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Yep, I'm still kicking.

So far spring has been perfect for me in every way. We have had a couple of really hot days and I know more will be coming but right now I am loving it. As of this minute I am sitting out on the deck in my swing. The temp has already reached it's high of 71 for the day and it is so lovely sitting out here relaxed and enjoying the gentle breeze.  Maybe we'll get lucky and have a mild summer with great temps like we had over the winter. Let's keep out fingers crossed k!

As you all know I watch our daughter's children and they keep me hopping for sure. I get up at 3:30 in the morning to go to their apartment so she can leave for work by 4:30. I usually lay down on their couch and hope I fall back to sleep again lol. I usually do but there are some days when I can't though and that makes for a long morning. and a sleepy grandma by the end of the day  Once the kids are awake I bring them to our house as there is more for them to do here. Sometimes I'll pick things up…