Are you ready?

For the up coming holidays? I’m not! I’m certainly not ready for winter I can tell you that. If we have a winter like we had last year it won’t be so bad. Last year winter was very mild for us so would it be too much to ask to have another mild winter?  Summer was brutal here so I’m worried that winter is going to follow suit. In the mean time I’m going to enjoy the fall season. I was beginning to wonder if we were even going to have fall. It got pretty cold here for a few days and nights but the forecast is looking pretty nice. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Now that school  has started it is pretty quiet around the old homestead again. Brody goes to school in the afternoon this year so I still have him in the mornings. I get them up and drop the two older ones off at school then bring Brody home with me until it’s time for him to go. He loves school! Wouldn’t it be nice if the love of school would stay with him throughout? It rarely happens I know but one can hope.

William is going to school too. He decided since jobs are so scarce and has had a hard time finding one he better do something. He’s going to a tech college for forensics. I hope he does well. It sounds like very interesting work to me. It is interesting how many crimes are solved just from that. In a lot of cases forensics is the deciding factor on someone’s guilt or innocence. Anyway, I’m proud of him and hope he aces it!

As you know my daughter is going through a divorce. We were hoping that it would be a nice friendly divorce but it’s not looking like that’s going to happen. Her ex has decided that he wants more and more. She’s the one who has always had steady work where he would flit from job to job or take lay offs when he could have worked.  Now that he HAS to work he’s decided that he shouldn’t have to pay child support and wants half of her 401. He owes her so much money for half of what they owed together but has yet to pay her a dime. They always had payments deducted right from her check but he hasn’t even offered to pay her his half. Heck, he even thinks she should pay half of things like hunting licenses for the kids when he takes them along. She was going to give him a break on the amount of child support she was going to ask for but now she’s decided to go for the maximum allowed since he’s trying to take her for what he can. I hate it! It makes me so upset! I knew he was going to be like that too. I just knew it! Ok, enough of that. If I keep talking about it I’ll just get myself all worked up again.

Bill’s been having problems. He has sciatica and has been in a lot of pain. The pain meds didn’t help much but they gave him something new a couple of weeks ago and he thinks they are beginning to do some good.  Being that he’s diabetic they don’t want to do surgery on him so treating him with meds is the best way to go. I had to go out the other day and buy him a cane.  It’s really hard for me to see him using a cane though. I don’t want to admit that he needs one.  I guess it makes me realize even more that we aren’t getting any younger.  He turned 72 on the 22nd so I guess I have to admit that we are definitely in our golden years.

I guess that’s enough from me today. I hope you all are well and happy, fat and sassy, and all that good stuff Smile Take care now ya hear!


  1. I am glad the grandchildren are all settled in school.
    I am sorry to read about your daughter's problem. I hope this is soon over for her.
    I know that growing older feeling. I hope Bill feels better soon.

  2. I wonder about this winter too, if it's the exact opposite of the summer I'd say we've all got trouble ahead. Sorry about the difficulties for your family, I know what it's like to hit things like that too. Grace to you all my friend.

  3. I saw a report on Weather Channel that we are in for some nice warmth all the way to DEC here so I am happy happy to hear that. Hope we don't get ANY blizzards now that would be a treat. Glad most are doing well. Sorry about Bill's "S" I don't even say the word out loud..maybe mine will come back.. Bad stuff. Wish him much luck and no pain. No way I am wanting fall I just got used to summer etc.LOL Well, take care and don't get all riled up it isn't good for your BP ya know. :-)

  4. i think we are in for a rough winter, but after the exteme heat and bugs that came with it, i will welcome the cold, and hope for some snow for Preston to play in. So sorry that things didnt work out as planned with Deanna, seems like that is what happens right near crunch time and attitudes change,,,I hope all does her way in the end,,,you really should help William with his work, i bet its interesting!I hope he does real well and lands a cool job with that degree !
    Have a good weekend and welcome back to blogging

  5. Hello Beautiful. Yes, I am with you on this one. I am not quite ready for Winter, I would much rather enjoy my Autumn for a little while longer. Looking at the leaves changing colour is great. Mother nature sure knows how to paint a picture.

    Great to hear that Brody is enjoying school. My young son started kindergarten this year and he really likes it too! I actually liked school, even into my University years, so I am hoping that he will have the same appreciation. Two thumbs up for William, I wish him all the best.

    1. Have I told you lately that I miss you!!?? Huh? Huh?

  6. I am so sorry to hear that your daughter is going through such a hard time over her divorce. Nothing hurts more than having to stand by and see someone affect your 'baby' in such a negative way, knowing that this is one battle that you simply cannot fight for them. My daughter isn't going through a nasty divorce but a breakup from someone she still loves. I guess the best that we can do as parents, is to assure them that no matter what the time of day or night, she has a place to come to if she needs respite, or an ear to talk to if she is in need. I am trying very hard to leave out the "I told you so's". Uuugh!

    Although your daughter is going through a terrible time, keep telling her that things will be better and that she has many wonderful opportunities ahead of her. Remind her of her beautiful children, her own incredible skills, her friendliness, her loving heart, etc. Simply because this relationship hasn't worked out does not mean that her future relationships will end the same. Remind her that she has learned lessons that will guide her well in the future. Oh yeah.... Fed her well... make sure she's not neglecting eating and drinking properly.

  7. Here's hoping that Bill isn't experiencing so much pain anymore and that the new meds are doing 'the trisk'.


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