Rest in Peace Aunt Dot

My Aunt Dot passed away this morning. My cousin said she was with her and that she went peacefully to which we are thankful for. My cousins doctor made her go home last night and she called me worried that her mom might pass when she's not there and she said she'll feel so guilty if that happens. I told her that if her mom goes during the night it's because it's what she chose to do but that I really feel that she will wait for her, I'm so glad I was right. Micky took care of her mom for many years and I knew Aunt Dot wouldn't go without Micky being by her side.

Let me tell you a llittle about Aunt Dot. She loved life. She loved playing Bingo, she loved the Packers and she loved to dance. She loved Hank Williams and she loved polka music. Whenever we were anywhere there was music and they played polka's she'd drag me out on the dance floor to dance with her. The Hot Shodish (sp) was her favorite dance and I was one of the few who could keep up with her. I can almost hear her saying come on Sherry lets dance. I'm sure she dancing all the way up the stairs to Heaven. She had a temper too. When we were kids and I was on my way to their house and if I could hear the cupboard doors being slammed I knew Aunt dot was mad about something lol. We would tease her about that, (after she calmed down of course) and she'd laugh and say it was better then her slamming us lol.  Aunt Dot never learned to drive. She always said she was too nervous to drive but one day my mom decided to teach her. They got in the car and headed around the block. I remember seeing them coming up the street going like a bat out of you know what. She was going to fast to turn back into the drive way but turn she did and knock down the fence in the front yard. I can still see my mom sitting in the passenger side laughing like crazy and could hardly talk when she got out of the car. I think that was the last driving lesson she gave Aunt dot. Can you blame her :)

Anyway, Aunt Dot was fun loving, high spirited lady and we will miss her. Love you Aunt Dot!
Give Mom and Dad and hug and kiss for me when you see them and tell them I love and miss them too. I'm sure they are waiting by Heaven's Gate to welcome you home!


  1. What a wonderful, loving and heart melting tribute to your Aunt Dot. I loved reading every word, Sherry.

    She sounds like several of my relatives too back home in Virginia and I am still smiling.

    I know she is smiling and happy and at peace and she had yours and the family's love to keep her warm and grounded all this time.

    May she rest in peace and love in in the arms of her Lord.


  2. Hi Sherry,
    My deepest sympathy,I am sorry for your loss of your Aunt Dot.
    it is very sad time but your tribute to your aunt Dot was a beautiful words that she have had a full of happy life.
    May she rest in peace forever.

  3. that was a beautiful tribute...Think Carol said it all though.

  4. Sorry for your loss. A good tribute for someone so dear to you and loved by her family. She was a lot of fun and the driving lesson was funny.

  5. My deepest sympathy my friend.

  6. We sure will miss her. She was another one of those special ladies.

  7. I am sorry to hear passing of your beloved Aunt Dot.

    It is such a beautiful, meaningful tribute.

    Rest in peace, Aunt Dot.

  8. I loved this, such a nice way to let us get to know her. She sounds a lot like my mom and my aunt Kay. Both never learned to drive either. She is very happy where she is and I know she knows you loved her.. : ) Hugs...

  9. Hi Sherry,
    How are you? you must have busy time, though about your hubby that how he manage his back?
    hope everything okay with him.
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving day!


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