They’re Moving

Sis and the kids are moving out the 1st of Feburary.  She finally found a place that she can afford on her own and is so relieved. They will be living in an apartment not far from here. The best part is, it’s a security apartment. You have to buzz to get into the lobby or have a key. I LOVE that part of it! She does too!  It’s roomy and clean and very modern so I think they’ll be happy there and her and I both feel great knowing no one can get in without them knowing who it is.
We looked at a couple places the other day before she decided on the apartment and let me tell you, some of these places are beyond believable.  We looked at a duplex that was a dump and they wanted $775.00 a month for it, $100.00 + more then they want for the apartment.  When we got there the landlord was there “cleaning” it up. He was using the shop vac  so he didn’t hear us knocking on the door right away.  Before we even got inside the first thing I noticed as I was knocking on the door was that it was a HALLOW door! Can you believe that?! Who uses an inside door for a front door?  It wouldn’t take much for someone to bust that door down and get in.  In fact, it looked like someone had already kicked it in as the owner nailed a piece of plywood over what I assume was a hole at the bottom of the door. The bathroom was a mess and the kitchen wasn’t much better.  I opened the closet door and it too was hallow with a hole in the top of it that he hadn’t bothered fixing at all.  Not only all that, it stunk in there.  It smelled musty and moldy like it hadn’t had a good cleaning for a long long time.  I’m so glad that apartment came available.  I guess it didn’t matter though as I wouldn’t have let them move into that duplex anyway.  I would be nuts knowing that someone could kick that door in with one swift kick and get to them.  I would never sleep at night thinking about that worrying whether or not they are okay.
They’ve been here a year and 3 months now so it will sure be different around here with them gone.  It’s not like they won’t be here though. I’ll still have the kids before and after school until Sis gets home from work. And of course I’ll still have Brody most of the day and will have to take him back and forth from school.  At night is when I’ll notice it the most. It will be quiet again and I’m not sure how I feel about that. Sure, the kids get rowdy and can be noisy and even misbehave sometimes but I’m use to it now. They listen to me when they get too rowdy and I tell them to knock it off and know I mean business.  I ‘m sure I will miss them at night but I also know that the peace and quiet is good for me too.  I’m not as young and spry as I use to be ya know and need time to get regenerated lol.  The main thing is, I want them to be safe and happy, that’s the most important of all.
The kids are really excited about getting their own place. Josh said he’s going to keep his room clean this time lol.  Devan already  has plans as to how they will decorate the place.  Brody just likes the walk in closet where he can hide lol. 
Well that’s the latest news around here. Not much else going to right now other then the weather but that complaint can be saved for another day lol.  Here’s hoping you all have had a great weekend and wishing you a wonderful week ahead. Take now, ya hear!


  1. What a relief for you all that they found a decent apartment. I found out last year when I was looking for a place to move to that the decent ones are few and far between.

  2. So happy for them to find a place like that and not far away too. A hollow door for a front door? Not good at all. Have a great day my friend!

  3. It will be so good for them. It always feels so good to have your own place. Should we take bets on how long Josh will keep his room up, lol.

  4. No, I don't think I'll take that bet lol

  5. That's some good new! I know that some places can be really rough and way overpriced. Sounds like you found a great place and secure too!

  6. You'll quickly get used to the peace again. I am glad they were able to find an apartment and that other place was sure a dive!



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