That’s how old my babies are today. When they were born my oldest was 5 and our second son was 2 1/2. They were the first twins born in our immediate family and what a ruckus they caused. I still remember the day we found out we were having twins just like it was yesterday. I came home and said to Bill..”Well, you really did it this time” The first thing out of his mouth was “Think of the groceries”  I thought that was funny. Mom and Dad were the next ones I called to tell them we where having twins and she dropped the phone and started yelling at Terry to tell her about it. There I am hanging on the phone and mom’s yelling out the door and telling the whole neighborhood about it. My grandpa was especially excited. He’d call almost everyday to see how I was feeling and after they were born they were almost the first ones there to see us.
Our daughter weighed 4’ 14” and our son weighed 6’12”, big for twins I know. But even at that she had so stay in the hospital until she weighed 5 pounds. My dad was so cute. He hadn’t had a chance to hold her yet so when I finally was able to bring her home he would stop everyday after work but she was always sleeping. It finally dawned on me that he wanted to hold her but didn’t want to wake her up. So one day when he stopped I just picked her up and handed her to him. That made him happy and he was happily giving her butterfly kisses.
So anyway, they are 39 years old today and I couldn’t be more proud of them
Happy Birthday Dana & Deanna, We love you 



  1. Congratulations to your twins! I hope they have a wonderful birthday!!

  2. A wonderful story my friend. Oh and look at those beautiful babes today!It must have been hectic, but the love I know was overwhelming. I wish them a very Happy Birthday!

  3. Happy birthday to them! They are only a year younger than me...if only they could have been a year older I'd feel better! LOL! Hope it's a wonderful day for you all!

  4. I didn't know Dana was one of a set of twins sorta kinda! How in the world did I miss THAT!!! But happy HAPPY Birthday! xoxox

  5. Happy birthday to your twins!
    Hope they having wonderful day and for you all.

  6. I dont know that i could have dealt with twins but i guess you just do what you have to do. Happy Birthday late to your babies !! yes they will always be "your" babies !!


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