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We haven’t been anywhere all summer so a couple of weeks ago and since Sis is on vacation we decided to take a day trip somewhere. The problem with that was we didn’t know where to go. Rhonda tried suggesting a few places but we’d already been to those that she mentioned. Others mentioned some places as well but we’d been to those too. Bill was looking through a mag we have and found a place we hadn’t been to yet. It was called Wildcat Mountain State Park. It was a gorgeous ride on the way up and would be really beautiful if the colors were in full bloom but it was too early for that yet. Once we got to the park there was an overlook there and I was surprised at how high we were. I don’t think of Wisconsin as having too many high elevations but we do to a certain degree. Nothing like the Rocky’s of course but pretty none the less. Here’s a picture from the overlook.
Road trip 014
Of course it doesn’t look as pretty from a picture as it does in person but take my word for it, it was very pretty.
After that we went where Bill wanted to go and that was to the Casino. We got a room, went to get something to eat then headed for the gaming rooms. I’m not big at feeding a dumb machine my money so I only stayed for a short while then I went to the room and just relaxed. It  was just what I needed too. The next morning we checked out, went for breakfast and decided to gamble a little more. This time I’m happy we did. We won enough to pay for our drive, the room and ended up being a free get-a-way. That doesn’t happen often. 
Well it turns out that she is on vacation again next week so we are planning another get-away for a couple days. This time though the colors should be at their peak  and the weather is suppose to be wonderful.  I’m hoping to get some good pictures and looking forward to a little time away.  Wisconsin is so pretty this time of the year!
You’ll never guess what Brody did a few days ago. Well, if you saw it on facebook you already know but if you didn’t here it is. He got a hold of a permanent marker and scribbled all over my WHITE kitchen table, my ALMOND colored refrigerator and one of my cupboard doors. I about died. It came off the table ok but I had a devil of a time getting if off my fridge. In fact, I couldn’t get it all. It still has a few spots where it wouldn’t come off. I tried everything from magic eraser to nail polish remover to goo gone  and anything else I could think off but the only thing that seemed to work was scouring powder. That took some elbow grease but I was able to get most of it off but not all. One spot seemed to bleed and spread the more I scrubbed. Now why would that do that in one spot and not the whole door? I don’t get it. I tell ya, the minute he’s out of sight and quiet you better go see what he’s doing because chances are he’s up to no good lol. Gotta love him though. All he has to do is give you that big smile of his and all is forgiven. Besides, it’s just a refrigerator and it will always remind me what a wonderful little stinker he is lol.


  1. I sounds like you had a really fun getaway. Winning a bit of money was a big bonus.

    Gorgeous picture!

  2. WhooHoo! A FREE git away is priceless ha haa. Have you ever been to Dundee and climbed up the tower there? It is beautiful in the Fall! Of course a drive to Egg Harbor and stopping at the apple orchards. Go online to
    maybe there will be some fun stuff there. You can find attractions by state. Oh Brody sounds like ah hoot. He may have to wear ah bell ;-)

  3. That is a pretty site, and a free trip to bout. Can't hardly ask for more.

  4. Ah permanent marker...nice. I have seen some messes in my time but that's a doozy...ugh. We've had some fantastic weather but I feel like I've been on the run all the time so I can't enjoy it except in passing. Bless you my friend.

  5. That is a beautiful view and i bet when the leaves change its even prettier, Hope you have a great time on the next getaway and take some pics.
    I did read about the marker on the fridge and table, i hope i never have to deal with that here, mine never did that but that doesnt mean Preston wont be the first lol. I did have one that loved to put stickers on everything and everything.


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