Growing up in Burrwood

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

20 Years ago today

Our first grandson was born. We were so excited and happy and he was the cutest baby in the whole nursery.

Happy Birthday William

The first two days we were all walking on cloud nine. I was there the day he was born and I couldn’t wait to hold him. He had a full head of hair, 10 fingers and toes and was just perfect.

On the third day our world came crashing down around us.

I was getting ready to go to an 80th birthday party for a very dear friend of ours when our son called and told us we better stay home.  He said the nurses came in and told them that they think something is wrong and they have a call put out to the doctor to come to the hospital right away. They said that his lips turned blue and he had a hard time breathing when they were feeding him. A few minutes later he called again and said that when the doctor got there he told them that William has a heart condition and that they have called for the medical helicopter to take him to Madison to the Children’s Hospital there.

I  told Billy we’d be up right away and then I crumbled and broke down in tears. We rushed up to the hospital praying all the way to be with our son and his wife and to see William before they took him away.  We stood there and watched them prepare William for his flight and watched them wheel him to the helicopter.  As we stood outside and watched as they took off I couldn’t hold back the tears. I prayed and I cried and prayed some more.

Once we got to Madison the doctors had already checked him out and told us that William’s heart had what they called Trans positioned Coronary Arteries and would need heart surgery. They were hoping they could wait until he was a year old but it didn’t happen that way.  Later that night they had to do emergency surgery. When you’re born you are born with a hole between the heart chambers that helps oxygenate the blood and it closes after you’re born.  Williams was closing but for him that was a bad thing. In the middle of the night they had to do surgery and open that hole again so his blood could get oxygen.

He was sent home from the hospital after 2 weeks with medications I’d never heard of before.  The hope was  that he would do ok until he was a year old.  That didn’t happen either.  He ended up having to have open heart surgery when he was 5 months old.  I can’t tell you how heart breaking it is to walk into his hospital room and see that little tiny baby with his chest bandaged and tubes and wires hooked up to him and going into him all over his little body. If I could I would have traded places with him in a split second. There’s nothing worse then seeing a child have to suffer like that.

The surgery was a huge success and he was able to go home about a month later. He grew and did wonderful for 4 years.  When he was 4 he started having problems again and we found out that he needed another open heart surgery.  His heart valve in the right chamber needed repair.  The doctors in Madison told us that the best hospital for this type of surgery was in Chicago.  So, we all packed up and headed to Chicago.

Once again he had bandages, wires and tubes all over him. I remember standing by his bed after all of his surgeries and watching the monitors that were hooked up to him. I’d watch that line go up and down showing us his heart beat. If it seemed like it was slowing down I would hold my breath and pray that it would beep again. It did. It always did! And I say a prayer of thanks each and every time.

Last year he started having problems again. He was here staying with us and he told me one day that sometimes it feels like his heart is beating super fast and that once in awhile he feels like he was going to pass out.  We called his dad and told him about it and he made an appointment right away with Williams cardiologist.  It turned out that his heart had grown scar tissue and was, for a lack of medical terminology, kind of shorting out.  This time though they could fix it by going up through his thigh and he would be in and out over night.  This procedure was a whole lot easier him and I thank God that he didn’t need another open heart surgery. While they were in there they checked his other surgery sites and told us that they look really good and is doing great.  I was really glad and grateful to hear that.

After he was born and my other kids started their families I made sure they all told their doctors about William. Even though the doctors said that what he had isn’t hereditary I wanted their doctors to know just in case.  Thank God all of them were born healthy and happy with no problems.

So today he turns 20 and has grown into a wonderful young man.  He’s kind, courteous, loving and remarkable. He’s happy and has a great sense of humor, kind of like his Grandma I think lol.

I know I’ve told some of you this before but I think of this every year on his birthday. And Every day we thank God for giving those wonderful doctors the ability, the talent and the courage to do what they do.


Sunday, February 5, 2012

“I wanna go to Mama’s house.”

My daughter told me this morning that that’s what Brody kept saying last night after they moved into their apartment. To say that didn’t bring tears to my eyes would be a lie.  He definitely is Grandma’s boy and I  L O V E it!  When I was up there yesterday he would say to me “We go to your house as fast as we can”   Isn’t that the cutest thing ever?

It is going to be a big adjustment for him.  He’s been here for over a year and he’s only 3 so really, this is all he knows. This is home to him. She went and bought the kids all new bedding and she got Brody a Lightening McQueen set from the movie Cars for his bed.  It didn’t help though. He slept with her last night and kept saying, “ I scared” . Poor little guy.

They still have a lot of things here they have to get so that’s what we’ll be doing today.  Brody’s toys are still here and some of the Josh’s and Devan’s things as well. Then she will have to go to the grocery store. Right now her cupboards looks like Old Mother Hubbards.  I gave her some things from here last night to get her through breakfast though.

It sure was quiet here last night I tell ya.  I kept thinking about them and missing them.  I don’t know who will have the hardest time adjusting, Brody or Me!  It’s a toss up I think.  I feel better knowing that they are only 5 minutes away and they’ll still be here after school.  I’m just happy that she found a nice, clean, modern and SAFE place! That’s the most important of all.

Friday, February 3, 2012

I can’t wait to CLEAN

Now that the kids have got their own place and are moving out I can’t wait to really dig in. It was hard with all the extra things around that comes with 4 other people with 3 of them being children. Of course there’s all of Brody’s toys and the two older ones have their things laying around too. The extra clothes and coats created some clutter as well. And of course, with kids being kids they sometimes forget to pick things up or put them back where they got them. I’ll have to learn how to cook smaller portions again too lol.

I’m sure we’ll notice the difference money wise too. Sis would help with the groceries and things but the laundry alone will save us tons of money. The light bill will go down as well I’m sure. But it was the clutter that bothered me the most. I tried not to let it get to me too much and succeeded for the most part but now that I see things slowly getting cleared out it feels like a weight’s been lifted.

She isn’t going to get cable for their television. Instead she gave me money last night to go buy her a converter box that will change digital signals to analog. I think that’s very wise.  I don’t know how many channels they’ll get but they’ll get by.

Her co-workers did a wonderful thing for them.  Several of them got together and bought her two laundry baskets and filled them with cleaning products, kitchen utensils, kitchen towels, TP and paper towel and several other things. She was so surprised and flabbergasted. She never dreamed they would do something like that but she sure appreciated it. Not only that, one of the girls she works with was telling her family about them so they went through their things that they don’t use anymore and gave them too her too. Isn’t that wonderful? It made me feel so good that they think that much of her to do that.  One of them said…”We kind of like you Deanna” They sure showed her just how much they do. I love them for that!

I better get in the shower so we can go get that box for her. We also have to stop off at our sons and get a television he’s giving her and some end tables. So I’ll say Ta Ta for now.

Have a great weekend. Go out and do something fun!