I can’t wait to CLEAN

Now that the kids have got their own place and are moving out I can’t wait to really dig in. It was hard with all the extra things around that comes with 4 other people with 3 of them being children. Of course there’s all of Brody’s toys and the two older ones have their things laying around too. The extra clothes and coats created some clutter as well. And of course, with kids being kids they sometimes forget to pick things up or put them back where they got them. I’ll have to learn how to cook smaller portions again too lol.

I’m sure we’ll notice the difference money wise too. Sis would help with the groceries and things but the laundry alone will save us tons of money. The light bill will go down as well I’m sure. But it was the clutter that bothered me the most. I tried not to let it get to me too much and succeeded for the most part but now that I see things slowly getting cleared out it feels like a weight’s been lifted.

She isn’t going to get cable for their television. Instead she gave me money last night to go buy her a converter box that will change digital signals to analog. I think that’s very wise.  I don’t know how many channels they’ll get but they’ll get by.

Her co-workers did a wonderful thing for them.  Several of them got together and bought her two laundry baskets and filled them with cleaning products, kitchen utensils, kitchen towels, TP and paper towel and several other things. She was so surprised and flabbergasted. She never dreamed they would do something like that but she sure appreciated it. Not only that, one of the girls she works with was telling her family about them so they went through their things that they don’t use anymore and gave them too her too. Isn’t that wonderful? It made me feel so good that they think that much of her to do that.  One of them said…”We kind of like you Deanna” They sure showed her just how much they do. I love them for that!

I better get in the shower so we can go get that box for her. We also have to stop off at our sons and get a television he’s giving her and some end tables. So I’ll say Ta Ta for now.

Have a great weekend. Go out and do something fun!


  1. That is great. People can be so nice. I bet the kids are just itching to get the weekend done.

  2. These are the things that make us better people. I have seen the goodness of others in times of need many times and it's a true blessing. I'm glad that the transition for you all is proceeding well. Have a great day!

  3. I know when the kids are gone after a couple of weeks long about Christmas (2 stay with me during Christmas..the rest just come home bunches) I LOVE cleaning and getting things in order. I just turn a blind eye to it otherwise. You're a dear good mama. xox

  4. I am always so happy to have family come but I do appreciate the quiet time after they leave.

    Friends are wonderful!!

  5. i just know you will love all the peace , quiet and open space , but one day you will be sitting there thinking, wish the kids were here lol. i know this cause you are a nuts as i am lmao.... i too know what extra people can bring , just preston alone has taken over this house and now he has moved on to the yard as well lmao.
    i am so glad that so many people have reached out to her and helped her in her new adventure with the kids. She will feel safer and more comfortable knowing so many people are looking out for her. i know that brings you more comfort too.
    Have a great weekend in your quiet abode LOL


  6. We all need a refuge from time to time in our lives. But wait. Who's that familiar face coming up the walk with suitcases in hand? It's your grown progeny! Your kids/your daughter know that your home is a safe, accepting place to land when they need to regroup and that's why you put up with the toy clutter... extra laundry... chaos and confusion... added household expenses. We love them. We'll do anything for them that we can... but good gracious it's nice when they leave!!! Bwahahaha!

  7. One of the greatest gifts you can give to anyone is the gift of kindness. Two thumbs up for anyone that offers a helping hand to someone. Your daughter has had plenty of tough moments and she'll no doubt have more, but she is also blessed in many ways.


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