Growing up in Burrwood

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Yep, I'm still kicking.

So far spring has been perfect for me in every way. We have had a couple of really hot days and I know more will be coming but right now I am loving it. As of this minute I am sitting out on the deck in my swing. The temp has already reached it's high of 71 for the day and it is so lovely sitting out here relaxed and enjoying the gentle breeze.  Maybe we'll get lucky and have a mild summer with great temps like we had over the winter. Let's keep out fingers crossed k!

As you all know I watch our daughter's children and they keep me hopping for sure. I get up at 3:30 in the morning to go to their apartment so she can leave for work by 4:30. I usually lay down on their couch and hope I fall back to sleep again lol. I usually do but there are some days when I can't though and that makes for a long morning. and a sleepy grandma by the end of the day  Once the kids are awake I bring them to our house as there is more for them to do here. Sometimes I'll pick things up around there or do the dishes if there are any just to have something to do and to help her out a little. 

Are you into fashion trends? Well my granddaughter is and this must be the new trend for their age group. 

I was trying to think back as to what the trend was when I was her age. Was it poodle skirts and sweaters. I know that tennis shoes were big. They had to be white too and if they got dirty we polished them. I remember the polish would soak through the shoes and make my feet white as well lol. Ah, the good old days! 

Grandpa gave Brody a treat today and he loved it.

He thought that was so much fun. He was actually steering it and did a good job of it too. Of course grandpa had the blades off for safety. How much do you want to bet that now every time he mows Brody will want to ride with him. I posted this on facebook and Terry suggested that we better hide the key. Knowing Brody he would figure out how to start it and take if for a ride lol. It wouldn't surprise me. He's such a neat kid. I had to laugh at him yesterday. I stood up to go to the kitchen and he asked me where I was going. I told  him nowhere. So then he asks me if we can go yes-where lol. It's so funny how kids think sometimes isn't it? 

I bet you're all surprised to see a blog from me huh?  Every day I think I should write one but I swear I'm up every five minutes looking to see what Brody is in too or he's yelling for me to come watch him do something. The two older kids are usually out riding their bikes or down to the river fishing so most of the time it's just me and Brody. Seems I can never finish anything I start until they go home.  I took them to the park the other day just to give them something to do and it didn't turn out so well. They all had fun while there but when it was time to go home all hell broke lose lol. Brody did not want to leave at all! He cried, he kicked, he screamed and literally went ballistic. He had to be carried to the car screaming all the way. So, needless to say we won't be going there again for awhile even though he promised me that he'd be good at the park lol. I'm sure he will... until it's time to leave :)

So anyway, getting back to the subject of blogging. I think of it everyday and try to read yours when I can. But, I wanted you all to know that I think of you all all the time and say a prayer or two for each of you that you are all well and happy. I know Toodie's Hugh had a bad fall and is recouping and she's trying her best to keep up with all that he did at home and doing a mighty fine job of it too. So even though I might not comment or blog much just know that I'm keeping my eye on you and making sure that you are all behaving yourselves :). 

Until next time...Live, Love, Laugh and be Happy!