The stockings are hung

Brody 12.13.11 017

Not by the chimney but definitely with care!  We don’t have a fireplace so that’s where I hang them.  I don’t think Santa cares, do you?

Would you believe that I just started shopping last Saturday?  Weekends and nights is the only time I have to do it and I don’t like going out at night anymore so that leaves the weekends for me.  I could go during the week but then I’d have to take Brody with me and I certainly don’t want to do that.

Isn’t it amazing how all these insurance company’s know when you’re turning 65? I am so sick of all of them calling here. The more I talk to them the more confused I get. Thank you Carole, for the advice you’ve given me!  I sure appreciate it!  There are so many different plans with several price ranges that it makes it hard to figure out what the best one is for you. Why can’t they just have one that works for everyone? It would be so much simpler.  There are plans that will cost you zero dollars a month all the way up to outer space lol. The zero dollars plans sounds good but they don’t cover as much. The higher priced ones cover more but costs you more each month.  I have until Feb. and right now I don’t have time to go over them like I want so, I’m going to wait until after Christmas to study them.

The kids and I decided to go in together and buy Bill a new recliner for Christmas. The one he has now has a broken spring and he has a cushion in it he sits on. I kept telling him we should go shop for a new one but old cheapskate says that one is just fine.  I had one picked out and the best part is, it was a $600.00 chair that went on sale for $249.00. Did I get lucky or what?  My son Jesse met me at the store and took it home with him so he’ll bring it on Christmas Eve. 

We find out Friday if Brody will be accepted into the early childhood class at school.  I sure hope (and think) he’ll be accepted.  Every day he asks me if he’s going to school so he’ll be really excited if he can start going every day. I love his expressions when I tell him something he likes compared to something that makes him sad or mad. Here’s a sample.

Brody’s happy face…

Brody 12.13.11 018

Brody’s sad face…

Brody 12.13.11 019

Brody’s mad face…

Brody 12.13.11 020

The last two kind of look the same don’t they lol.

Well, I best get cracking around here. Besides, I haven’t eaten breakfast yet and I’m hungry.  I do hope you all have a great Tuesday! See ya soon!



  1. I certainly don't envy you the insurance situation. I hate dealing with all things medical but it seems a necessity in our society. I won't be turning 65 for another 25 years so I'm not going to get too stirred up about it just yet! Love the pictures at the end there...I think there's some subtle differences between the last two...LOL!

  2. The Christmas stockings look great hanging just exactly where they ares.

    Insurance is always a worry no matter what company you choose.

  3. Figuring out the insurance thing is a Migraine waiting to happen. Good Luck.

    I like the happy Brody face. The bad Brody face scares me. lol

  4. Shopping on the off hours is nice and during the weekdays a snap.. so far..stores have been really easy here. I know that will change by the end of this week though. Closer it gets the worse it is. What a deal on the chair.. Hope he doesn't read your blog or that secret will be out!! Will he let you sit in it?? LOL or is it his own private chair?
    Hope Brody gets in..then fun starts! : )

  5. Mental note to Self: Send Sherry one of my stockings (one without holes).
    Love those pics of Brody, he's growing into such a big man. Those faces may work on women now for him but they might not when he's older. Well.. they don't for me. :o(

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    I still don't believe your age! *wink wink*


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