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School has started and that’s a big thumbs up lol. It’s been pretty hectic around here during the summer. The kids are really enjoying having friends around to play with instead of being stuck out in the country with no neighbors around like it was when they lived in the boondocks. They sure don’t let the grass grow under their feet I can tell you that. They are either riding their bikes around the neighborhood or at a friends house. They aren’t ones to watch TV or spend much time on the computer and that’s a good thing.  Brody keeps busy too…to my dismay lol. Yesterday he poured syrup all over the kitchen floor. Someone (me) left it out on the counter within his reach lol. He’s grown so fast and I forget he can reach things better now. He’s at the age now where he wants to do everything by himself and that sometimes leads to messes. Well, except using the potty chair that is. He’ll sit there no problem but getting him to tell me when he has to go has been a problem. Fingers crossed he gets it soon. It’s been 36 years since I’ve had to potty train anyone and I think I forgot how lol. We’ll get it sooner or later.
The kids were both nervous and excited about going to a new school. They did go to first 3  grades with these same kids before they moved out of the district a couple years ago, so I hope that makes it easier for them now that they’re back. Yesterday was the first day and they said it went pretty smooth. Devan had a problem with her locker, it wouldn’t open. Three teachers couldn’t open it either so I guess they are changing the lock today. Wouldn’t it just figure she’d be the one with a broken locker?! Anyway, I’m sure they’ll adjust just fine and will have a great time.
My future dil hasn’t had her surgery yet to remove the aneurysm from her brain. They are still testing to see if she has MS as well as that might make a difference on the anesthesia they use during the surgery. She goes back next week I believe. I wish they’d hurry up and get it over with. I hate the thought of that being there with the possibility of bursting.
My daughter is on vacation next week so I think I might suggest to Bill that we should go away for a few days. I think I need the vacation more then she does. It would be nice to get away for awhile. I don’t know where yet but I’ll come up with something. I know he’ll want to go up to where his friend lives and visit them but I’m not crazy about that. Right now I don’t want to be around anyone. I’d just like to go somewhere where it’s nice and quiet and just hang around and do what we want when we want. Heck, I think I’d be willing to pitch a tent by a lake somewhere and just enjoy the sounds of nature. As long as the sound isn’t a growl that is lol.
Oh, I forgot to tell you. Josh found a snake the other day and guess where it is! It’s sitting in a box out on the deck. You don’t think for one minute I’d let him bring that in do you lol. It’s just a little one but I don’t want it in here that’s for dang sure!
Well, Brody just woke up and he’s hungry so I better feed the little guy. Wishing you all a Happy Labor Day weekend. Go out and have some fun!!!


  1. Look at you, blogging and everything! I'm glad you chose to be here rather than Word Press, I just can't get with that site. Sounds like you've got plenty to do. I am quite the opposite about summer ending because that's when I begin to really get more busy...ugh. Anyway, good to see you here!

  2. It's hard to believe the summer is about over. Time sure flies when you're having fun...and you can vouch for that! Nice update Sherry!

  3. Summer is almost gone and the kids here went back to school a week ago. It is miserably hot here again today. We are really needing rain so badly.

  4. You have had a big busy summer and lots of stress and sure do DESERVE a break. I hope you get one soon. Glad you updated us and let us know what is happening.Had to chuckle over that potty training thing..every kid is different that is for sure so don't matter if you can remember how to train 'em or not. It's a great age and I am glad you can share it with him. Hope you have a wonderful weekend in this heat. WHEW I can hardly believe Sept is here already. Take care Sis.. : )

  5. It was nice to seen you in here, and I understand you has been pretty busy with your grandchild but you would have time to blogging soon?
    see you next time.

  6. How wonderful to see you here again! And yes indeed..please do come would be our pleasure. xxxooo


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