Deanna & Brody with their new toys

Isn’t this cute? My daughter bought herself a new laptop and Brody kept wanting to play with it so she bought him his own. She’s slowly buying things for her new place when she moves out. She also bought a set of Racheal Ray pots and pans, a set of Chicago Cutlery and a set of dishes so she’s well on her way to getting things she’ll need to set up housekeeping again.  She hopes to be out by spring. I must say having a 2 year old around the house again is both fun and frustrating. He can be pretty stubborn at times and I have to be more stubborn then he is. But on the other hand he makes the day fun for the most part and makes me smile. Having toys laying around and the mess that comes with kids was hard getting use to again though.  But it won’t be long and they’ll be gone and I will miss them for sure and the mess….for awhile!

I’m very happy to report that both Bill and William are doing great. Bill did have a little dizzy spell the other day but he thinks it was because he bent over to pick something up and came up too fast. They did reduce his bp meds so we are hoping that does the trick. Seems like it’s working so far. He’s still wearing the event monitor and did push it when he got dizzy and sent it in but we haven’t heard anything so I assume it showed that it was nothing. William hasn’t had any issues since his surgery thank God! I can breathe a little easier now.

I am so far behind on what is going on with all of you and I’m sorry about that. I just don’t have the time I use too but do check in now and then. Google reader keeps all of your blogs together for me so I can read and come visit from there when I have the time. I do miss all of you terribly and am determined to do better then I have. I even went to the library to get a couple of books I’ve been wanting to read and haven’t even been able to do that yet. I even had to renew them once and that’s unusual for me. 

Would like to do a little plugging here if you don’t mind. My son wrote another short story and he would be tickled pink for you to read it. You can find it here.

Well that’s all for today. I’m sure as long as I’ve been away that there must be a lot more I could talk about but my minds a blank right now. Besides, you don’t want to sit here all day and read about my boring life now do you lol. So until next time…

Live, Love, Laugh & Be Happy!


  1. I am always happy to see a post from you!! I am very glad that your guys are doing OK.
    Brody is such a doll I bet you really will miss him.
    The sun is shining here, I hope it is for you too.

  2. HI!!!
    So good to hear things are going smoothly. Oh Brody is so cute on his computer. You take care of yourself now ya hear? Hugs!

  3. I love this's so sweet. I am smiling still. And soon as I go thru the blogs I will be back fir the short story. (hug)

  4. Your post is very happy ones that is a good news It is nice to seen clever mum and son were content in the their computer:-)
    you have has a busy time with your family now you have time for blogs?

    Big Hugs!

  5. Well it's about damn time that you updated us. I have been checking back, wondering when you would be coming up for air.
    Yes, quite the cute snapshot. Like mother... like son! It's nice to hear that your daughter is slowly getting back on her feet and feel that she may be ready to move out soon. I could see that cutting those apron strings yet again for you, especially with that young man, could be a little upsetting when they finally do leave your nest again. So with that said, I am house trained you know... I pick up after myself (most times)... I won't raid your fridge or hog the remote... my over night guests will vacate by 11AM and I WILL take out the trash. What do you say?? Huh? Huh?

  6. I am really glad to hear that William and Bill are doing well. Thanks for sharing the good news. Remember... an apple a day keeps the doctor away (but if the nurse is cute, forget the fruit)... that last part was meant for me. :)


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