You haven't forgotten me have you?

I haven't forgotten any of you. It's just that when I sit down to write a blog Brody will get into something and I have to get up to see what he's doing. I swear, I'm up and down a million times a day. I will say one thing, he is learning that no means no. Sometimes you have to be more stubborn then he is but sooner or later he realizes that I'm bigger and stronger then he is lol. He'll be 3 soon so he knows when he's being naughty but like most 2 year olds, they keep trying. His favorite thing is getting into the refrigerator and that drives me bananas. I do try to come around and read your posts. Thank god for Google reader as it lists them all and I can keep up with the news. I don't always leave a comment but I do catch up sooner or later.  Right now I have over 80 to read so please be patient, I'll read them all but will probably only comment on a couple.

Speaking of Brody. He does make me laugh. The other day he crawled up in the computer chair and was typing away on the keyboard. Now he knows he's not suppose to be up there and when he saw me coming after him he right away he asks me for a hug. He knew he was in trouble and I guess he thought that giving me a hug will get him out of trouble. It "almost" worked. It's things like that that brings a smile to your face. Kids are the only people in the world who can do something wrong and still make you smile and laugh at them.

I'm sure Terry's told you about the spaghetti dinner benefit we are putting on for our cousins husband Jimmy. He will be getting a bone marrow transplant in June and they have to stay at the Cancer Treatment of America hospital for 3 months after the transplant and I'm sure that won't be cheap so we are hoping for a big turn out. Jodi orderd bracelets kind of like the ones Lance Armstrong created that says "Live Strong" on them to sell only ours says "You Don't Fight Alone". She sent us a text yesterday that a women she works with gave her $50.00 dollars for one of the bracelets.  We are only asking $2.00 for them so that was wonderful of her to do that. There really are some super duper people in this world isn't there?  Jimmy is a remarkable man. You never hear him complain or ask "why me". He says God will decide what will happen to him and you just have to have faith that what ever that is it's what God wants and he's accepted that. Well, between you and me I hope and pray that God has decided that Jimmy's job isn't done yet and that he has more for him to do.

There must be something wrong with my live writer. I actually did write a blog yesterday with it but it wouldn't post. It just keep saying that it was sending it but it never did and  eventually I gave up and closed it down. I was hoping it would save it as a draft but nope, it vanished and is floating around out there in cyber land somewhere. I might have to uninstall it and download it again. There's always something to fix on these machines isn't there?

Well It's time to get supper going around here so I better trot off to the kitchen. I will be around later, I promise. I have to make sure that you don't forget me you know.

Until then...Live, Love, Laugh and Be Happy!


  1. Of ccourse we haven't forgotten you!!
    You do have your hands full with Brody. They are so cute at that age but onery too. they don't call them the 'terrible twos' for nothing. LOL
    I hope thing go well for Jimmy. He has faith and that will go a long way towards his recovery.

  2. As Beth said we haven't forgotten you
    If we said we have then you would be sad lady:-)
    I think your boss kept busy all the times? I don't think you have no time for blogs imagine end of days you will be worn out too.
    I hope everything go well for Jimmy.
    You take care,
    Big Hugs,

  3. God's blessings on Jimmy, Sherry. We won't forget him and certainly we always know you're there. We know you're busier than hound's teeth too.

  4. Go Brody... Go Brody... What can I say? Little boys will be little boys and then we grow up into men and you women love us just the same if not more. It's important to remember that little boys are just like us grown up men... we don't break the rules, we merely test their elasticity. Yes, small people can be quite the handful, or two handfuls.

  5. We will certainly be thinking of Jimmy in the days to come. So are you going to tell us how we can get/purchase one of these bracelets?

  6. I can send you one Seth. And thank you!

  7. Personally, I think you should let everyone know how they can get one... how else can we show our support. :)

  8. i have not been here in so long i have to figure out my password to my site EEks

  9. Looks who is back lmao. sorry, couldnt resist that one, i finally figured out the email and password, i cant believe i had forgotten all about the blog and its been this long since i have posted.,now going blog to blog and catching up on what ya'll have been up too.

  10. My memory is slowly going on me.... perhaps if you bang on your keyboard and give us an update, I'll remember why I came on to your page. Bwahahah! Other than to annoy you of course. :)

  11. My visit this evening is to bring to you some extra special Easter Greetings along with Best Wishes for a Happy Springtime too!
    Let this joy of Easter fill up your heart today and forever. Happy Easter!


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