I went to New York

I have always wanted to go there and would definitely go back again. This time I mostly wanted to see the sights. You know, The Empire State Building, Lady Liberty, Time Square etc.  and I did and enjoyed every minute of it. Next time I go I’ll go and see a Broadway Show or a museum or two.

We went to Liberty Island, Ellis Island, The Empire State Building. Rockefeller Center and went to the top of the Rock. We went to Central Park, Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, Grand Central Station and the 9/11 Memorial. Love it all.

Security is very tight all around New York. When you want to go to the top of the Empire and the Rock as well as the Memorial, The Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island you have to go through security the same as you do at the airports. Even at Saint Patrick’s Cathedral they have security personnel that that checks your bags before you’re allowed in.
Over the next few blogs I will take each sight one at a time and post photo’s and tell you all about them. It would take much too long to write it all in one blog. I wish I could pick a favorite but I really can’t.

What I will tell you about right now is about the night we were in Manhattan and it started to storm. Bill, William and I were heading for the subway when the sky literally opened up and it poured.  We had umbrella’s with us but they weren’t much good because the wind was so strong that it was hard to hold them over you. We got drenched. You know what though? I loved every minute of it! The thing that struck me the most was the sound of the thunder coming down between those tall skyscrapers. It was nothing like I hear when it storms here. It is really hard to describe it other then to say it was so different. I think in my opinion the reason it sounds so different is because of the tall buildings. The sound can’t spread out like it does anywhere else so it comes down right on top of you and seems to be amplified.  I couldn’t wait for it to thunder again and again. If I wasn’t afraid of ruining my camera I would have taken it out so I could take a video of it just so I could relive it over and over again.  I know, I’m strange but I love things like that. Bill and William just wanted to get to the subway but I wanted to stay until the storm passed lol. It’s one thing I’ll never forget.

So until next time I’ll leave you with a little video that I took from the 86th floor of the Empire State Building.


  1. Girl, you had a BLAST and what better companions could you have had? None. Hi William!! And what a great slide show for us too. You rock..all three of you.

  2. An awesome video. The buildings look like toys. I will be waiting for your next installment on the trip.

  3. You didn't see a show?
    I'm so happy you had a great adventure. Cool Beans!

  4. So nice to get an opportunity like that. I've done little more than pass through the airport in New York City.

  5. WOW this was awesome Sis.. I can't wait to see more. The video is wonderful..just like being there.. How neat! Glad you are sharing this ..will be back for more!!

  6. This is just awesome that you have decided to take a trip to NY. I have been to NY a few times and I miss being there! I like Central Park, riding their subways/buses, and of course their cabs... Time Square, seeing Grand Central Station and a few others!! Oh, so much to see and do. I love that you can visit Manhattan, Soho, Little Italy, Chinatown, and see all kinds of people, taste different foods, and hear all genres of music. There is always something going on in NYC. All hours of the day and night - the city that never sleeps. All the excitement and hustle and bustle just makes you feel alive. I heart NYC.

    I am so looking forward to reading and seeing photos of your trip!

    1. Awesome pictures on the slideshow and the video... great stuff!


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