“I wanna go to Mama’s house.”

My daughter told me this morning that that’s what Brody kept saying last night after they moved into their apartment. To say that didn’t bring tears to my eyes would be a lie.  He definitely is Grandma’s boy and I  L O V E it!  When I was up there yesterday he would say to me “We go to your house as fast as we can”   Isn’t that the cutest thing ever?

It is going to be a big adjustment for him.  He’s been here for over a year and he’s only 3 so really, this is all he knows. This is home to him. She went and bought the kids all new bedding and she got Brody a Lightening McQueen set from the movie Cars for his bed.  It didn’t help though. He slept with her last night and kept saying, “ I scared” . Poor little guy.

They still have a lot of things here they have to get so that’s what we’ll be doing today.  Brody’s toys are still here and some of the Josh’s and Devan’s things as well. Then she will have to go to the grocery store. Right now her cupboards looks like Old Mother Hubbards.  I gave her some things from here last night to get her through breakfast though.

It sure was quiet here last night I tell ya.  I kept thinking about them and missing them.  I don’t know who will have the hardest time adjusting, Brody or Me!  It’s a toss up I think.  I feel better knowing that they are only 5 minutes away and they’ll still be here after school.  I’m just happy that she found a nice, clean, modern and SAFE place! That’s the most important of all.


  1. I bet Brody is really missing you and the familiar surroundings. He will get used to it but it will take time.

  2. I understand your feeling my friend. We've been very close to my parents with occasional stints with us being abroad for months at a time. I pray that the transition because a blessing as time goes by.

  3. Like Joe, I also pray that this transition, though hard on all of you will bring blessings. I know it will, actually. xoxox

  4. "It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home." Congratulations on your daughter's new home and all the best for unpacking. Here's hoping and wishing that their new home is filled with joy and cheer, bringing them happiness year after year. None the less... you are the perfect grandmomma and no wonder your grandbabies would be missing you. A child needs a grandparent to grow a little more securely into an unfamiliar world.


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