A bet is a bet

My youngest son is a Steelers fan and he made a bet with a co-worker who is a Packer fan that if the Pack won the Super Bowl that he would shave his head. Well, we know how that turned out don’t we? My son, being a man of character, isn’t one who welches on a bet. They were all at our other son’s house for a Super Bowl Party so after the game was over they broke out the clippers and proceeded to shave his head. I think he looks pretty cute bald. What do you think?

Bucks haircut

His girlfriend who is a die hard Packer fan was really enjoying this. He’s such a good sport and loves having fun so I’m sure he was laughing right along with the rest of them.

Not only that. Because he was the only Steelers fan in the house they even gave him a special place to sit and watch the game.


Wasn’t that nice of them? Smile He also made a bet with his girlfriend and has to take her to the Red Lobster for dinner. Darn, I wish I’d made a bet with him.


  1. I love this!!! And he does look cute!

  2. LOL!!!! He does look cute bald.
    Appropriate Steeler seating...ha haaa.

  3. It is very fashion in here,
    he does look good and cute too.

  4. This is so funny !! He is a good sport and i am sure he had just as much fun with it !!! This will be a story to tell for years that is for sure !!!

  5. It is hard to predict the future. The Packers should be very good next year, and not just because of the players but because the organization is among the best in Pro Football. Ted Thompson has shown that he knows how to draft and McCarthy has shown that he knows how to prepare players for their roles . With all that you still have to go out and win games week in and week out, which in the NFL is a challenge. I am a Packer fan and at this point I am enjoying the Super Bowl win, next year will come soon enough.

  6. Two thumbs up to him for falling through on his bet!! I'll just let you ladies make the 'cute' comments, as it would just be so wrong in so many ways if i did. :)


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