Been a lot going on around here.

Another worry that’s on my mind and is more serious is William. He told me a couple weeks ago that he’s been noticing and feeling that his heart feels like it  is racing and is sometimes painful. I asked him if it happens a lot and he said it use to happen once in a while but lately it’s been happening more often. Needless to say my heart took a nose dive. We were shopping when he told me so as soon as we got home I called his dad and told him about it and for him to make a doctor’s appointment for him. His appointment is today and I pray to God that they say it’s all a normal thing for him and that all is okay. I’ll be a nervous wreck until he gets home and I find out what the doctor said.
So that’s what’s been keeping me busy. I have to catch up with all of you and find out how you guys are doing. Hope you’re doing well.
Love & Hugs


  1. Have my fingers and toes crossed to go along with the prayers too.

  2. Alot has been happening huh? I feel so bad and hope you don't take all on your shoulders, but I understand. I hope William is alright and your daughter stands tall. You are a wonderful Mom and grandmom and wife my dear. I'm sure things will look up and we all have your family in our prayers. Big hugs!!

  3. I don't know why I have but I have taken William to my heart since I first started reading you all's blogs There is something about his face that makes me want to love him like one of my boys. This is the truth. I will be waiting to hear how he is and you better believe I will include that precious young man in my prayers..right along with my own boys.

  4. I guess thats happens to you all your family business be in tight
    keeps busy..I thought your huby had an operation for his back?

    I think all you can do to help them as Mum.
    In here more divorce younger people and so far 12 years
    married life are longerst one?
    all conected with economic in troubled.

    Poor Willam,hope nothing wrong with him.
    I'll keep in you my thoughts and prayers.
    Please take care,

  5. So glad you got good news today. I know how stressful it can be and the helpless feelings to go along with it.
    Brody is trying to keep you young grannymomma lol. Soon he will be moved out and you will so miss all those hugs he gives you !!!

  6. And I sure didn't mean to neglect speaking of your daughter and her husband and sweet son. I was just so taken about William that I'm afraid all else left my mind.

    I so wish all would resolve itself for that family..I as well as you and them too,for that matter, don't want anything to take the family apart.


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