Our Van went up in flames

Yes, Bill’s van is totaled. He had said earlier that day that he could smell something hot and was going to take it in to be looked at the next day. Later that day he was running some errands when all of a sudden smoke started coming up from the steering column. He was going to pull into a empty parking lot but before he could get there flames started showing. He pulled over, jumped out and called 911 but by the time they got there the fire had taken over and hope was gone.  He called me at home and when he said the van was on fire I about lost it. At least I knew he was alright but the thought of what could have been was terrifying. It was a blessing though that it happened when it did. You see, the next day I had to take my future d-i-l to Madison for some pre-op tests for the surgery to remove her brain aneurysm next week and Bill was going to take Brody to school and pick him up.

Can you imagine if that had happened then and not when it did? The thought of that just makes me literally sick. Having to get him out of the car seat as fast as you can would be the first thought but at the same time being scared that it might not unhook like it should is a terrifying thought. I can’t even bare to think of that and push it out of my mind when it pops up. I just say … Thank you God!

As I was going to get Bill after he called that’s all I could think of and kept thanking God all the way there that Bill is safe and that it didn’t happen when he had Brody with him.  Cars can be replaced so even though it’s a terrible thing to have happen we are truly blessed. God was watching over us for sure.

They say trouble comes in 3’s… Last night William was on the computer when a message popped up saying to back up the files because disk crash is imminent. I certainly didn’t want to lose my pictures that I recently put on there or my music so I spent a good deal of the night copying them. I’m hoping the health scare Bill had a few weeks ago was the first of the 3 and it’s over now.

It has been a busy time around here as of late but I know Terry has kept you all up to date with us. Thanks Terry.

I do hope all is well with all of you. Things can change in a flash so please… Take good care of yourselves and each other.


  1. Thank God you are all safe. God is good!

  2. You really have had a stint of difficult things come up lately but you are quite right when you said it could have been so much worse on many levels. I'm grateful to God for the things like this in my own life. I do believe it will get better from here Sherry, prayers for you my friend!

  3. And I thought I had it tuff. Golly I am so glad Bill is ok and prayers for your future d i l.

  4. OH Sherry..how horrifying and scary. Thank God all is well..and I know you are thanking him. I hope things are as they should be now Sherry..I am so sorry you guys have been through all of this. xoxoxox

  5. When I heard the scanner send the fire dept. for a burning van, my first thought was I hope it wasn't someone I knew. Darn, but so, so glad he was safe.

  6. Just coming by again Sherry...

  7. Someone's guardian angel was certainly wide awake and watching over him that day. Unfortunately, I have seen the result of motor vehicle fires gone very VERY wrong and others were not so lucky!! More education needs to be promoted and taught to new and/or inexperinced drivers on what to do incase of a motor vehicle fire.
    For instance, if possible, pull to the side of the road and turn off the ignition. Pulling to the side makes it possible for everyone to get out of the vehicle safely. Turn off the ignition to shut off the electric current and stop the flow of gasoline. Put the vehicle in park or set the emergency brake as you don’t want the vehicle to move after you leave it. Keep the hood closed because more oxygen can make the fire larger. Make sure everyone gets out of the vehicle. Then move at least 100 feet away. Call 911... Firefighters are specially trained to combat vehicle fires. Never return to the vehicle to attempt to fight the fire yourself. Vehicle fires can be tricky, even for firefighters.
    I now return you all back over to Sherry...... Beeep!

  8. I am just thankful that Bill is ok. You are so right, a van is nothing more than a material possession, replaceable. Bill... well.. you haven't left him for me yet, so I guess he's not! (just joking of course, or am I?) So does this mean that you will be out and about vehicle shopping soon?


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