So much to do, so little time.

It’s been a busy time around here but before I get into that I want to say how bad I feel for all who lost loved ones in the recent tornados that hit yesterday. It’s been a wild spring so far and I pray it settles down soon.

Now this is what I’ve been up too…

Take care of Brody of course (My most important job right now). He’s a lot of work but he’s a lot of fun at the same time. He says his name now and if you ask him he’ll tell you his name is Bwody Smile He knows and will tell you the name of the shapes heart, circle and star. He knows the colors purple and red and blue so far but we’re working on more. Spongbob is his favorite cartoon to watch but between you and me, I’m getting a bit tired of it lol.

Last week was a busy one. First we had Devans spring concert which was great. I was amazed at how good those kids sounded together. I didn’t hear one bad note during the entire program. Well, part of the program I was able to see that is, I had to take Brody out because he wanted to get down and run around and wasn’t happy that he couldn’t.

We also had several of Brianna’s events to attend. First was her school play where she played an nerdy cheerleader and her best friend played a nerdy football player Nerdy Bri Nerdy Bri and friend

That play was so cute and funny and it had everyone in stitches. I really appreciated the amount of work, time and effort that the teacher went too to put that together. It was great! The next thing was grandparents day at Bri’s school which was fun as well. The teachers had the kids interview us so they could find out things they never knew about us. Bri was surprised to learn that I was 8 years old when we got our first television and that grandpa grew up on a farm. Then Saturday was her dance recital. This is her 6th year taking dance and she really loves it. Once again though I could stay for the whole thing. The benefit for Jimmy was Saturday too and there was still some things I needed to get done so I left early for that too. They have so many performances that her last one was near the end and it was already getting late so I had to go.

The benefit was a huge success. So many people showed up and I really think we could have made it longer then just 3 hours as people just kept coming. I feel better knowing that what we raised will help take a little pressure and worry off their minds while they are going through this. Three months is a long time to be away from home so any little bit will help. Thank you for the prayers you sent, they appreciate each and everyone. His bone marrow transplant is scheduled for Friday so keep your fingers crossed and your prayers coming.

On Sunday we had Devans birthday party here so all the kids were here for that too. It’s always a good day when all the kids are home. It was a great day weather wise until later. Not long after the kids left the storms rolled in with high winds and a torrential downpour. Nothing like they had in Joplin though. Her birthday was the 8th but now that they are separated and with so much that was going on we had to wait to have it. She didn’t mind though. I took her shopping on the day of her birthday like I always do and let her pick out what she wanted. She’s easy to shop with and doesn’t ask for a lot. She’s such a good girl!

Well I’ve gone on long enough for now. I have more too talk about but this is long enough as it is and I don’t want to bore you too bad. So I’ll just say…To be continued Smile


  1. Congratulations to Devan and Brianna. They are both so cut.
    Good news on the benefit too.

  2. The girls are so cute in the photos. Your little guy sounds soo darn cute too. I'm glad the benefit was a big success. Did you know I wanna be jist like you when I grow up?

  3. That little Bwody's going to keep you young. Well, at least keep you on your toes! I'm really happy to hear you had such a good turnout at the benefit. Just wish you didn't have to have one. :(

  4. Whoot Hoot! Busy Busy woman you have been indeed! (You know... my back rubs are given with pleasure, received with ecstasy.) But all in all, things do seem to be going well with you. not sure where you get all your energy from to keep up with Bwody (such a sweet and smart lil man)... Devan's spring concert... Brianna’s play... and not to forget the benefit for Jimmy!! So very excited to hear that the benefit was such a huge success! Two thumbs up to all the people that came out to support... to all those that put so much energy into the preparation for the event and to Jimmy and his family. There's very little as heart warming as seeing and hearing about how communities gather to show their support for such special causes... it certainly serves as a reminder that there's still plenty of good in people! now... here's hoping that Jimmy is holding on and doing well. BTW - Happy Be-lated Birthday to Devan.
    Here's hoping that the weather is being much kinder to you.


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