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I am SO sorry

I had every intention to get on here to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas but time just got away from me. I hope you all had a Marvelous Christmas with your loved ones and that your wishes all came true! Just in case I don’t get back, Happy New Year! I hope the new year brings nothing but many blessings your way. We had a wonderful Christmas. Every year I make everyone gather around the Christmas tree for a family picture. Here’s this years… Bill loves his new chair. Here he is taking it for a test ride. The look on his face was priceless when the boys carried it in. Our oldest son has been in New York looking for work. His girlfriend lives there so he’s hoping he can find something there and hopefully be able to move. They drove home for Christmas and it was so nice to see her again. The kids really spoiled us this year. Besides helping me with the chair for Bill. They bought us gift cards for our favorite restaurants and you’ll never guess what they got for me! Kathy and Bill bro…

The stockings are hung

Not by the chimney but definitely with care!  We don’t have a fireplace so that’s where I hang them.  I don’t think Santa cares, do you?Would you believe that I just started shopping last Saturday?  Weekends and nights is the only time I have to do it and I don’t like going out at night anymore so that leaves the weekends for me.  I could go during the week but then I’d have to take Brody with me and I certainly don’t want to do that. Isn’t it amazing how all these insurance company’s know when you’re turning 65? I am so sick of all of them calling here. The more I talk to them the more confused I get. Thank you Carole, for the advice you’ve given me!  I sure appreciate it!  There are so many different plans with several price ranges that it makes it hard to figure out what the best one is for you. Why can’t they just have one that works for everyone? It would be so much simpler.  There are plans that will cost you zero dollars a month all the way up to outer space lol. The zero dolla…

It’s about time

That I let you all know that I’m still alive and kicking.  Brody keeps me pretty busy.  I bet I’m up and down a million times a day at least. Did I ever tell you about the day he got a hold of a sharpie and drew on my table, the refrigerator and cupboards? I about died. I was able to get it off the table and cupboard and most of the refrigerator but I could get it all off the fridge. I don’t know why. Some of it came off but in other spots it looked like it bled right into the fridge.  I thought I had the sharpie where he couldn’t reach it but wouldn’t you know, a few days later he found it again and drew a real pretty picture on my bathroom wall. I couldn’t decide if I wanted to paint over it or frame it lol. I think I’ll paint over it.I have to take Brody to school in the morning to be tested for early childhood. I’m sure they’ll accept him as his speech isn’t the greatest. I can understand most of what he says but those who don’t know him has a hard time.  I don’t know how long aft…