A battle of wills

Between me & Brody yesterday. He was bound and determined to get into everything he knows he shouldn’t. And believe me, he knows! He was climbing on top of the end tables, he kept opening the glass doors of my TV stand to get at the knick knacks and remotes I have in there. I’d tell him no and take him away from there and he’d turn right around and go back. I bet we did this for at least a half hour or so. He’d get mad and cry then go right back again. I guess he thought grandma would give up but he doesn’t know grandma’s a expert and has done this before lol. Finally he gave up and crawled on my lap, laid his head on my shoulder and fell asleep. This time grandma wore him out instead of the other way around lol.  There’s truth to the saying “terrible two’s”

That was quite a busy day yesterday weather wise wasn’t it. Records were broken all over the country. We hit the lowest barometric pressure on record from what I hear. It’s still windy today but no storm warnings that I know of.

I was talking to my cousin last night and was sad to hear that my aunt isn’t doing so well. She’s the one who fell a few weeks ago and broke her pelvis. She’s back in the hospital and they think she’s had a stroke. The doctor says she’s nearing the end and all they can do is keep her as comfortable as they can. My cousin said that she keeps saying that she wants to go home. I went and saw her when she was in the hospital the first time when she fell and thought then she wasn’t doing well. When I was about to leave she told me to say Hi to my mom and dad. Mom and dad have been gone for years. The next day she told my cousin to tell them to come visit her. Her mind is going back to early memories. On top of that my cousins husband has had to have 3 platelet transfusions in the past 2 weeks. His doctors wants him to quit work as it’s too dangerous for him. He can’t take the risk of getting any kind of infection because he just can’t fight it and it could kill him. They came right out and told him that this is a life and death situation and he needs to do everything he can to protect himself. I don’t know how my cousin is holding up through all this, it has to be the hard on her. She said she had a bad day on Monday but she’s decided to put it in God’s hands and what will be will be. I hope she can.

Well it’s almost time for hurricane Brody to get here so I better batten down the hatches. Have a great day my friends, go out and make it a great day!


  1. Oh My. Hurricane Brody struck, didn't he? He is so beautiful a sweet boy and he's right on time isn't he, with his terrible twos.

    It all made me smile, thinking back to the same shenanigans from my own kids.

    I'm sorry about the dear lady. It seems that she's gone to a happier more controlled time in her mind, God bless her heart. I hope all right's itself in your extended family. The decision to put it in God's hands is the best decision. Once you lay it upon His hands..never take the burden back that you asked Him to help with.

  2. Hope Little Brody learned that Grandma Sherry means business. Cute story.

    I've got to say, your family has had it's share of bad news lately. Hope she's no longer in pain that the family knows they've made the right decision.

  3. I will not laugh, i will not laugh, and you know why ....my turn is coming i just know it. They are so curious at that age and want to get into everything...they also have strong will as well..consider yourself lucky that you won that battle but there are more to come lol.That part that kills ya is when they are being bad and they know it, and they try to be sneaky, all you can do is laugh and you have to make sure they dont see you or they continue doing it.
    They weather here is calm today but still looks like a winter sky outside..Hope its the end of the storms for us all.
    Have a great day


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