Open Carry Laws

I know I haven’t blogged in a long long time and I’m sorry that this will
kind of be a rant but I’m exercising my constitutional right to state my

I've seen several videos posted on Facebook today that made me shake my
head and wonder what makes people tick. Bare with me then let me know what you

The first video I saw was in Texas. 5 or 6 men and women walked into a
Chili's restaurant with AK rifles slung over their shoulders. BTW, in all of the
videos I saw each one was being recorded by the people themselves. Anyway, the
manager told them they'd be happy to serve them but to please take their weapons
back to their cars. There wasn't a no weapons sign posted but the manager has
every right to ask them not to bring guns in the restaurant and he did.  That
Chili's was the second place they tried this with the same result then they
walked out laughing like little girls. In fact one of them said  "can't do
anything, my momma won't let me do anything" The only thing they proved in my
opinion was how stupid they all looked.

Another video I saw was of a husband and wife walking down the street
with him carrying his assault rifle slung over his shoulder. It wasn't long
before police showed up, held him at gun point and told him to get on the
ground. She's recording everything and when another cop walks up to her and asks
her what she's doing she said that she's recording for her husband's safety.
Again, they got exactly what they wanted and expected.

Then there was the one where 3 or 4 girls walked into Walmart with their
guns. Police were called again and they were asked to leave Walmart.  This cop
looked ruff and gruff and someone who edited the video was was inserting text
calling him a Nazi cop and accusing him of harassing those people. Once again
because they were recording all of it you knew they were just out to cause a
situation and they got just what they knew they would get.

The last video I watched was of 3 young men who were again walking down
the street with their assault rifles slung over their shoulders and once again
police were called.  In each of the video's I watched they told each cop that
they were just exercising their 2nd amendment rights and couldn't understand why
the cops stopped them.

You can't tell me that they didn't think cops would be called when
someone saw them carrying assault weapons strapped to their backs and be wary
after all that's gone on lately. Then to complain because a cop is just doing
his job is asinine.  When there's a complaint made cops have to answer it, plain
and simple. If you're going to walk down the street with a AK strapped to your
back how are people suppose to know if you and your toy is just out for a stroll
or if you're going on a rampage or not?  They got just what they knew they would
and then had the gall to be offended.

This police officer explained so well that anyone should be
able to understand.

Like he told them, he doesn't know if  you're a felon or not. So now because of people like this it wouldn't surprise me that laws are created that you can't refuse to show your ID to a policemen like these guys did.

In my opinion the only thing these people are accomplishing is nothing more than making fools of themselves.  It is these kind of people who will force states to repeal the open carry laws because of a few bean heads who didn’t prove a thing.  Don’t be mad when the cops show up because if they do it’s because someone else called them.A nd someone called because they didn’t know what the hell you were going to do with that AK 47.  With all the shootings that’s happened in this country the last few years you can’t blame people for being scared when they see someone doing that. It’s just all so stupid and I just don’t get it.


  1. I agree with you. The police officer explained it great. Thanks for sharing.

  2. This is often the danger of activism. Even simple activism on the various social networks. It often either preaches to the choir and/or alienates those that don't agree rather than breeding respect and thoughtful and respectful debate. Thankfully extremes like this don't accurately show majority opinion nor accurately depict the concerns about the Second Amendment. I think often such videos are used by right and left to stir up outrage more than anything else.


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