It’s a Family Tradition

I’m sure Terry has told you all about our family reunion. You know, facebook makes it so easy to plan something that big when most everyone has joined facebook.  All I had to do was make an events page and invite them all to it and lo and behold you have a party in the making lol.  It turned out great, in fact, it turned out better then I thought it would.
When our family gets together, no matter how many are there and no matter if it’s a reunion a wedding or just a plain ole gathering we always play the song We Are Family by Sister Sledge and we all get into a circle and dance to it. Needless to say that if we are at a wedding reception where other people don’t really know us they look at us like we are nuts. But only for a little while. When the song is played again they join us lol. It’s all about having fun right!? So here we are dancing to that song…

We were tickled pink when our brother Leroy and his wife Cher decided that they would come too. It has been a long time since we’ve seen them. The last time Leroy was here was for Dad’s funeral so it was great seeing them for a happy occasion.  They stayed with us because they brought their dog along and I know Leroy’s feet had to hang over the end of the bed lol. He’s 6 foot 4 and the extra bed is just a double bed so I know he was dangling lol.  We all gathered over in Terry’s yard for dinner which was a big help to me. We all pitched in and did our thing. I was sad to see them leave and head back to California and I miss them already. Who knows when the next time will be but I hope it won’t be as long as it was this time.

You’ve heard about Murphy’s law I’m sure haven’t you? Well Murphy decided to pay me a visit just before Leroy and Cher got here. A couple days before they got here our toilet broke. Bill was in Madison for a doctor’s appointment so I called Terry’s hubby Jack. He came over, checked it out, went to the hardware store and bought the part and fixed it for me. THEN we needed a new ceiling light and fan because the old one quit working and Jack put that up for us as well.  Ok, I thought all is good and I’m ready for company. WRONG! The day Leroy and Cher were due to arrive our AC went out.  Bill went to Sears and bought another one and the next day him, Steve and Jack put that in for us.  Thank God for family is all I can say. Hopefully that’s the end of it for awhile but it sure can throw a wrench in the works when you need it the least.

Well I better scat for now. I want to jump in the shower before my shows come on.  I can’t take one in the mornings anymore since I have to get up so early to go get the kids so mom can go to work so night showers are the way. I sure hope all of you are doing well and are fat, sassy and happy lol. Take care ok! Hugs!



  1. I love that video!!!!

    I wondered what happened to Murphy as I hadn't seen him for awhile. Tell the old thing to leave you alone but please don't send him back her.

  2. That video is pretty infectious! What fun! I know that things can go wrong when planning things like that but it sounds like you more than overcame and had a great time!

  3. your new background..hope we hear again from you soon.. I know you have something interesting to tell us..let us know about it. Miss ya!!

  4. Just poking my head from facebook to say hellooo.. Family Reunions are so much FUN!! Awesome!! Video Sherry :o)

  5. Oh my Gawd! I just watched Sherry shake that a** of hers!!!! What a treat! You know Sherry, I have access to a pole. *hint hint*

  6. Shake our family tree and just watch all the nuts fall, excluding me of course. Bwahahaha! I enjoy seeing family and miss our large family reunions that we use to have. I have many great memories from our family reunions. It's great to see you all having such a great time. Cheap entertainment for me. Then again, I would have paid to see you dance too.

  7. I remember you likes with the young boys...
    It must be lots of happy thing with your family.


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