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William is scheduled to have the catheter ablation on the 9th, 2 days after his 19th birthday. They are going to do another sonogram on his legs first to make sure there is no scar tissue on the veins that they need to use, if there is they have to find another way to do it. I’m going to go with them of course. I just couldn’t stay home and wonder all day what’s going on. If all goes well (and it will) he’ll go in in the morning and go home late afternoon. He seems to be fine with it and says he’s not nervous but the day of he might be. I know I would be and he doesn’t remember anything from his other surgeries. Last week he had an echo-cardiogram and other tests done to see how his heart is doing from his past surgeries etc. and they said that all looks really good. I’m sure grateful for that. Even though I know he’ll be fine I’m still nervous and anxious and will be happy when it’s all over and he’s back home.
Brody has been keeping me busy. He sure is a curious tyke. He likes to get in my book shelf even though he knows he’s not suppose too. The other day he was standing by it looking and you If I do'd it I'll get a whipping
can tell that he thinking to himself that he’s not suppose to touch them. He was drumming his fingers and contemplating the options lol Then he looks up at me and I do'd it anywayyou guessed it. He reached up to pull one out looking at me the whole time. It’s just like he’s saying to himself. “If I do’d it I’ll get a whipping but I’ll do’d it anyway lol. Another thing he likes to do is as you can tell from the background is to take all of his toys out and spread them all around. The other day though he was so cute. He emptied the drawer and…hawk and Brody 005
He thought that was so funny. That pic was taken before he got his haircut if you didn’t notice lol.
Tomorrow we are suppose to go out for breakfast with the gang again but if that blizzard hits us like they are predicting we’ll most likely stay home. I hope this is the last big punch winter hits us with this year!
If you’re in the path of the storm please stay safe and out of harms way. Keeping my fingers crossed that the power stays on. It’s 11:00 a.m. here right now and so far it’s just a real light snow falling. Could they be wrong…AGAIN!


  1. i bet you are hoping that the weather report is wrong !!!
    Brody is getting so big and he is so cute, i do not think i am ready for a two year old to start running thru this house lol. Preston is already getting a temper and its not pretty.

  2. Brody is adorable!! Prayers for William that everything goes well.
    The blizzard is very much in progress here right now. I am sick of winter.

  3. I can seen Brody's keeping busy with him:-) that age kids has a lots of energy poor Grand ma will be worn out..but so cute age too:-)

    Hope everything go alright with William my prayers for him.

    Please take care of yourselve too.

  4. I love that 'I'm gonna do it anyway" look. You know we are praying, have fingers crossed and the whole nine yards everything is okay with William.

    Oh, and yes prattle is a word. Dictionay says it "idle talk". lol

  5. William is in my prayers my friend. The storm here is really brutal. I did do a video and it's on my blog ;-)

  6. Hey, just stopping by to give you a ‘shout out’ and say hello. Tomorrow is Wednesday, we’re half way thru the week. The weekend couldn’t come soon enough! Weekends don’t pay as well as weekdays but at least they are more fun!

  7. I will be thinking of William and the you as well. Stay positive cause it is already proven that those who have a positive attitude, will have a healthier body and mind.
    My grandbaby probably thinks that I'm the oldest thing in the world. And after an hour or two with her, I believe it, too. All the more power to you, I think that you are managing just grrrrrreat! They grow up so fast, Brody just wants to make sure that you never forget him!!! :)

  8. Love and prayers to William. ♥♥


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