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Supraventricular Tachycardia

William has Supraventricular Tachycardia, Tachycardias are rhythm disorders in which the heart beats faster than normal. They are generally not life threatening unless you have other heart disorders. But because of Williams history and the fact that he gets dizzy and lightheaded, short of breath and has pain with it makes it dangerous for him. They gave him some meds to get him through the holidays but are setting up an appointment in Madison to have a procedure where they go up through his groin into his heart and see what’s going on. They can follow his beat and see the electric current that is making his heart speed up like that and fix it.
They said he has 3 options. Take meds, have the procedure done or do nothing. Because he has dizziness, pain and shortness of breath I don’t think doing nothing is a good idea. I’m not crazy about taking the medicine Diltiazem for very long either. He has a low blood pressure normally anyway and that medicine can lower it even more.…

Dr. Appointment

Yesterday William had 3 palpitations very close together, He pushed the button on the monitor and then called like he was told to do. He puts the monitor to the phone and sends the report and they in turn  sends it to someone who reads them from what I understand.  A little while later his dad calls here and said they called him and said to call and make an appointment for him and that he should see a doctor as soon as he can. They did say that people who have had surgeries like he has had sometimes has this problem and that he's ok but needs to have a doctor check him over.  I know that's probably true and I'm trying to stay positive but gosh it's hard to do that. I think the thing that bothers me the most is that he says it hurts and is painful. I hope he can get in right away tomorrow and not have to wait a few days.

I'm glad he has the monitor and I'm glad he had these palpitations while he has it. I hate that he's having these issues but at least this …


William got the heart monitor yesterday. When he feels his heart racing he pushes the button on it which transmits it to whoever reads it. If it’s ok they do nothing but if they feel there’s something wrong they will call us and either tell us to make a Doctor’s appointment or get to the ER immediately. He told us that he had two episodes the day before his appointment and another one at the doctors just before he got the monitor but nothing since. I asked him if it hurt and he said it did. I asked him if he could describe the pain but he couldn’t. He said it wasn’t a stabbing pain and it didn’t feel like there was something heavy on his chest, he just couldn’t describe it for me. He had a valve repaired when he was 4 and now that he’s 18 I am wondering if something is going on with that. They did tell us when he had his surgery that he may have to have it replaced when he’s an adult but I am hoping he won’t have too until he’s much much older. I know they know what they …

Been a lot going on around here.

Another worry that’s on my mind and is more serious is William. He told me a couple weeks ago that he’s been noticing and feeling that his heart feels like it  is racing and is sometimes painful. I asked him if it happens a lot and he said it use to happen once in a while but lately it’s been happening more often. Needless to say my heart took a nose dive. We were shopping when he told me so as soon as we got home I called his dad and told him about it and for him to make a doctor’s appointment for him. His appointment is today and I pray to God that they say it’s all a normal thing for him and that all is okay. I’ll be a nervous wreck until he gets home and I find out what the doctor said. So that’s what’s been keeping me busy. I have to catch up with all of you and find out how you guys are doing. Hope you’re doing well. Love & Hugs

Rest in Peace Aunt Dot

My Aunt Dot passed away this morning. My cousin said she was with her and that she went peacefully to which we are thankful for. My cousins doctor made her go home last night and she called me worried that her mom might pass when she's not there and she said she'll feel so guilty if that happens. I told her that if her mom goes during the night it's because it's what she chose to do but that I really feel that she will wait for her, I'm so glad I was right. Micky took care of her mom for many years and I knew Aunt Dot wouldn't go without Micky being by her side.
Let me tell you a llittle about Aunt Dot. She loved life. She loved playing Bingo, she loved the Packers and she loved to dance. She loved Hank Williams and she loved polka music. Whenever we were anywhere there was music and they played polka's she'd drag me out on the dance floor to dance with her. The Hot Shodish (sp) was her favorite dance and I was one of the few who could keep up with her. …

A battle of wills

Between me & Brody yesterday. He was bound and determined to get into everything he knows he shouldn’t. And believe me, he knows! He was climbing on top of the end tables, he kept opening the glass doors of my TV stand to get at the knick knacks and remotes I have in there. I’d tell him no and take him away from there and he’d turn right around and go back. I bet we did this for at least a half hour or so. He’d get mad and cry then go right back again. I guess he thought grandma would give up but he doesn’t know grandma’s a expert and has done this before lol. Finally he gave up and crawled on my lap, laid his head on my shoulder and fell asleep. This time grandma wore him out instead of the other way around lol.  There’s truth to the saying “terrible two’s”That was quite a busy day yesterday weather wise wasn’t it. Records were broken all over the country. We hit the lowest barometric pressure on record from what I hear. It’s still windy today but no storm warnings that I know of…

I really like Google Reader

I just realized that it shows me when you guys update. Isn’t that peachy! I see I have 9 in there so I better get hopping. It’s sort of like our home page on spaces huh.I’m feeling really bad for Bill. His leg and back are really bothering him and his MRI appoitment isn’t for 2 weeks yet. They haven’t set up therapy yet either like they said they were going too. I think that might help him once he gets into it. Maybe he should try a chiro.I laughed so hard at Brody yesterday when I had him. I was in the living room and he was in the dining room playing with his toys when he came in and gave me a funny look. He then pulls down his trousers and starts to take off his diaper. I grabbed him up right away and it’s a darn good thing I did or I would have had quite the mess on the floor. Might be time to start potty training him don’t you think? He is only two and usually too young to potty train but it’s obvious he doesn’t like messy pants. We have Dish Network and I was looking on their we…

Hello, My name is Sherry and I am a slacker :)

Is there a 12 step program for slacker's lol? If so I need one. Every day I think I need to take the time and jot down what I’ve been up to, but that’s just the problem. I haven’t been up too much of anything. I know I don’t have to be doing anything that is is exciting to tell you about, just checking in is good enough right? You’d think now that I don’t have to share puters that I’d be more diligent wouldn’t you? Oh well. I have no excuse other then being lazy. Hubby has to have a MRI as soon as the doc sets it up. He’s having pain that runs from his hip down his leg so they suspect a pinched nerve. Not sure what they do with a pinched nerve but I hope surgery isn’t in the plans. That scares me when they start messing with your back. Williams here for the weekend and it’s great having him here again. It’s been awhile since he’s called to come down and even though I understand it now that he’s 18 an almost a man but it’s nice knowing he still wants to spend time with g…

learning the ropes

Been playing around in blogger to see what’s there. I realized that on your profile page it shows those who have updated their blogs so that’s kind of like the home page spaces had. I did change the design too, the other one was too hard to read. I’m trying live write again (it didn’t work yesterday) Keep your fingers crossed that it works today. I like having all the options that live writer has compared to just what they have on the blogger edit page. Love having font choices that live writer has.I’m sitting here holding my breath that the Packers can hold on to their lead. It’s a close one, 28 – 26 right now with only 6 minutes left of the game and Detroit has the ball. Hold’em Pack, Hold’em!We had to puppy sit this weekend. My son and his family were going down to Chicago to his BIL’s for a euchre tournament so he called and asked if I wanted to watch our grand-dog lol. He’s a bed hog I’ll tell ya lol.We had to turn the heat on last night darn it. It got down to 36 but it’s still …

Well Now I have more blogs then I ever thought I would

And it's going to take some getting use too.  I transferred my msn space to word press but I'm not impressed with that site. Since most of you moved here I'm moving in too so move over, Now I just have to remember how to get around here. Cindy's been here awhile so if I have any questions I'll just ask the expert. I wonder why msn gave up on spaces? It seems most everyone has been there as long as I have and that's 5 years. After all these years why did they decide to just throw us away like that. Isn't that just about the rudest thing you ever ever heard of? I wonder if blogger works with live writer. I hope so, I love live writer. Ok, I'm going to post this and see how it looks. Let me know what you think.