Now that I have a minute

I thought I would surprise you all and write a blog.
We had a little scare yesterday. This time it was Bill instead of William. He was outside and Devan happen to  look out the window, turned around and yelled, “Grandpa fell down, he’s laying on the ground!” Deanna and I ran out side just as he was getting up and she helped him back inside. He said all of a sudden he felt dizzy and light headed and the next thing he knew he woke up on the ground. We took his blood sugar but that was fine, 120. I took him to the ER and they ran all kinds of tests. You know the usual, ekg, cat scan, blood and urine etc. but found nothing wrong. He hasn’t been sick or anything either so we have no idea why he did that. At one time in the hospital his blood pressure when up to 180/77 but then it went back to where it should be. I don’t know if it dropped all of a sudden when he was outside that caused that or what but it’s a mystery. He did cut his head when he fell and got a couple of staples put in but nothing else was hurt from the fall. What he liked the most at the hospital was that every nurse that came in couldn’t believe that he is 70 years old. I bet he was told that at least 5 times yesterday lol. Of course he ate that right up. Anyway, nothing showed up on any of the tests and he seems fine today. I just hope it never happens again, I/we don’t need a scare like that ever again.
Brody keeps me pretty busy. He’s such a 2 year old lol. Terrible two’s is a perfect description for him. One day he got a hold of a black marker somehow and wrote all over my kitchen wall. Thank God I was able to get it off as it wasn’t one of those erasable kind. Since our oldest son is out of town we also have his dog here and neither one of them likes the other sitting on my lap. Snuff is a Chihuahua and a needy dog. He follows me around constantly and if I’m sitting down he’s on my lap. If I go in another room he’s right behind me. Brody and him both have to be on my lap so that makes it hard to be on the computer lol.
William seems to be doing well on the meds the doctor gave him and has had no problems since. When his dad gets home, which will be today sometime, he’ll get in touch with the doctors in Madison and decide what to do. I think William would prefer to stay on the medication and he is 18 so that makes it his decision so we’ll see. I just want him to be okay and not have anymore problems for many many many years. Thank you all for keeping him in your prayers. I can’t tell you how much that means to me!
I’m sure I have more to tell you but nothing else comes to mind right now. When something happens I think “I need to blog about that” but then I get distracted or busy and the chance is gone. The kids are gone right now so I’m taking the opportunity to do some catching up and let you know a little of what’s going on around here.
I hope you all are (NOT) behaving yourselves and hope the new year started off good for you. It’s time for me to start dinner so I better feed the animals here before they start growling but after I’ll be around to see as many of you as I can before I get distracted again. Supper should be ready by the time they get back so they can eat and I can visit lol. See ya soon!


  1. Oh my heart dropped reading about Bill. So scary and still not knowing what caused it. Brody and the chiwowow seems to be competing for your attention eh? Cute but annoying at times I spose. I hope William best of health. Seems we all have things going on an some scary. Take care my friend. Will think of you.

  2. that is very very scary, and typical man thinks everything is fine and is back to business as usual the next day huh !! Hope it was just a fluke and nothing is wrong but i would still keep a close eye on the man !
    Hope things in your zoo calm down soon and you can get some good computer time in !!

  3. I am SO danged grateful to learn your husband got through that alright and that all of his tests are clean. I bet he just had one of those sudden drops in blood pressure that we seem prone to every now and again. I know how scary that was for all of you. HUGS to him and you both.
    SO glad to read some more about William. I just have him there with my kids in my heart..go figure. ♥♥♥

  4. Sorry to hear that TOO MANY problems you must have had your bllod pressure go up which you don't have:-)
    The cause of faint are a many of things just recentry one of my friends has one and not knowing what is cause.
    She was uncertain of driving that I can understand well.

    When I read your post one way very sad but still lots of joy are with you even a little dog's is keep you company:-)

    Hope never happent in Bill again and William keeps happir young man.

    Take care yourselves.

  5. Even though it turned out to be not so serious, it appears that Grandpa Bill had a guardian angel looking out for him – Devan!! I for one, am glad that Bill is ok. For the record Sherry, go easy on the poort guy, let him get some sleep at night! It’s also good to hear that William is doing well too. Here’s hoping that he continues to, too! Brody is a boy… and boys will be boys! All in all, it seems like things are still a little chaotic with you, but you are enjoying every minute of it!

  6. It’s Friday and the weekend is upon us. Here’s hoping that you will make the most of the next few days, make them count! Enjoy your weekend Sherry!


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