learning the ropes

Been playing around in blogger to see what’s there. I realized that on your profile page it shows those who have updated their blogs so that’s kind of like the home page spaces had. I did change the design too, the other one was too hard to read. I’m trying live write again (it didn’t work yesterday) Keep your fingers crossed that it works today. I like having all the options that live writer has compared to just what they have on the blogger edit page. Love having font choices that live writer has.

I’m sitting here holding my breath that the Packers can hold on to their lead. It’s a close one, 28 – 26 right now with only 6 minutes left of the game and Detroit has the ball. Hold’em Pack, Hold’em!

We had to puppy sit this weekend. My son and his family were going down to Chicago to his BIL’s for a euchre tournament so he called and asked if I wanted to watch our grand-dog lol. He’s a bed hog I’ll tell ya lol.

We had to turn the heat on last night darn it. It got down to 36 but it’s still nice during the day. I sure hope we have a long Indian summer this year. I so want to take a ride when the colors start changing around here. They already have up north I see from Cindy’s blog. She sure got a nice picture with her new stealth cam didn’t she?

Ok, going to try posting this again with live writer…wish me luck.


  1. Sure looks good to me, like the red page too. About 39 here last night, love it.

  2. Hey, I'm still trying to figure things out.

  3. Did you say when the colors start changing? You wouldn't believe how many leaves are down around here. It's way past peak, but it was beautiful while it lasted.

    I'm still trying to add you to my RSS feeds and I think you need to change a setting. To change it, in the dashboard section, go to Settings, then click on the site feed tab. Change Allow Blog Feed option to be Full. Then I'll be able to add you to my RSS feeds and know when you update.

  4. Love the web design.


  5. i think i like this one ok enough will see as time goes on


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