Can YOU see it?

I have pictures on one of my blogs from photobucket and for some reason one of them has reached the bandwidth limit or something. Because of that  I now have an exceeded bandwidth image on my blog. The problem is though that it’s on all of my blogs and  not just in place of the picture. It is on the blog itself and it scrolls down over the words as you scroll down to read. Do you see it too? I don’t get it or know what to do about it. I just hope that at the first of the month when the bandwidth resets  that the  floating image goes away.
UPDATE: Thanks to Beth who told me what  was causing the problem it is now fixed! Thank you Beth xoxo
Yesterday I picked up my sister to take her to the car dealership too pick up her new Chevy Cruz. Oh that’s a nice car and wouldn’t mind having one myself. If it wasn’t for the payments and higher insurance rates I’d run right out and get one too. It sure is nice though! 
When  I got home from taking Jodi my daughter and I went to do a little shopping in Janesville. She needs some things for her new apartment when she moves in and so we decided to shop.  It turns out it was a good day to go. We went to Big Lots and they were having a special that if you buy 20 items you get an additional 20% off so it saved her $16.00.  She’s been buying things on and off the past year so she’s got just about everything she needs now. She’s loving that it’s all brand new and it’s things that SHE likes, (if you know what I mean). The big move will be next weekend and it couldn’t come fast enough for the kids. They are so excited and can’t wait to see where they will be living. Devan especially is excited and keeps asking questions about the place. I’m trying to decide if I’d be a bigger help helping her move or would staying home with Brody would be better. Probably keeping Brody is the way to go.  Her brothers will be helping her and a few friends too so I probably won’t be needed that much anyway.
Another snowy day here and kind of chilly. Reaching 40 tomorrow and 46 by Tuesday  I hear. That means the snow will melt and that’s fine with me. 
Have a wonderful day and a great week ahead. Keep warm and safe and don’t forget to smile!


  1. I see it and it is annoying. Sure hope they straighten that out. Sure like that car too. Got to back it our of the driveway and put it back in. Yoohoo, lol.

  2. I know what it is because I had it on my blog too. It is because the site that you were using for your background used up their bandwidth. Just go to another site and get a different background such as Scrappin Blogs. In my sidebar you will see their logo if you want to click on it that way.

    1. Oh geeze why didn't I think of that. I should have because my background isn't showing at all and I didn't even notice it until now. Thanks Beth, you're a gem!


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