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Rebel Without a Cause

Brody thought he was pretty cool when Devan put those tattoos on him. Indeed, he does seem like a rebel sometimes. He loves it outside but he is a fast little bugger, too bad grandma isn’t. I don’t dare take him for a walk and not use the stroller. I tried that once and it was a pretty dumb idea. He started running ahead of me when we got down by the river. He took off like a shot toward the river back because he wanted to throw rocks in the river. I took off as fast as I can and got to him before he got too close but it scared the bejeezer’s out of me. So I learned my lesson. No more walks without the stroller. He might not like that idea but he will just have to deal with it unless his brother and sister are with us or his mom takes him.

Bill finally bought himself a new toy. I don’t know why he didn’t buy one years ago as we have a pretty big yard to mow. The first time he mowed this year with the push mower took a lot out of him. I don’t think he’s totally back to normal after gett…

So much to do, so little time.

It’s been a busy time around here but before I get into that I want to say how bad I feel for all who lost loved ones in the recent tornados that hit yesterday. It’s been a wild spring so far and I pray it settles down soon. Now this is what I’ve been up too… Take care of Brody of course (My most important job right now). He’s a lot of work but he’s a lot of fun at the same time. He says his name now and if you ask him he’ll tell you his name is Bwody He knows and will tell you the name of the shapes heart, circle and star. He knows the colors purple and red and blue so far but we’re working on more. Spongbob is his favorite cartoon to watch but between you and me, I’m getting a bit tired of it lol. Last week was a busy one. First we had Devans spring concert which was great. I was amazed at how good those kids sounded together. I didn’t hear one bad note during the entire program. Well, part of the program I was able to see that is, I had to take Brody out because he wanted to get d…