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St. Pat's Day

The weather has been so unusually beautiful for the month of March that we all decided to have a cook out for St. Patrick’s Day.  I didn’t have a green shirt to wear so I went looking for one. As you can see, I not only found a shirt but I found a wig, a necklace and even some knee high striped green socks lol. I was quite the sight.  Bill laughed and said I looked ridiculous (which was the whole idea) and William said he wasn’t riding with us lol. Of course everyone but my own kids thought I looked pretty cool hehe.  Isn’t it a mother’s responsibility to embarrass her kids? I thought so and I take my job seriously. Smile William was telling one of his friends about me and my outfit and his friend said I was a cool grandma lol. 

Either Brody gave me his cold or I have a bad case of allergies.  I have been coughing and sneezing and blowing my nose for days now and my ribs hurt from coughing so much  I’d like to kiss the guy who decided that tissues should be made softer.  If they were still made like they were back in the day I would look like Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer by now. 

I can’t get over how everything is turning green already. It feels more like May then March. Flowers are coming up and bushes are starting to bloom.  I’m loving it but I hope we won’t be paying a high price come summer.  We’ve had a very mild winter so is it too much to ask to have a mild summer too where it’s not too hot but just right? It could happen couldn’t it?  Never hurts to dream they say.

Well it’s such a nice day that I think I’m going to take Brody and go to the park.  It’s to nice to stay inside so I’m outta here.  Ya’ll have a nice day now ya hear!




  1. I think you look very nice in the green!!

    Gorgeous here at 80 degrees.

  2. Such a nice St. Paddy's day outfit! I wish you weren't suffering with your grandmas should never have to deal with that! Have a great day!

  3. You look maavelous LOL!! I am so glad you take your job seriously. The kids need to lighten up ;-)
    The weather tells us to be alert I feel. Hey but it sure has been great eh? Take care by gosh'n golly ;-)

  4. SIS...Came by to wish you Happy Easter. I know it has been quite a week for you. Hope all is well and you enjoy time with the family.May you and Hubby have a great weekend,

  5. Move over Lady Gaga ... make room for Sherry Da-Bomb!!! There must be something wrong with my eyes, I can't take them off this picture!!! You are smoking hot in green!

  6. Here's hoping that you are feeling better now. There truly is a God because who else would have put the idean in a man's mind to make kleenex not only softer and 2-ply.... but with LOTION!!!? Amen.

  7. As I sit here aT 9:12PM and type this, it is a very nice 13°C/55°F. What a gorgeous day we had... sunny blue sky! The grass is green... flowers are blooming and being able to sleep with the windows open/fresh air is awesome!!! Crossing my fingers that we both continue to have good weather!

  8. What the heck! You couldn't do your hair in red, white and blue streaks for the 4th of July!!?? :o)


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