William got the heart monitor yesterday. When he feels his heart racing he pushes the button on it which transmits it to whoever reads it. If it’s ok they do nothing but if they feel there’s something wrong they will call us and either tell us to make a Doctor’s appointment or get to the ER immediately. He told us that he had two episodes the day before his appointment and another one at the doctors just before he got the monitor but nothing since. I asked him if it hurt and he said it did. I asked him if he could describe the pain but he couldn’t. He said it wasn’t a stabbing pain and it didn’t feel like there was something heavy on his chest, he just couldn’t describe it for me. He had a valve repaired when he was 4 and now that he’s 18 I am wondering if something is going on with that. They did tell us when he had his surgery that he may have to have it replaced when he’s an adult but I am hoping he won’t have too until he’s much much older. I know they know what they are doing but I wish they would have done a echo-cardiogram right away. Too me that would show them much more then then the monitor does.  I don’t know, maybe I’m wrong but that’s how I feel. I’m sure they will sooner or later but sooner would make me happy. I just want to know that he will be ok and not have to go through that again.He’s staying with us for awhile and I tell ya, if I think he’s sleeping too long I sneak up there to make sure he’s alright. I’m a basket case where it comes to my kids and grandkids. I’ve always been a worrier and I’m sure I always will be but I can’t help it. His dad keeps pretty cool but I think he does that more for my sake then anything else, he knows how I am. I just pray with all my heart that it’s nothing serious.
On other news of what’s going on around here…Would you believe I don’t have our Christmas tree up yet? There’s just been so much going on that I haven’t had time. On top of that, when you have a 2 year old tornado living with you I felt the longer I put it off the better it will be for all of us lol. Besides, I wanted so shampoo the carpet before I put it up and Sis and I got that done yesterday. We will probably put it up tonight after we get home from finishing up our shopping. Brody is going to be so much fun this year at Christmas. I love that age and he’s so animated that I can’t wait to see his reactions to everything. He’s so much fun to have around and makes me smile. He’s a lot of work too though and gets into things he shouldn’t but that goes with the territory. When you look at that sweet face you can’t stay mad at him for long.
Well I better get off of here and get dressed and put my face on before I face the world. As Carole would say…I have people to dazzle and I can’t do that unless I’m all diva’d up :) Have a great day Everyone and take care. If you go out, be safe.


  1. We all keep hoping and praying William has nothing serious going on.
    I can just imagine the fun your going to have with Brody helping you put up the tree, lol.

  2. My love for William and I am thinking of him all of the time. (((HUGS))) to all of you.

  3. I don't believe you don't have your tree up yet? I thought I was the last one to do that. I know how worried you are and I hope all goes well with William. Fingers crossed. Take lots of pictures of little Brody opening his gifts from Santa. The little ones really do make Christmas more fun, don't they?


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