Hello, My name is Sherry and I am a slacker :)

Is there a 12 step program for slacker's lol? If so I need one. Every day I think I need to take the time and jot down what I’ve been up to, but that’s just the problem. I haven’t been up too much of anything. I know I don’t have to be doing anything that is is exciting to tell you about, just checking in is good enough right? You’d think now that I don’t have to share puters that I’d be more diligent wouldn’t you? Oh well. I have no excuse other then being lazy.
Hubby has to have a MRI as soon as the doc sets it up. He’s having pain that runs from his hip down his leg so they suspect a pinched nerve. Not sure what they do with a pinched nerve but I hope surgery isn’t in the plans. That scares me when they start messing with your back.
Williams here for the weekend and it’s great having him here again. It’s been awhile since he’s called to come down and even though I understand it now that he’s 18 an almost a man but it’s nice knowing he still wants to spend time with grandma and grandpa once in awhile. I hope they never get to the point where they think it’s not cool to hang out with good ole grandma lol.
So anyway, life is good and so are we. I hope you all are as well!


  1. Your page was not easy to open. I think it's Blogger being fussy this morning.

    Made me smile to read about William. been awhile since you've mentioned him and it's always a joy when they come to visit isn't it? I feel like I know your family, extended and all..those that you have written about thru the years.

    I am truly sorry to learn about the sciatica or pinched nerve whichever it is but while I am totally with you on how scary it is when they want to do surgery on the back..nowadays they usually try to leaver that as a last resort. I hope just therapy will help. I have a severe back problem but I would rather suffer some than have surgery. :-)

    I usually send a month's worth of blogs and finish with a current one for the day. SO good to see you here girl friend. Where's those blueberry coffeecakes and that coffee? Oh! Sorry..right in front of my face. I just got to running my mouth!

  2. Hey Sherry! Good to see you're back here and thanks for creating the group over at FB.

    It kind of sounds like sciatica with Bill, which can be helped without surgery. I had it and I know how painful it is. Finally a chiropractor did enough adjustments and it slowly went away.

    It's another beautiful fall day here. Hope you're having a good one. See ya around the 'net.

  3. Very nice job setting everyone up in the Spaces Friends group. I know it was alot of work.

    I keep just missing you on chat! lol. I'll be there again soon.

  4. Hi Sherry,
    It was nice to se you again thank you for visit me:-) You have another place too and very nice space.

    willam's still coming to your home so glad heard that and you must have new G-child too?

    The Sciatica is the painful things I have had 2005 after too much works in the garden half bent over cutting English Box for an hours.
    Next morning I just can't touching My feet on the floor,it took me about three weeks to back to normal after that Iam very careful for not bent over anymore and keeps my exercise for (back) No need have an operation don't do it.

    It was good see you all my blog family friend in here.

  5. What is it with these brothers-in-law? I'm going to have to watch Jack carefully. Hope it's nothing serious.

  6. Sadly enough i dont think there is anything you can do for a pinched nerve, and although i have not had one like he has, i hear that is very painful.
    So glad William is there for the weekend and you are right , its great when they want to come visit no matter how old they get.
    Would love to see some of the pages you are making for his grad photos.


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