It’s nasty out there!

The roads are covered with ice and snow and very slippery. When I took Brody to school this morning a car in front of me started fish tailing and I thought he was going to lose it. On top of that, the temps are going to continue to drop during the day. It’s 30 right now and not bad out but it’s going down to 0 by tonight. Temps like that will just make things freeze on top of what’s already frozen. Of course, the wind is wicked too so that makes it feel colder. Gotta take it slow and easy guys.

It’s just our luck too that the snow blower broke down. I guess the recoil won’t recoil so it’s in for repair. You know what that means don’t you? That means shoveling….YUCK!

Brody was sick last week and missed the entire week of school.  He got sick Saturday when he was at his Dad’s and it made Jon nervous so he brought him back here.  He threw up and got real feverish and kept crying. He was still not feeling well on Sunday but come Monday he acted like himself until evening. Tuesday was the same but then we noticed that he was developing a rash on his face and around his mouth. Sis took him to see the doctor and he confirmed what we thought it was. He got strep throat which turned into Scarlet Fever.  His fever never got really high, only 101, and he never complained of a sore throat either so we thought it was just a bug until he broke out with the rash. Strep can be so funny. Anyway, he’s feeling fine now and is happy to be able to go back to school.

We might be back to a quiet household again soon.  Sis found duplex in our school district that’s in her price range so her and the kids might be moving out.  Not sure how I feel about that. Oh, don’t get me wrong. I know it’s the right thing to do and something they need to do but it will be both a good thing and a bad thing.  It will be good for them to have their own place but it will be harder too.  I will either have to get up early and go there to be with the kids until they go to school or she will have to get them up and bring them here.  I will miss having them here for the most part. I won’t miss the mess that comes with having kids around though.  It’s been over a year now but finding a place in your price range, in the school district you want isn’t an easy thing to do.  Her and the kids are excited about it though so I hope it works out for them. I told her it would be just her luck that her soon to be ex would move into the other side of the duplex lol.  Wouldn’t that be a kick in the pants lol.

Well I guess I better go out and clean some more snow off the deck again. I gotta run over to Beth’s to see how many days it is until Spring. It can’t get here fast enough for me!

Ta Ta!


  1. I love Elvis!!

    When I was a child our whole family was quarantined because one of us kids had it. In those days a notice was tacked on your front door and no one could leave or enter until the doctor said so.

    Times have really changed.

    It is 63 days till spring but you wouldn't know it by our weather here today. NASTY!

  2. By it, I meant scarlet fever.

  3. There's been illness going around with some in our church and I really pray that it doesn't spread. I hate when it becomes like a pinball bouncing from one family to the next...nobody needs that. Our weather is really bad right now and it doesn't look to change all week..sigh. Hang in there my friend this can't last forever!

  4. It's weather like this that's make everyone wish they could stay in until it melts the ice.


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