop by your page and give you a friendly reminder that weekends are all about R & R for the most part. So, here’s hoping that you get the opportunity to just sit back and relax… Cheers Sherry!
    —> http://i56.tinypic.com/2i7lnis.jpg

  10. Sherry, Sherry baby
    Sherry, Sherry baby
    Sherry baby
    Sherry, can you come out tonight!

    You are being missed. I am thinking that we may have to knock on your door and see if you are ok. Perhaps Brody has his grandmommie tied up and gagged. Hope you are being nice to him. Bwahahaha!


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